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  1. I'll be first - it's going to be a busy day here !! Happy Father's Day to all the guys out there !! PB 06/20/2022 02-07-09-44-58 PB 13
  2. MM 06/14/2022 25-29-31-35-41 MB 15 Fingers crossed !! I'll post PB tickets tomorrow
  3. I second that sentiment !! Retirement sounds good to me !! PB 06/13/2022 02-07-09-44-58 PB 13
  4. I'll get this party started..... 🤣 PB 06/06/2022 02-07-09-44-58 PB 13
  5. Yep - Austin is a big city now. But since he was there for Hockey, they'd have to stay in town as we have a minor league hockey team The Austin Ice Bats - lol. Famously named for our urban bat colony which is estimated to be the largest in N America in a metropolitan area. They are something to see at sunset down town. We do have rodeo still, but is it at the county stock yards, on edge of town. I actually moved just outside of Austin 11 mo ago, smaller house for eventual retirement. Only 14 mi move. Austin real estated is crazy HOT !!! Lets win this lottery pool and I can buy a bigger house for
  6. MM 05/27/2022 25-29-31-35-41 MB 15 PB 05/28/2022 02-07-09-44-58 PB 13 Pray for Uvalde Texas please. Donate to Go Fund Me sites for the families if you are able. And as always....may the odds be in our favor!!
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