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  1. Thanks for the comments/ answers above. I had the same problem before the holidays and I also got the "404 page not found error" for weeks. I thought the site had gone away. Then I tried again one day and it worked. Hopefully everyone will be able to access by Tues - coming up on 1.1B plus on the MegaMillions !!
  2. surprised that we only had 13 people on the thread for a grandprize of nearly one billion. Are people having trouble getting on again? It rolled over.... over 1 billion for sure tues 1/10 !!!
  3. MM 01/03/2023 25-29-31-35-41 MB 15 PB 01/04/2023 02-07-09-44-58 PB 13 🙏 HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!
  4. PB 01/02/2023 02-07-09-44-58 PB 13 🙏 HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!! Let's get 2023 started right !!!
  5. MM 12/23/2022 25-29-31-35-41 MB 15 PB 12/24/2022 02-07-09-44-58 PB 13 and MERRY CHRISTMAS / HAPPY HOLIDAYs to ALL STAY WARM and safe if you are in the path of the big winter storm in the next couple of days.
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