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  1. Opinions, I thought it covered all points :D/> Why wont the Iraqi Dinar scam Die? Definition of a scam.A fraudulent business scheme; a swindle. tr.v. scammed, scam·ming, scams To defraud; swindle. In order for the Iraqi Dinar to be a scam, one the person would not receive merchandise and two it would have to have a proven track record of loss. Neither exist so it is not a scam. In the thought that any currency is going to make you a millionaire overnight is Stupidity not a scam, used car dealers say your buying a great car and it breaks down every other day and it doesn't mean its a scam. You get what you pay for. If people believe they will become a millionaire overnight by investing $100 dollars they just don’t use there brains but it doesn’t make the dinar a scam. Sadam Hussein created the fake rate of $3.22 in 1982 and it was never declared or tested sustainable? The currency of a country is the currency of a country no matter what president implemented it. The Iraqi Dinar was established by the British in 1932 when it was worth $4.86 USD per Dinar from 1949-1971 it was worth $2.80 against the USD and in 1973 which is 10 years before Saddam Hussein it was worth $3.39 against the US Dollar. In 1982-1988 the Great war of the Persian Gulf took place and the currency was $3.22 Saddam was an allie of America. We gave him Weapons to Remove Irans government. Reagan Armed Saddam with Chemical Weapons and Great britain also sold him Bilogical Weapons. The Rate of the currency never went down until 1990 when the United Nations hit Iraq with chapter 7 Sanctions for the illegal invasion of Kuwait. The Iraqi Dinar is not freely traded and so the small trading value is not comparable to the FOREX markets so it makes Iraqi Dinar immaterial? There are multiple types of FOREX traders, thoose that trade before a government becomes stable and thoose that make $.10 on a $100.00 investment and feel happy. This is the same as real estate investing. You can buy a broken house, repair it and flip it, even hold on to it and rent it for a while or you can buy the house before its built and make no repairs and make 2-3 times return on your investment without moving a finger. Sure you don’t have as many investment opportunities but you make more money because there is less people doing it. The CBI does not want free trade of IQD and it is tightly controlled so how will it appreciate or ever Revalue? This is just plain stupid, when a country is stabilizing it self the more that goes out the more that must be paid internationally it makes it harder to stabilize the country. If they increase the value of there money and trade on forex and the country is not stable it can collapse. The CBI does not want external investment it wants internal investment. There are comparisons done with Venezuela’s government because of Oil reserves? If Venezuela is not rich why should Iraq be Rich? I would Invest in Venezula in a heart beat if the president would be changed today, I would sell my house empty my bank and put it into Venezuela. The currency today sits at about ¼ value of the US Dollar. Before the Hugo Chavez another form of Sadam Hussein the money has been as high as $4.30 and as low as .05 cents against the dollar. When you remove the government you win every time that its causing a problem. This is Economics, if a government doesnt want to benefit everyone the international community will shut it down. If you thought the Iraqi Dinar was going to go up in Value, would you sell it? This is hard for many to understand but bare with me some common sense please, if you know that on average it takes a country 5 to 10 years to recover and you can make it into a business to accumulate more Dinar than you can working a 9 to 5 job would you buy 100,000 or a million or would you if you believed in something as much as a religion or your family, sell all you have and get loans out and do whatever in your power to buy and sell as much as you can in order to buy more and more. It’s not about selling Dinar or any other currency, it’s about having faith, doing research and understanding it takes time and in the mean time I will make money to buy more Dinar and more Dinar. Then jump to another currency or commodity. Iraqi Dinar Dealer have a bigger obsession than you, the only difference is they know it will not happen overnight but they know it will happen.
  2. This is an article I just finished reading on A comparative analysis of Kuwait and Iraq. The Revaluation Most investment consultants would tell you that there is no way Iraq can be compared to Kuwait and they are correct but they themselves do not understand the why or the how. Let me give you a background of Kuwait and how the revaluation or so they called it took place. First thing to take into consideration is that no two countries can ever be the same, its like to people you can have two people that are like minded but they will never be the same. To start off the population difference is about ten times higher in Iraq than in Kuwait. The population of Iraq is 32.8 million and in Kuwait there is just under 3 million. Secondly Iraq has many more resources than Kuwait. Iraq is 169,200 sq miles long and Kuwait is 6,880 sq miles. The only thing in common other than they are both in the middle east and both have oil is that they both have civil problems with different types of governments. Kuwait has an estimated 104 billion barrels of oil when Iraq has 143 billion proven and recently a total of 350 billion barrels according to Geological surveys and seismic data. This would bring Iraq from the second largest oil reserve to the first largest in the world and putting Kuwait as 3rd largest oil producer. In 1980 to 1988 Iraq Invaded Iran with help from the United States. In 1989 Iraq went to to OPEC and The United Nations and accused Kuwait of stealing $2.4 billion in Iraqi oil by American Companies in Kuwait drilling under Iraq. The UN said there was nothing they could do and so did the US government. So on August 2nd 1990 Iraq initiated a full invasion against Kuwait. The aftermath was the United Nations put sanctions on Iraq from August 6, 1990 just 4 days after the invasion. The United States also invaded Iraq 5 months after the Kuwaiti invasion to liberate the country from Iraq in January 1991. The aftermath was Kuwait was in ruins and the people of Kuwait got scared and left the country and removed the money they had when they left. The country still maintained its assets but with no need for Kuwaiti Dinar the currency itself dropped because of lack of trust. Not because of shortage in oil, export or other. Just because of distrust of the people. The currency dropped to .10 cents against the US Dollar from over $3.30 the currency took 13 years to get back to its value and is today sitting at $3.50 USD against one Kuwaiti Dinar. Now lets fast forward and get back to Iraq. The several key elements are the Iraqi people did not loose trust the International community cut Iraq off because of Sadam Hussein, all assets were frozen, loans upon loans were taken out on the country by Sadam and it had Sanctions by the United Nations. Now lets go to 2003, Iraq was invaded by the allied forces of the United States of America and Great Britain with alliance from United Nation countries. There is a full liberation from a tyrannical leader named Sadam Hussein. The international community once more opens its arms to Iraq, they are protected by multiple governments and big investors in Oil such as Shell, exxon mobile, Chevron and more. Almost all debt is forgiven and the country starts to rebuild and export again. Now come to 2013 it has been 10 years Iraq has a minimum of $15 trillion in assets, $50 billion in debt only and has stabilized its growth rate to 10% while minimizing its inflation rate to 3.61%. It has moved into the number 2 position in OPEC. Iraq only has to make peace with Kuwait and settle its debt. Also it must revalue or float its currency. Everything is in place for the comeback of Iraq. The world is waiting and watching.
  3. Here are a couple of news sources, that explain some of what is going on. I think it's getting closer. MP assures international, UN's attempts to release Iraq from 7th Chapter Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Emad Yohana, of the Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee stated "There are some international attempts and others by the United Nations to release Iraq from the Seventh Chapter of the UN's Charter." He stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) "There are some attempts by the UN and the Security Council to release Iraq from the Seventh Chapter," noting that "The UN and the members of the Security Council such as the United Kingdom and the United States of America interfered in this issue to bring the various views closer with the Kuwaiti side because it represents the only obstacle in this issue." "Some files were discussed with the Kuwaiti side and it is approved forming committees and releasing Iraq from the Seventh Chapter will happen soon," he concluded. /End EU amends sanctions regulation on Iraq 31/01/2013 | 10:57 PM | Gulf News تصغير الخطتكبير الخط BRUSSELS, Jan 31 (KUNA) -- The EU Foreign Ministers Council meeting here Thursday announced that it has amended regulation 1210/2003 concerning certain specific restrictions on economic and financial relations with Iraq. "This will permit the transfer of frozen funds to the successor arrangements to the Development Fund for Iraq put in place by the Government of Iraq under the conditions set out in UN Security Council resolutions 1483 (2003) and 1956 (2010)," said the short statement without giving any details. The Council also extended the sanctions against persons responsible for the misappropriation of Tunisian state funds, including former Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, by 12 months, i.e. until 31 January 2014. (end) KUNA 312257 Jan 13NNNN
  4. I have some intel from a contractor in Iraq that Exxon Mobil is having secret talks today to shift power and push a revaluation with the president of the World Trade Organization. If this was to happen there would be a fast three step move. The Dinar would go up in price very sharply and then there would be a Free Float, a re-denomination with an RV. This would balance the budget, remove deficit and remove all big notes from circulation all at once. Lastly it would increase the investments in Iraq 100 fold in a matter of days and Oil companies would make Billions of dollars in seconds. I also found this article on Exxon Mobile . article exxon mobile (Reuters) - Behind the closed doors of their offices in the United States, top executives and lawyers for Exxon Mobil are poring over two sets of contracts, weighing a decision that could shift the balance of power in Iraq. This is very exciting news. Got my RV card ready.
  5. Hollywood - Movie Introduces Iraqi Dinar - To Main Stream Public The movie is "Hit & Run" Thousands of Main Street investors, fed up with a stock market that has barely moved in more than a decade, are seeking out heftier returns in more exotic investments. People keep saying why hasn't my investment gone up. First of all you don't see an investment go up when you first buy it. Secondly, when the Dinar first came out in 2003 as an investment opportunity it came from a war destroyed country, doesn't anyone see a country has to rebuild it self before it can produce. Lastly, the Dinar has doubled since 2003 most investors would be happy at that. In 2011 Iraq finally rebuilt and started drilling for the first time since the 60's In 2012 they did geological surveys that proved they are the largest reserve in the world surpassing Saudi Arabia- you can look this up on wikipedia or world geological survey In 2012 Iraq has met it's 2014 goal 2 years early to be at par with Iran in order to take over the number two position in opec. In 2012 By mid-, according to a report of the International Energy Agency, Iraq’s oil production is more than 3 million barrels a day, he makes about 2.4 million barrels per day. so 2013, we should see the RV. Yes folks it has become Viral. My opinion is there are only 3 scenarios. 1. Full RV and a new introduction of Currency 2. Drop zeros, new currency and a free float RV 3. Multi stage RV that will happen in 3 big increments Worst case scenario we will all make $10,000USD per $100,000 if there is a lop or drop in zeros Most likely scenario is $100,000USD per 100,000 dinar and then 2 more increases over a course of time Best case scenario is $300,000- 500,000 per 100,000 dinar then a full drop in Iraqi Dinar over the course of a year and then a slow rebuild over 5 years Just my input, please let me know what you all think.
  6. So, I got this email from Merry Christmas We have exciting news for you. We are offering for all of our loyal customers one million dinar for a price of $950 per million with free shipping. Never before seen. Also, for all you Dong Lovers out there we are giving away one gram of suisse gold .9999 24kt when you purchase 5 million dong or more, buy 10 million get 2 grams. We love our Tampa Dinar Family, thanks for being there, Merry Xmas and happy RV. Why have they gone cheaper than everyone else? is something happening I don't know about.
  7. I hear from friends of mine in the Dinar world that dealers are at war for sales since they are so low and that is why the price keeps going lower. All the small dealers are going out of business. People think prices are going down because of instability in the market but its because Ali has started a Dinar war to take everyone out of the market while sales are low. Dinar trade and Treasury vault became partners and own Okie, neno and another site- The pumper sites. Sounds Crazy but true. You will see next year there will only be a couple dealers left. Dinar banker, Dinar Trade, Treasury vault, Tampa Dinar, GID associates and Dinar Inc. That is also because no other companies have full compliance with treasury they keep selling Dinar as a collectable and breaking the law while doing it.
  8. BH group along with a lot of other dealers are not doing business legally and give dinar a bad name. I still believe in the Dinar but everyone I talk to seems to be selling or now assuming it must be a scam. We are closer than we have ever been,
  9. Saudi Arabia and Iraq have the highest amount of oil in the world, Afghanistan has the only pipe lines to go to middle east, Asia, Europe and Africa. These three countries are tied to the petro dollar. America would not become the largest exporter of oil because of this. The US rather bankrupt Opec and make these two three countries reap the profit in Petro Dollars in order to make the dollar stronger. Now the real thing is Asia, how we cut out Asia from the markets and the answer is Americas vast amount of Natural Gas, when we start selling it to Asia it will remove our deficit and make us stable again. So summary if the US takes over Oil production prices go down because of supply and demand, if they only allow two countries to do it and Afghanistan to pump to different countries the US benefits and maintains status quo while still fixing economy by exporting natural gas which cost 1/4 of the price in the US as in ASIA.
  10. if they float the dinar while the Gas prices are low the money wont increase in value as much as if they can do it after the new taxes start after January. Think about it a war in the middle east will cause a fake boost in gas prices which would make a much higher float level on the dinar. Also Obamas new taxes kick in January, can't leave the United States without those taxes.
  11. We all know any US president would never allow low taxation to stay on the rich especially when there is an impeding RV on the way. It would mean millions of Americans becoming rich and paying little taxes on the change of wealth.
  12. great post, good to hear positive information. Most people are Negative these days about the Dinar.
  13. Think about it like this, we made Afghanistan free in the 80's and the Taliban was put in charge and now after 2003 invasion the Taliban was taken out. I think we should have stayed in Iraq and stay in Afghanistan until they can govern themselves giving them arms is just making things worse.
  14. I think the VND has a very high chance of an RV, they have a Strong economy and now that China is the strongest country in the world it uses Vietnam for all its labor. I saw on Forbes the other day that it is better than gold to invest in Vietnam. Hope they are right.
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