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  1. I requested my new password on 3/13 and received it today - 3/15
  2. Has anyone recently transferred funds from their Warka account to your any of your accounts in the US ? I'm having an Issue with an account I setup through AMERAQ that is managed by Bill Burbank. He uses the Warka Bank to deposit his investors funds. The Ameraq Website states : Deposits & Withdraws at this time are in delayed process while Warka Bank continues to transition back to full operational capacity. Although your requests are being logged and submitted for processing, the bank at this time has not given us a date in which this status will change. Correspondence from the Director
  3. I had a Warka certificate of deposit that paid around 10% during 2011. Has anyone recently purchased a warka Cd? If so what is the current rate?
  4. I was not able to login to my Warka account today. I get the message: PASSWORD HAS EXPIRED, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR!!! I could not locate the system admin contact info. Does anyone have this information? Thanks
  5. IRS opening on Saturday has nothing to do with RV. Normal practice to handle taxpayers who filed 90 day extensions.
  6. IRS will recommend you use FIFO
  7. Here is some strategy from Patriot over at the The Call Squad. Have your friend meet with a private baker to open a line of credit that's secured by his dinar. Typically the bank will give you 50% value of the secured asset. A loan does not trigger a taxable event. If it's determined that Capital Gains tax applies then your friend can cash in 1 year and a day after his purchase. The interest paid on the loan will be far less than the 20% tax savings.
  8. hoopdog - Dinar Trade does not require proof of purchase. What about the soldiers who purchased Dinar in Iraq? Most did not get receipts. snakes251 - Look under your purchasing history on eBay. They now provide 2 years of history.
  9. The problem with this rumors section is that anyone can make up a story that can be completly false. What's the point?
  10. We need facts Pittsburgh Pete & Ironwolf1974. The problem we all have in the community is all the misinformation on the net. I've owned this investment since 2006 and have heard so many people get emotionally drained by the intel. I suggest that we follow the articles and government stats because the majority of the intel is rumors & lies.
  11. PittsburghPete - Please proivide a link to an article or government stat that proves there are 3.5 million US citizens that own dinar. Ironwolf1974 - Please provide a link to an article or government stat that proves there are 3.5 miliion US citizens holding 10 million dinar each.
  12. IMO - already printed - just not in use. Go to Lowest denom note in circulation is 50. Also a 1 dinar today = .0085 USD. What are you going to buy for that amount?
  13. Check your math. 4.4 million USD * $1,000 per million = 4.4 billion Dinar
  14. We won't know for sure until after the RV. Read the following from ExecConsult for more insight
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