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  1. I think you might be right........It sure seems that way 9 months later. It's looking that way.
  2. I found Yota's post that you guys were talking about. It's from January 27th 2016. I don't know how to bring it over here but if you go to the iraq news section on this site you'll see it.
  3. "calculated on the basis of the price of gold" So I would think it would be based on gold.
  4. Yes FW. It does look that way. Good article lets hope they know something that we don't.
  5. Dr Clarke is playing with peoples emotions. He / she claims to have their best interest at heart but is wrong on all predictions all the time. His followers are so faithful it's scary. They will believe anything he has to say and then over look the fact that he's wrong and ask him to please come back and update them some more . Go figure. People are desperate ! Dr.Clarke....aka....Mt. Goat. . . . Why do they do this ? Whats the point?
  7. WOW this is so funny Did you guys see how many views this thread has .....over 29 thousand. PP , I think more people are catching on to this concept than I thought.
  8. SB .....Great articles. Thank you very much for your efforts . We are all getting quite an education here. Thanks to you.
  9. You guys are too funny. No back room plan .......All is well.
  10. PP, I wouldn't worry about that if I were you . The % is very low. Not everyone is interested in investing in the Rial. You'd be surprised. Not a lot of people are aware of whats going on.
  11. I told you guy's that it would be a matter of time before the USA played nice with Iran. You guys were talking about back room deals. Im sure Obama has made plenty of them behind our backs and we will soon be finding out about them. Give it time.........
  12. ?????? No tax for whom? Im not understanding. For us or them?
  13. This is all excellent news. As our friend here on the DV site would say ( Laid Back ) Go Iran Go single rate Go 1-1 Go October Go Screwball
  14. So now we wait and see......No fireworks on my end either .....
  15. Yep.... lots of things are going on in secrecy....behind closed doors that we are now finding out about. Wonder what's next? I always knew there was more to it than what Obama was saying about just making peace with the cuban government. He's after something.
  16. Scewball.......Thanks for all the amazing articles. This thing is rocking.
  17. Interesting indeed . And NO Cuba does not have any oil. They have sugar , beautiful beaches , #1 rum Havana Club (made with sugar cane) better than Bacardi.
  18. This surprises me because Im cuban and I didn't know this was taking place. My family on the island doesn't know this either. This is odd. The fact that Cuba is rubbing elbows with Iran is also very odd. Something is brewing and I can't see what it is yet.
  19. I knew they were making deals in privet. Not so secret anymore. We will be able to cash out here in the USA you'll see. Obamas got a closer relationship with the Iranians than he wants us to know. Time will reveal this information .
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