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  1. And yet Iraqi politicians are kissing their masters butt over in Iran, unbelievable
  2. Enough ranting, discussing and doing endless studies. Just delete them zero's!!
  3. Wow, their reserves went way up since the last time. They can definatly back a good rate
  4. Artitech have you heard anything from your friend thats in the sandbox over there?
  5. Artitech you are still good in my book, the month isn't done yet. Isn't there some big meeting with neighboring countries taking place soon?
  6. Hopefully he will give Kuwait the rest of the money owed to them from the invasion so Kuwait can work on getting iraq released on all sanctions.
  7. I wonder if the exchange rate came up in the discussion.
  8. Just about 100% of the GOI and the CBI is corrupt as hell.
  9. So whats the point of them fussing and cussing on trying to approve a budget for 6 months, then when they finally agree on something they never open the new budget up? I will never understand the mentality of them people over there.
  10. This post is huge! It should be pinned! So once Iraq pays them Kuwait off all sanctions on the currency will be lifted.
  11. I really hope Kazemi gets the vote to be PM again. Really dont want another Mahdi in there or someone like potato head.
  12. As long as Iran has their hands in Iraq's government, the bombings will continue to slow down Kazemi's attempt to push Iraq forward.
  13. Next new parliament members maybe, very doubtful of these current members passing anything else.
  14. So many people has passed away waiting for this investment to come forth. Hoping he is at peace and with the Lord.
  15. It tears me up when I explain what the jab will do to my family and friends and they turn around and go get it. They must think I am a whack job. All I can do now is pray for their souls.
  16. Iran will have 100% full control of Iraq if Sadr takes over everything.
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