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  1. Definitely huge news here!! Thanks for bringing this article Tbomb!
  2. I say drop some bacon covered pork rinds on them. That will clear them out fast.
  3. Gosh I hope not! I want to see this before I get too old and kick the bucket!
  4. I'm thinking that once the announcement comes that he has lost the election Malaki is still going to refuse to leave office. They are gonna have to physically remove his dictator butt from office.
  5. I'm not buying it either, just more confusion that they are trying to put out. Besides this is just a member of the finance parliament which is strictly his suggestion and nothing more.
  6. Malaki knows he is finished so he is trying to do everything in his power to appease the Iraqi citizens to try for a third term. He's finished like a slice of New York strawberry cheesecake.
  7. I'm going to pay off all debt first thing then probably going to go house shopping.
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