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  1. I sorta saw unpeg as well, but as you can see by everyone's response, this article can be interpreted a hundred different ways.
  2. Too funny. The top dog is gonna whistle blow on the organization he was completely responsible for. Talking about shooting yourself in the foot!
  3. Are you saying your not getting what you paid for?
  4. 2 things: Coins to them evidently refers to currency in general. And "raise the value" is raising the value of the highest denomination note that is in circulation.
  5. Lol, can't say I blame the sentiment ezra. I probably would have sold out a long time ago if it wasn't for the fact that I live in Arkansas and most dealers won't buy from this state. Will probably be my blessing in the long run, so .................we wait........................
  6. I am in no way trying to be a bummer here but, I cannot for the life of me figure out how printing higher denomination notes could be beneficial to us in any way, shape or form. Can someone break it down to me how it could be a good thing?
  7. someones tryin to pick on ya ladies......... i evened ya out though
  8. Get rid of the post count as well. That is what drives most of the meaningless posts in the first place.
  9. yeah, i forgot about those pics. the ones with the soldiers sitting on a mountain of gold in what looked like a dumpster or something, lol. What happened to all of that gold?????
  10. i couldn't read the article as i am not a subscriber, but of all 20 articles for this author on his biography page, every one of the titles and opening paragraphs was doom and gloom. I know he is a columnist for the WSJ and senior editor, but it seems he has found his niche of writing "the sky is falling" in everything he writes.
  11. staunch


  12. I just don't see the down side of this. Yes the market rate gap is increasing but, this is expected when supplies of the dollar are scarce. The way I see it, it will force them to use the dinar and make de-dollarising easier.
  13. I thought in this context they were talking grades as in "paygrades" just thought I read that in another post somewhere.
  14. I don't pretend to understand this but, it just seems like they changed the procedures for the auctions. How is this way different? ?
  15. The U.S.will always be involved in one type of conflict or another. If there is none to be found, one will be started. The last time there was an absence of conflict in the world, they cut our military assets by almost 30%. It's bad for business to not be at war.
  16. yeah, i assumed that as well. it's all gonna be good
  17. absolutely, but i couldn't charge you ladies it's on the house!
  18. well, i got the old notes as well. my concern would be that somehow they will say they are obsolete when it comes to exchanging them
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