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  1. I think that is our only hope is when Iraq will move to the gold asset backed system. If we wait on the GOI and the CBI to revalue the currency on their own we are going to be here for eternity.
  2. I'm starting to feel sorry for Kazemi. He is doing the best job he can do to bring his country forward, only to see it being taken down by a bunch of Iranian thugs.
  3. I would not doubt it one bit if he made himself the PM. As long as he is around that country will forever be one big mess.
  4. Starting to look like that way, it's too bad Iran wasn't dealt with when Trump was in power. If he had we would be very close to a raise in value .
  5. Yep I agree Howie, also there has to be a reason on to why they paid Kuwait off early.
  6. And this why Iraq is not going anywhere because they have all of Iran's goons in power in the GOI. Ameri, Malaki and probably 65% of the GOI are allegiant to their Iranian masters.
  7. After the 29th I am putting my dinar back on the top shelf. Hopefully then the IMF will refresh the exchange rate to its real value.
  8. Them guys are the masters of kicking the can down the road and dragging this on for almost what seems forever.
  9. Why give the people their share of the oil profits when the corrupt evil GOI members can continually keep on stealing all this money. No wonder why they dont want to pass the HCL, let alone raise their exchange rate.
  10. Why isn't the people taking to the streets by now?? This is getting ridiculous now. Come October they will still be bickering on who to elect for PM and President.
  11. Hard to believe that some people still follow that idiot.
  12. Seeing that them guys cant elect a new president and a new PM I say just keep the current ones in there until the next election. Kazemi and Saleh are doing a great job.
  13. They better start on the 2023 budget because by the time they figure out the 2022 budget it will be November or December.
  14. At this point they still haven't seated any prominent figures in the government, why don't they stick with Saleh and Kazeemi? Going on 6 months and they haven't voted anyone in.
  15. Just goes to show with all the knuckle dragging and chaos going on that Iran is still running the show over there.
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