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  1. So, is there no news/intel updates from "Frank"? Looked forward to those.
  2. Hoping not to sound paranoid, but after reading several post much earlier exhorting us to be wise, and not let your dinars out of sight (at the bank, etc.), I've copied all of the individual serial numbers and made a few copies; a little nuts, yes, but now I can read Arabic from one to ten...
  3. Oh yes...give to Ceaser, what is Ceaser's....or just be the fool.
  4. I am much encouraged by like minded people on this topic, with a good spirit of adventure and risk. I was very fortunate to being thorwn in with a group of other contractors 1n 05/06 in Iraq. It eally din't take much brain power to figure out that this cpould be HUGE investment (speculation, I know) down the road; especially in consideration of the thousands I've wasted over the years on cars, bikes, useless tools, and other "eye candy". As a result, I have a comfortable stash in the lock box, and never miss the costs. My sharing is limited to my wife, son, and a special financial adviser, wh
  5. Now THAT took guts. I'm proud of you...and really hope many others of us on these fourms have eyes to see, and a brain that can think. Thanks.
  6. senior member - not trying to change the thread -- but, I recognize your picture as that of the image on the dinar-- but, what, or who is the image of?
  7. cannot help but appreciate all the news I can get - I'm an adult, and can usually sift out the interesting tidbits. Thanks ALBUNDY.
  8. Unknown to me - a Tennessean, and retired vet. Human traits for greed and power haven't changed since sin was first broughgt into this creation. Thanks so much for posting.
  9. Decided to go ahead and join this site (VIP, too), after reading the Cash-In and Dinar Intel books. Much more information, and in a much better format, than I have. Picked up all my dinars in-country, in 2005-7, and am excited again to be joined with so many others sharing the same excitement! Read all the pinned forum topics, and need to continue learning everything about DV. Live in Kansas City, but I am really a PACK fan.
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