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  1. And to add to the chaos, good ol California had a 5.5 earthquake today! Next - the zombies
  2. Dinar Thug - that’s my brother, Morgan Weistling’s painting. He saw this - thought it was funny ——-
  3. Hi Adam, Happy New Year and thanks for all your honest information. I just want to bring to your attention some thing you may or may not already know. Somehow I am on the another site's email list and he has been sending a lot of his blogs lately, completely negating everything you have been telling us. He even went so far as the other day by going into your website and taking questions from Dinar Vets VIP members and answering them the way he wanted to. Just thought you should know, for whatever it's worth.
  4. I am a newly (re- enlisted) 6 month member VIP and am very confused navigating this site. If I am interested in signing up for OSI with the Black Friday discount, does my membership fee I just paid within the last couple weeks go towards that fee? And how does that work in the online application? Will someone acknowledge it if it does? Thanks.
  5. I am just trying to get to the administration to ask a question about my membership. Please help. Searched whole website and can't find how to contact. Can the administration please reply to my request???
  6. I have read many "positive" articles stating that the RV must be done by June 2014. I am holding on now (also after 3 yrs.) to that hope, unless of course, the whole middle east does not annihilate itself.
  7. Help!!! No one is replying to my first 2 posts. I have signed up for VIP membership yesterday, and paid with CC and I can't get into VIP forum - says I have no subscription. Should I call my CC company and cancel? Don't want to. Please someone get back to me asap!!! Username: pamalaw map1
  8. I signed up for 6 month VIP yesterday. Can't get into VIP today. What can I do? Map1
  9. I signed up yesterday for 6 month VIP membership at 30% discount. Today I cannot get into VIP. Says I am not allowed. Can you help, or do I need to call my credit card company and cancel?
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