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  1. I met a guy from Jordan in Las Vegas last week that said his uncle and other people he knew bought a lot (and I mean a lot) of the old Saddam money before the new Iraqi Dinar currency came out (for speculation). He told me that when they introduced the new Iraqi Dinar currency that they closed the border (at least to his country) and only allowed exchange in Iraq. The border to Jordan didn't open back up until the exchange period was over and the speculators he knew lost everything. He even went further to say a couple of them that put all they had in it took their own life. He seemed like a nice, smart, and good-looking young man. With that said, I personally took him at his word, so if this guy is correct everyone doesn't always get a 3 month window to exchange. He did go even further though and said that while this speculation is a risk, it could be a very nice retirement account. He and the people he knew from his country feel it will appreciate, but not as soon as a lot of the speculators here believe it will.
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