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  1. Clare needs to get back to her maid services. You know all us SLOBBERING MINIONS make a slobbering mess. Just like a bulldog. Parliment pimp slapped that disgraceful female dog and a yipe was heard. What a embarassment clare is to Ireland. They need to check the weight limit of that chair she sat in I'm sure I saw the legs were bent. She needs to stay away from the bangers and mash. her mouth is starting to resemble
  2. Its good to be the King! For all the hard work that he does he deserves a higher priced vacation. All Hail to the King! King Obama! Hey sounds good to me! JMHO is all.
  3. We all know the media ask's real professional questions too. Why you could have lost a loved one and their first question would be (How do you feel)? (Does it hurt to lose a loved one)? (Are you attending the funeral)? Yeah real professional questions. Most of those flunkies that ask questions for their networks only make minimum wage and have zero manners they dont care what they ask! Its the media that is scum!
  4. Maybe so I do that all the time what a hoot You crack me up! Is that the best you can do? but there is not one shread of proof that supports the crimes that YOU say he has comitted. If so he would be under arrest.When bush sr. gave me orders to go and fight I did it without hesitation and without all the whining you guys do today.he was the commander and chief.then bush jr took over and the same thing I never once said anything bad about him anywhere even thou he was wrong to start a war in iraq over oil and BS I never said impeach him.he was our commander and chief.Even thou I didnt like
  5. So (IF) we impeach Obama then HAIL to our new Pharaoh John McCain! man thats funny! just look out for the solid gold puppet masters they really run this world ya know oh thats right a repube doesnt know this. The sound of republican wallets still implode across the USA while us libs fill ours with that money.How does that feel? You sure liked it when you drained america to fill yours in the first place spending this country into the ground.Not funny is it? Impeach the puppet masters and restore America you dont know how to do this do you.I do.The spilled milk has to be sour by now
  6. Obama induced stupor? Thank God for us hackers huh? no one else is going to save the day. JMHO is all.
  7. Ah cloud computing do not use this EVER! Web cams another no no every pic is checked by porno compuware and is stored whether its porno or not! along with your IP address and email header config.even your hard drive has a discriptive number look under pc information its their each is assigned a product Id. never ever use a wireless network all I have to do is get close to your modem and bingo it will show me who's using and whats open for use.thats free internet and if I can get your email address it only takes me about 15 minutes to obtain your password and I can use your laptop through
  8. The government has already locked it down 12:20 am they booted me trying.Should be no more problems with it. they had a 6 hour start over me turkeys! I could have gotten them busted by there own countrymen they just kicked the virus.idiots! How they got access is as follows: people playing those dumb games buy extra gifts. and things for farmville gambling buying a game you had to use a card to do these things.tisk tisk. facebook can be easily hacked I can in less than a hour. The best anti virus program that I use myself is Fix it utilities with smart intelligence it runs all
  9. Hello Rayzur If you allowed access to your clipboard on this site it links every pic you have uploaded to this site and can access all your pics you have stored in your PC. Your IP address is linked to this clipboard and your email address facebook employs a massive search engine and spam ad generator that pics up on every post you make no matter where you do it from.Go into you facebook account and all the way to the right there is a picture of a gear click it and go to privacy settings then look on the left hand side and their are all the options to blocking and privacy settings go
  10. I will check mr. zeus out and write a real goody for them their are so many viruses out their even the best anti virus programs only detect about 70% of the actual viruses out there. 95% of all trojan viruses come from russia and the UK because interpol will not work with the FBI to catch them.I will write a reversal program that will transfer their bucks into a bank thats near them and then Interpol WILL catch them.I'm sure our gov is all over this but I will make sure anyway. here comes Farwould zeus! so many viruses so little time. You cant beat this program for safety roboform.
  11. Thank You Sgt for your service as well. I served for 12 years. And I would gladly do it again for America! +1 sgt
  12. Faints! I agree with you 100% our farmers have gotten the shaft for many years God Bless Our Farmers.+1 sgt.
  13. Wow sxsess this is one of your best posts.I wasnt saying he's not a smart man in what he does. Glen hires the best hacks he can find its the only way we can find out certain truths. But just to let you good folks know do not use a password that is less than 18 digits and change it at least once a month.Or you will be letting folks like me have the run of the mill with your PC,Iphone or laptops I phones are the easiest to hack I want everyone to trash these I phones but nope You just cant live without one. so thank you in advance for keeping them less work for me.I guessed glens password i
  14. I already know what he is going to say.He employs a good hack as well. I just want to see how far he will go with what some already have. If he spills it all he will go to jail and thats for sure. I'll even put some initials to proove the fact. S,F,and CG and we shall see. Oh you aint gonna like it.Also his rating's are low so some of it will be hype dont believe everything he says but some of it will be the truth. Its all part of the plan.It will happen. The media will only let what ever information that the government wants you to see think about that for a minute so if he spills i
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