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  1. Sorry guys, I talked him into keeping it for another month. Told him all the good news thats been coming out as of late. If he decides to sell I will contact you guys. Thanks.
  2. Got a friend that is giving up on this, he wants 1300 dollars for his 1,450,000 dinar.
  3. I stopped listening to him over a year ago when he said he had a friend in parliament that was giving him secret intel.
  4. Been a loonnnngggg 10 years for me also, don't know how the folks that bought into this back in 03 and 04 have held on for this long.
  5. Looking like they can't figure out when to pass their budget. Today, Saturday, next week....
  6. You all see that far reach Malaki did on that second shoe? He could have been a good left fielder for my Detroit Tigers!
  7. I've always heard and thought that article 8 means full blown international.
  8. Soon in the coming days! Almost sounds like an ending to a movie. Hoping that this ride is finally coming to an end soon.
  9. Yep same here, I loved his speech but when he started talking about 4 years from now I felt sad. The deep state will use them Dominion voting machines again to make sure no one like Trump will ever get back in.
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