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  1. There have been "proven" pedophiles, Instagram "Likes" for Brazilian model, and statements contrary to "Christian" teaching and beliefs at the Vatican and Catholic Priests worldwide. There has always been extravagant use of money that poor people give as an offering to God. So, to blow off a statement about Vatican involvement in the Georgia Election is just disregarding the monitoring and observance by certain agencies that tracked the Dominican encrypted communications through a satellite belonging to Italy and used by the Vatican. I have learned that where there is smoke, there is going to be a fire if there is not already one ongoing. No offense to anyone intended.
  2. The laptop(s) taken in the Capital Bldg were confirmed by Pelosi (in interview with Leslie), and Pelosi actually stated "Computer and Laptop" speaking to her own office. You are able to see the video's of the Capital police allowing 200 peaceful protesters in and also as they were told to leave. I watched each and every video (Even MSM) and person to see if I could see any laptops or computers being carried out. I did not see any. So, where did the computer and laptop(s) go? Is this also a false story? Even though Pelosi confirmed that a Computer and Laptop were taken from her office? I do believe that too many people have their hands in the honey jar and that includes military. Quite possible Trump will not be able to fix it, unfortunately. The NY Police staff have stated today that Joe Biden should be in handcuffs due to the information that they saw on Hunter Biden's laptop. There is a video of that. There are also Hunter Biden photos with young girls that are repulsive being circulated. Is this all fake news? Didn't really happen?
  3. And that is what you get by listening to MSM. You get limited information. Trump started no wars. Trump prevented at least one war. There were at least 15 laptops recovered from the Capital Building on January 6th by Special Forces (documented). That is one reason Pelosi is frantic for Trump to be removed. But I know those of you that only listen to MSM and Demoncrates will not due your own research. So, have at it. Can't force a horse to drink.
  4. If it was clear that Biden will be inaugurated, why is Pelosi desperate to get Pence to perform Article 25 today? Why are Demoncrates attempting to remove Trump from office before the inauguration? Trump won't attend Biden Inaguration because there won't be one.
  5. Good point. We know for a fact that Hunter Biden's utopia is drugs and Joe Biden's Utopia is stealing from taxpayers to fund four multi-million dollar homes on his 170k annual salary.
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