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  1. Clare needs to get back to her maid services. You know all us SLOBBERING MINIONS make a slobbering mess. Just like a bulldog. Parliment pimp slapped that disgraceful female dog and a yipe was heard. What a embarassment clare is to Ireland. They need to check the weight limit of that chair she sat in I'm sure I saw the legs were bent. She needs to stay away from the bangers and mash. her mouth is starting to resemble
  2. Its good to be the King! For all the hard work that he does he deserves a higher priced vacation. All Hail to the King! King Obama! Hey sounds good to me! JMHO is all.
  3. We all know the media ask's real professional questions too. Why you could have lost a loved one and their first question would be (How do you feel)? (Does it hurt to lose a loved one)? (Are you attending the funeral)? Yeah real professional questions. Most of those flunkies that ask questions for their networks only make minimum wage and have zero manners they dont care what they ask! Its the media that is scum!
  4. Maybe so I do that all the time what a hoot You crack me up! Is that the best you can do? but there is not one shread of proof that supports the crimes that YOU say he has comitted. If so he would be under arrest.When bush sr. gave me orders to go and fight I did it without hesitation and without all the whining you guys do today.he was the commander and chief.then bush jr took over and the same thing I never once said anything bad about him anywhere even thou he was wrong to start a war in iraq over oil and BS I never said impeach him.he was our commander and chief.Even thou I didnt like him or what he did.I dont know what you mean when I am talking out of my arse which part of my post pissed you off? dont believe me when I say I can forward a post.This is why the NSA is watching everything you say and post as a veteran officer I could move it up the line for faster review.You guys post the same ole same ole and it gets very old.You dont do a dam thing about what you say but I do.I dont make threats against anyone I let the proper officials do that.If anyone makes threats against this country or our leaders without proper proof known as heresay evidence and keeps doing it everyday like several of you do I will forward it to the proper authorities.You see there is this rule that doesnt apply to you guys in the locked post Obama lovers and haters but it does apply to me being a lib and all so the only way I can fight back is what I do.You can call me anything you like bash me,make fun of me and thats ok I can take it.I was called everything under the sun while I was in the army and I took it no probs. But I wont let anyone bash this country because your a sore loser and cant take a black man in office .usurper,pharaoh,forced ruler,self appointed czar and whats really bad is the constant bash of the muslim religeon who cares what a person worships its their right to.I am not a racisist nor basher of religeon of any kind.Its amazing how you guys can say this stuff without proof.I search for the truth all night long (less people on the net) and when I find something I forward it.You see without us hacks you would never know anything to start with.I am so glad you guys sign petitions that makes my job much easier they know who to watch thats against our Government.Keep up the good work!Sure I dont have to read the thread but as you guys would say its my constitutional right to respond correct?You dont have to read my post either. or put me on iggy its easy.If you guys cant see that other forces are controlling our government then you are blind.But you want to blame one man for everything.Wake up!These are the folks I am after not you. You dont know what they might be holding over his head to do such things that he does. what would you do if they told you to do these things or your family dies you would do as they say. right?Maybe you post this stuff just so you can get more pluses from all your buds and look like a diamond doing it.Who knows.But as a American citizen I'm not going to let folks like you run our countries leadership into the ground because your party lost thats childish.You would have to admit their is more evil folks than good these days my guess 75% to 25% and if they cant get any control on this 75% evil will surely take over.Learn to find hard core evidence instead of standing on a soap box a complaining as you do.If you soley use the media then you have already lost.Its censored by the gov totally. So if you believe every link on the net as your posts clearly show then you fell in a hole Bonjour im a french model.They cant post anything on the internet thats not true what a laugh! But there you are a doing it and believeing it.And I'm talking out of my arse? UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! If I found evidence that our president was breaking the law and purposely harming the American Public I would bust his arse in a heartbeat but until then I follow orders and he is OUR COMMANDER AND CHIEF period!They have a special place for folks who bash our government and believe you me you dont ever want to end up their.Watch what you say or the NSA will pay you a visit.There I wiped my rump so my breath would'nt smell so bad.Are you happy now? But try me and see what happens would you like to see the links I have NSA links? homeland security links,THEY ARE REAL not some joke video that some wacked out right winger produced. I knew Glenn Beck didnt have a pair he's grasping for straws because he wants to sell his crappy arse books to suckers like the repubs.His show wont be worth spit now! You should see his ratings now! he might as well move his office into the outhouse.He had some good stuff but the Feds caught up to him. Glenn beck Chicken Le Sheet.You guys are the same as him.All talk no show.But it is good to blow off some steam every once and a while I do.We all make mistakes we are not perfect.So if you cant fathom what I say thats no problem call me what you will but watch what you call the president show some respect for our leaders and this country.Because if your aginst this countries leaders then you are the enemy and are against this great country.I want physical evidence of his tyranny of this country and I will fight him hard I cant find any so you must be super hacker of the century. If you had any evidence who would you take it too? Think real hard about that.I know where. Keep driving that wedge between the parties pretty soon we will be at war with each other while they laugh and TAKE your everything.So far you have NO VIABLE evidence what so ever. you are the ones who are talking out of your arses.But goat head and pat yourselves on the back you dont know what you are doing I can plainly see that.Go back to school and take a computor science classes and learn then you can hammer with REAL evidence not some you tube trash or news agency. your only getting half of the real truth.Our gov see's to that.This kind of crap has been going on for years party against party and you make sure it keeps going.If I wanted to hear from a A whole I would just fart. dang I need some geritol.Yep we all have a right to say what we want somewhat. but after you say it you better wonder where will it go next! warning! end rant from arse. Wow DM I wonder who negged you with all these republicans about 95% in here I didnt do it I dont neg folks.I only plus folks. maybe I should eat my favorite pizza anchovie,sardine,and pepperonis and wash it down with my geritol. that would make a nice purple cloud to blow into this room. Yepper I stink! Your bestest buddy P.G.Farwould commanding!
  5. So (IF) we impeach Obama then HAIL to our new Pharaoh John McCain! man thats funny! just look out for the solid gold puppet masters they really run this world ya know oh thats right a repube doesnt know this. The sound of republican wallets still implode across the USA while us libs fill ours with that money.How does that feel? You sure liked it when you drained america to fill yours in the first place spending this country into the ground.Not funny is it? Impeach the puppet masters and restore America you dont know how to do this do you.I do.The spilled milk has to be sour by now but you still drink it and then Cry! its your fault obama us repubes never spent a dime! What a JOKE! NEG AWAY its all you know how to do right. Neg America because you didnt get your way Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! this is getting so old I fell off my dinosaur laughing at you. I need to give some of you a special gift. A bigger hammer to beat that dead horse with! I support OUR Commander and Chief you traitors! Post somemore I'll make sure the right folks get to read it. I hope they get each one of you who down our President! Secret Service Hotline 1-800-azz-kick ext-ing Have a Nice Day! can you say guantanamo bay please. enjoy your vacation! What a post to make on Fathers day Sportfisher dont worry I'll make sure to forward this one too. when they get tired of your constant complaining they will help you with your problem!
  6. Obama induced stupor? Thank God for us hackers huh? no one else is going to save the day. JMHO is all.
  7. Ah cloud computing do not use this EVER! Web cams another no no every pic is checked by porno compuware and is stored whether its porno or not! along with your IP address and email header config.even your hard drive has a discriptive number look under pc information its their each is assigned a product Id. never ever use a wireless network all I have to do is get close to your modem and bingo it will show me who's using and whats open for use.thats free internet and if I can get your email address it only takes me about 15 minutes to obtain your password and I can use your laptop through my pc so use a password larger than 18 digits and then it would take me a while to get your password. 65% percent use a pets name or even worse their own initials or even their SS number.anything under 7 digits indicates a name most of the time.I bought my scrambler from russia and made a few changes to it and its fast!thousands of these devices are out their! Now smart meters only know what a device is pulling in amps but if you create a account with the electric company to view your smart meter as most are then they can gain access to anything on your pc. Ive taken apart a smart meter and it has a transfer tcip and its done wirelessly to cell towers via tpip in other words a small microchip that transfers whatever info they want from you. once this meter was opened it alerted the electric company and shuts itself down.once plugged back in of course.Nasty device for spying.Myself I will never own a cell phone of any type they are the easiest to hack and keep track of you via GPS even if you turn that function off the gov tells the phone provider to turn it back on when they want it. I could write a mega book about all the devices being used against us and faster is NOT BETTER 4g speed yeah for the gov plus it makes everyone want faster and faster and to all you APP people smartphone apps are used against you every bit of info they can get on you the easier their job is just like the census you either fill one out or they will come and get you. Yep make it easy for the gov to find you they dont want to do sheet just type in your name and bingo they can find you faster than you can see yourself in a mirror.when the nsa came out and said they are not spying on us I liked to died laughing they have been collecting information on all of us for over 20 years and it all started with touch tone phones that long.Also get rid of windows vista it has more flaws than our government I use the original windows NT4 the less your pc does the better off you are.Unless you are like me and can partian windows on one hard drive and split it 2 ways I can do it 6 ways on 1TB hard drives. I would tell you how to change you IP and email header and PC signature but that would'nt be fair to the protection of this site everyone could cuss and get booted and be right back in one day. Good ole Bill Gates one of my hero's left a nice back door to every PC type device and the gov knows this. and use it on a daily basis on suspect crimminals.I still own my first PC a tandy TL 99 and to use it you can only write programs for it to function I love it.New technology only helps the Gov out. If glenn beck wants a whistle blower would I make a good one but I dont want death yet not yet! Good post sentinel good post watch what we say for sure.I can scramble my post and sometimes you'll see a small program at the bottom of my post it protects that whole thread from any viewing by the NSA arent I special.I wrote it and its called Halo.....with a special kick.I get tired of being spyed on.If I installed it on this forum for permanet block the server would shut down and notify the gov asap so I do it in small increments. and then scramble the lock code every 2 seconds they would love to catch me but to bad. If they ever try to go to my signal they'll be kicking down the wrong doors.take that NSA. come and get me!thats funny!But one day they will get me oh well it will be to late then.I have a auto download that will get sent to my media sources for there use I'll have my barganing chip to use for bail. They trained me so its their fault for doing so.Enjoy the internet while you can in a few years their wont be one at all and thats a fact!because if I can spy on them via hack what else can they do but shut it down thats how bad they want controll over us.And they will win! (a)>starthalo~^/cdrive/drivesmasher/scramblepopbota(b)end (a)>wipedrivensapopbotb~*********** codingscramble*********** drivescramble`~{}{}[]startsmetatag||analog***********nsadrive(b)end< (a)>nodrive***********~/cdrive/popbot/Cprograms/dataincomplete*********** drivesmasher~/cautostart/popkernelends******thread_-incomplete(<end eric cartman laugh ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa!<they get to see this instead.<end do not copy and paste this wont work.just disregard this. this thread just became invisible to them. now just be glad I fear God and on the side of the good because some folks on here push me to my limits and device failure could happen if you push to many buttons of mine warning! it takes alot to make me mad and I will always apologize even if I am right. dont tempt me and dont test me I could play some real dirty pool. I am kinda crazy and a little whacked but I live and breath electronics its all I do. The war messed me up real bad only half of me left and when the gov was done with me I got crappy medical care at first then tossed away like garbage that was their biggest mistake! they pissed down my back and told me it was raining.Now its my time to piss. I wished I could post some of things our gov is up to but it would give me away because of where I get it from.I drop hints all the time.But mostly laughs at my expense and thats OK.I fear God the most and what he will do to me for what I do but I am trying to protect us lambs from anything evil.Yep I'm a lib and hated by most on this site but I have my reasons for what I do.God Bless Us All and I mean all of US..,....! I would gladly trade my soul to the devil if'in I knew everyone would make it into heaven! I'm Powergeneration I can walk on my rump cheeks a draggin my jewells and I can send my enemies to hell and back if'in I want to.As A veteran LT. I have a very good security clearance because of all the missle guidance systems I invented back in the days I love this country and its people and our Government better get its stuff together because as you can see whistle blowers are coming out and someday soon I will to. our gov is up to no good and all can see it.I hope Glen beck has a pair and he spills what I saw.Its bad folks really bad.This I will tell you it could start a civil war against ourselves. his show wont be worth spit if he doesnt let him spill it all. I'll bet you this all of them are shaking in there boots.Our government doesnt like being snitched on and death will follow whoever sells them out.I fear everyday what I do but I fear God even more. Thank You Lord for letting me live another day everyone should say this each day.Praise him always! and your crown and kingdom awaits you. (a)>restarthalo************(<end. Its good to sit around the FAR and chat! I think I'll give myself a neg.
  8. The government has already locked it down 12:20 am they booted me trying.Should be no more problems with it. they had a 6 hour start over me turkeys! I could have gotten them busted by there own countrymen they just kicked the virus.idiots! How they got access is as follows: people playing those dumb games buy extra gifts. and things for farmville gambling buying a game you had to use a card to do these things.tisk tisk. facebook can be easily hacked I can in less than a hour. The best anti virus program that I use myself is Fix it utilities with smart intelligence it runs all the time. its 19 dollars a year and use roboform dang it! its free.even I cant hack roboform! they also have free trials of fix it utilities use to fix your pc and then dont buy it and uninstall it theirs ways of fixing things for free if'in you dont have the funds. cnet you know the site millions use it.mega safe! trusted downloads for anything.Investigate for yourselves dont take my word for it. But I am the good guy and only want to help folks from the evils of this world.PG
  9. Hello Rayzur If you allowed access to your clipboard on this site it links every pic you have uploaded to this site and can access all your pics you have stored in your PC. Your IP address is linked to this clipboard and your email address facebook employs a massive search engine and spam ad generator that pics up on every post you make no matter where you do it from.Go into you facebook account and all the way to the right there is a picture of a gear click it and go to privacy settings then look on the left hand side and their are all the options to blocking and privacy settings go through all of these tags and make your settings block most of them and your through. Trashbook as I call it is NOT private at all spammers love it.Once you have created a facebook account it will never be deleted they store it forever.NSA is linked into facebook and other agency's its how they can track a crimminal down as well. Employers use it to.Type your name into any browser and watch what it comes up with even your user names its chilling to say the least.There is not one shread of privacy on the internet NONE its what I fight all the time.And its how I can retrieve information on alot of bad media sites stay away from those unless you dont have anything to hide.Every device you use like I phones,Laptops,PC's anything with a internet connection can be connected all together as one even if the email accounts are differant.They use email signatures pc signatures and email address headers. BUT the WORST of all is your provider gives out your email addresses to lead generator companys so they can spam you to death.And then they sell it to private companies for more sales attemps it never ends.Its hard to prove to because they will say they got hacked and that happens to.The list of reasons is very long. If you contact facebook they will just tell you that you allowed access. Block those links in privacy settings.Theres alot to read when you get their I hope I shedded some light for you folks and thats why I keep telling you folks to watch out what you say in any forum it gets used in ways that would make you mad and you cant take anything back.Powergeneration. Also Rayzur contact the jag office and tell them your problem because of your security clearance and the type of work that you do and they can get stuff removed asap. Use those powers of being a officer and they will cooperate real fast. You know what I mean. very delicate matters. PG Texas Granny is right as well them smart phones can be tricky also someone else can take a pic of your avatar and it pics up on that to and links it to the known source.
  10. I will check mr. zeus out and write a real goody for them their are so many viruses out their even the best anti virus programs only detect about 70% of the actual viruses out there. 95% of all trojan viruses come from russia and the UK because interpol will not work with the FBI to catch them.I will write a reversal program that will transfer their bucks into a bank thats near them and then Interpol WILL catch them.I'm sure our gov is all over this but I will make sure anyway. here comes Farwould zeus! so many viruses so little time. You cant beat this program for safety its free it knows what pay sites are ligit even your own bankpage it knows and will not let the transaction happen can you say NO keystrokes form filler and password storing device only one master password and the rest is just a click and done.cake of piece! roboform has saved me a few times and the best part is its FREE!
  11. Thank You Sgt for your service as well. I served for 12 years. And I would gladly do it again for America! +1 sgt
  12. Faints! I agree with you 100% our farmers have gotten the shaft for many years God Bless Our Farmers.+1 sgt.
  13. Wow sxsess this is one of your best posts.I wasnt saying he's not a smart man in what he does. Glen hires the best hacks he can find its the only way we can find out certain truths. But just to let you good folks know do not use a password that is less than 18 digits and change it at least once a month.Or you will be letting folks like me have the run of the mill with your PC,Iphone or laptops I phones are the easiest to hack I want everyone to trash these I phones but nope You just cant live without one. so thank you in advance for keeping them less work for me.I guessed glens password in 4 guesses....7 digits only without my scambler and what he has will open the eyes of the american people but whats bad is a hour later no one will give a dam.I just want to see how much the governments media will let him spill it and I mean IT.I bet he is sweating big drops from both ends if he uses what I saw.Thank You sxsess for a reasonable response and I respect your values. PG
  14. I already know what he is going to say.He employs a good hack as well. I just want to see how far he will go with what some already have. If he spills it all he will go to jail and thats for sure. I'll even put some initials to proove the fact. S,F,and CG and we shall see. Oh you aint gonna like it.Also his rating's are low so some of it will be hype dont believe everything he says but some of it will be the truth. Its all part of the plan.It will happen. The media will only let what ever information that the government wants you to see think about that for a minute so if he spills it all its because they need a patsy to do it.should I say a well paid one.They only need 1% to hear the message and the rest will spread like wildfire through media attention of course. there is some diversion tactics that is being used and you'll see that in about a week. they might be able to fool some of us but not all of us. Glenn is not to smart he only uses a seven digit password cake of piece.
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