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  1. News hounds report news for members to digest. Everyone has an opinion but I think many people are interested in Adam's opinion and many others' opinions from knowledgeable members. That's how we continue to glean information.
  2. There has been some AMAZING things happening in Iraq! HOW CAN YOU SAY NOTHING HAS CHANGED? It would be great to hear an experts opinion on current events. Defending Adam is not necessary. It just makes his lack of participation in current news more pronounced. Its not a bad thing to admire someones knowledge and opinions.
  3. @Markinsa Its not necessary to hold our hands or give us information when there is nothing to share. But this site was built on the opinions and advice and expertise from Adam who clearly knows way more than most of us about this great learning adventure. An occasional check in with the entire membership is not asking too much. Many of us do pay and getting some value seems fair.
  4. GreedyDinar 07, Your thoughts are mean spirited and savage. To group the people of the country with the corrupted leaders is dark and sick. To wish to kill entire countries based on politics is truly shocking. I personally think you should be band from this site for saying such horrific thoughts. Im a fan of free speech an opposing opinions so that I have the opportunity to learn and grow. Im offended from a human perspective. You are lucky your family and loved ones don't live in those countries.
  5. Xtaxguy: If your bored with the subject don't bother to comment. I'm very interested in everyones opinion, including yours but your bad attitude taints your comments.
  6. Here is some specific feedback for admin (hope it helps). I have used 3 different devices to access Dinarvets. My work computer, my home computer and my Android phone. I have used Chrome and have even given Explorer a try. I use Windows 7 and 10. All three devices have the same response to the website. Website, topic load, EVERY movement takes a very long time (minutes) to load. Can I please get a update or fix time or a suggestion to my methods/devices? I love Dinarvets and have been a paying member for a long time. Thank you for all of your time and effort. Life Support
  7. PLEASE FIX THIS SITE. I love Dinarvets but it's BROKEN!! Can you please give us an update on the problem and/or fix time? Business and business information move very fast. No time to wait and wait and wait for screens to load.
  8. I will join the challenge and pray. Thanks for the optimistic, action orientated post! Faith can move mountains and change lives.
  9. Im a long shot kind of girl. I've seen miracles.
  10. Im usually quiet. Ive been on the site for a year and a half (but just recently registered) and I am familiar with the DV family. Your family issue hit close to home. You have my love and prayers.
  11. Thank you to all who keep us updated on this adventure. Happy and prosperous new year to everyone!
  12. Thanks for Dan Fogelberg. Great memories.
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