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  1. God forbid these guys passing important laws to move their country forward!
  2. I don't know how Iraq is in debt to Iran with all the stealing that Iran has been doing to Iraq the last 20 years.
  3. About time the CBI does something with their rate seeing that inflation is starting to balloon up.
  4. Didn't Adam always say nothing happens in Ramadan? He's probably taking a small break from all of this until the end of their holiday.
  5. Love it when you chime in Theseus, you are probably right that not until next year we might see an increase. You forgot though they are holding their elections this summer and that will have them arguing for the next few months like last time.
  6. I thought a day ago or so Kazeemi was talking about cutting off all the corruption through their auctions?
  7. Good to see and know there are people like you that are fully awake to all the crazy evil satanic bs that's been going on.
  8. Very interested, thanks SB!
  9. I firmly believe that a 1.13 was the rate Shabs was going to come out back in 2013 before Malaki got rid of him. Stupid Malaki
  10. That study was done back in 2013. Fast forward to now with Iraq having more gold in their reserves, they should be closer to coming out to 2 bucks.
  11. Not only Malaki but the Barzani clan and about 95% of all Iraqi politicians have had their hands in the cookie bowl since 2003. This is why the corruption there will never be 100% exposed because if so every single one of them would be going down.
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