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  1. Hey folks, I have 1.28 million Iraqi Dinar I've decided to sell. These bills are all circulated. I obtained these while in Iraq in '06-'07. I'm in a spot where I'm needing the money and this is my best option here. I really want to hold on to these but it's time I let them go. I'm asking $1000. Get with me and we can work something out. I would prefer to take some sort of secure payment like paypal if possible. I'm in College Station, TX if you'd like to meet at a bank, I'll of course take cash. Jimmy BTW, the denominations are: 25K-42 notes, 10K-8 notes, and 5K-30 notes. Thanks.
  2. I just looked at Dinartrade and it shows 1177. Am I missing something or has it gone back down since having been at 1153?
  3. Hi everyone, Long time investor here, started lurking on the website here a couple weeks ago and only recently created a profile. I tried to dinar-ify but not sure that worked out. I love reading the posts and I appreciate all the information that gets shared here. Just wanted to say hi.
  4. Looking to get verified... I mean dinar-ified please!
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