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  1. Just ran across this. Really disappointing if this is the case. Guess it was a gamble and gambling usually ends with empty pockets. Was worth a try though. Just wish it hadn't taken so long no matter the outcome.
  2. Just checking in to see what everyone has been up to as well as hoping I would log in and see that there had been a RV but....years later and still nothing. I still have my dinar stuffed away in a box waiting to be cashed out. Haven't looked at it in years. Hope all is well for everyone. See that there are a few of the old timers still here but, also a whole lot of new caricatures. Djorgie
  3. Really? I currently live in SD and i've never noticed "transgender" children being targeted... Where in the world have they been using the restroom up until now? The one really being targeted here is YHWH/God our creator and his word and LAW. Children are just that and are not capable of making decisions about what they are etc. and parents should be ashamed and held accountable because they are not only allowing their children to be caught up in this deception but many are encouraging it. No matter how you act, dress or even surgically alter your body on the outside you ARE what you were b
  4. Thank you and blessings my brother in Yahushua Ha Mashiach.
  5. Just more proof of the fact that Obama hates America and is doing everything he can to help bring it down.
  6. I see that nothing has changed since I took a retreat from Dinarville lol... I refuse to treat this as a "rumor" or anything other than what it really is... and that happens to be a FLAT OUT LIE! IMO Luigi needs to head back on over to the Dinar Recaps team where he/she came from. They must have cut his hours or something lol.
  7. Thank you so much ! Crazy that right now I am listening to "Shot in the back of the head" by Moby. You rock Umber!
  8. Thanks TX I heard this from another source yesterday as well. S T R A N G E.... Things just keep getting stranger! I never believed the LOP theory myself but, it seems that ANYTHING is possible when it comes to Iraq.
  9. What's new? He has been doing this very thing since he got into office the first time around. He is just more in your face about it now is all.
  10. Thanks yota! Things are definitely picking up steam again. Let's hope this train makes it over the next hill quicker than it did the last! I think I can... I think I can... I think I can...
  11. As Charlie Brown would say... GOOD GRIEF!!!!
  12. Thanks so much Adam. You are so greatly respected and appreciated . The question I am posing is what is going to happen with the other lower denoms specifically the 250 and 500 notes? The 50 notes are a done deal and It makes total sense that if they don't use them and they are only worth under 5 cents then why bother keeping them? Then again if they had kept them and RV'd they would have been worth a lot more. They need to be able to make change for every day puchases still no matter what the currency value is so if there is a rate change what bills/coins will be used for that? It als
  13. Funny how things work isn't it? Thier currency is BACKED by gold and black gold. Ours is backed by NOTHING! Good thing we are the "petro dollar" because that is the only thing keeping us hanging by a thread. Iraq is making some good moves finally so, maybe they are almost lined up for international currency trading among other things. Let's hope so!
  14. You are right about that! No need to worry about the bumps. Being prepared for any possible outcome should be priority. Many of us have been aware that a float was just as possible as anything else. We just hope for/believe in a better outcome is all. I am interested on your take about what they may do with the other lower denoms regarding a float. I myself have many of the 250 and 500 notes which make up the majority of what I hold and if they were to do away with those as well prior to a float or rate change I would for obvious reasons be disapointed. What do you think they will do?
  15. That would be good but, if they are going to float I am sure they also have in place a way to get around that as well. Of course they did state at one time that they would not do away with the old notes (the ones we hold) and that they would run them concurent with the new ones. If this were the case then yeah, you could exchange at a higher rate WHEN there was one but, it probably wouldn't be much and the wait would probably be lengthy. Then again, they could decide to do away with the old notes alltogether like they are doing with the 50 note. I am just speculating here because God knows
  16. This is of course NOT what we want to hear, however, it is a possibility and people should prepare themselves for this scenerio as well. I still have hope that it will RV at some point because this is also a possibility even if it is the absolutely best case scenerio that could come out of this. That is why we all got into the whole Dinar situation, because there is a chance that it could happen and considering what I personally have invested in it I would say that it is far more than worth it. I can see it going either way. I don't expect a massive RV right off the bat. I think that i
  17. Wow! I thought that TNT Tony would have been in prison by now... I suppose by the sound of it that he is now in the business of selling top secret decoder rings that you need in order to read these so called "codes" lol. #1 There are no "codes" that need to be released around the world in order for there to be a RV... and NO there hasn't been a RV because the rate is still the same and until that rate changes which is what WILL tell us there has been an actual RV then we know absolutely 100% that TNT Tony is still full of BS... and the only thing I remain cautious of are people who spe
  18. I can of course only speak for myself even if I do have a sneaky suspicion that MANY here would like to hear Adam's point of view on the whole 50 note ordeal... Come on Adam, give it to us!
  19. Well, it's something interesting to discuss anyway... I am fine with the 50 notes being done away with. It makes sense. However, I have to say that although this scenerio did not cause me any stress or a great loss I hope they haven't decided to do this with any of the other notes which would make the next bill on the list the 250 notes... I have quite a bit of the 250 as well as the 500 notes and so that would definitely cause some concern on my part if that were the case. Does anyone have any idea if there is a plan or clue as to whether or not they will do this? They did mention "co
  20. You stay safe and blessed as well. Hee Hee... I appreciate the "cool" points, however, I am not a "dude" so I can't take that one LOL.
  21. Thanks DB! I was unaware of that. Guess that puts that thought to rest lol. Just trying to figure this puzzle out like everyone else. If they RV then all notes will be worth much more so, wouldn't they need change like nickles, dimes and quarters for every day purchases? I think the 50 notes are only like 5 cents so I can understand why they would get rid of them but what about the other low denoms? In the case of an RV (depending on the rate of course) what would they actually have to use as "change"?
  22. Just another thought... They have had two uncirculated coins that are listed on the CBI website for years. One being a 25 dinar coin and the other a 100 dinar coin. Maybe this is what the plan entails as far as getting those coins into circulation. Take out the two lowest denimination bills and replace them with the coins. ...and a question. I am by no means a currency or mathmatic thinking brain (got blessed with the artistic thinking brain) so, I have to ask, would this scenerio make sense or equate mathmatically when factoring in a RV?
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