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  1. I pray I am wrong, I really do. So many of us can use this in so many good ways.
  2. Always top level meetings going on and ATM's being filled with the new lower denoms with Frank.
  3. Really stating to look like that our kids and grandchildren are going to benefit from this than us. I see no end to this.
  4. Just more money going into Iran's coffers, thats all.
  5. Sure doesn't look like to me that Iran has lost control of their sister country of Iraq. In fact they seem to be in full control with Malaki and the rest of the Iranian pigs that controls parliament.
  6. I wish Iran would bud out of Iraq's problems, thats why that place is a complete mess. I dont see anything good coming out of this, nothing but all out civil war. Maybe this has to happen before things improve.
  7. I been looking and haven't found one article or evidence of Kazemi saying this. Its all guru poo poo.
  8. The method of dialogue and understanding has long been worn out. What a joker, typical Iranian puppet.
  9. Malaki allowed Mosul to be overrun with the Islamic state when he ordered his troops to turn back and run. It blows my mind to see that he is still around being a head of a political party. Not to mention all his bribing and stealing from his country that has laid Iraq and its people in ruins for decades. All it takes is one bullet to his cranium and it will solve all of this.
  10. I hope and pray that they are all ok, I miss all of them and their posts. Especially posts from the clown.
  11. MarkZ is so stinkin excited, I can also tell his intel and info stinks from here to high Heaven.
  12. When this does happen all these crazy so called gurus will be a distant memory.
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