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  1. To quote that good ole song by Warren Zevon....... "Send lawyers, guns and money, the $h!t has hit the fan"..... (BOY DOES THAT EVER APPLY TO IRAQ!!) So IMO you and I need BOTH (The lawyers are for AFTER the RV, guns n money (buy more dinar) before the RV. Jes sayin' Thanks, Art
  2. SWFG........ It's a small world after all!!!!! I live in Port Charlotte... have been here on and off for 20 plus years. Lived in Punta Gorda for 5 of those years. God Bless you.... I do miss the four seasons. As you already know here in Florida we have two seasons.... Hot and Hotter.
  3. A Warka account would most certainly help diversify our investment (Back in the day) when we thought there was a possibility of an "In country RV only".... meaning you HAD a very short time period to cash in and HAD to go to Iraq to cash in. If you had a Warka account... it was in Dinars (And a small portion of USD which they required)then you could in theory cash out without having to fly over there. Just another way to protect our investment. As already mentioned...... also a way to invest in the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) ... further diversifying our investment
  4. GREAT JOB SWFG......... Well thought out and articulate..... not arrogant, unassuming, knowledgeable and concise..... By the way ... where in South West Florida did you live.... I'll bet Fort Myers area????
  5. Wanted to repeat........ Nothing about HCL? Can't have RV without it doncha think?
  6. WOW Someone speaking about obeying the Constitution in an articulate way.... being direct, concise, truthful, respectful, emphatetic, etc....... I SAY MAHMA KHALIL FOR PRIME MINISTER, PRESIDENT, SOVERING KING OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT IN IRAQ!!!!! HE WOULD GET ER DUN!! Thanks, Art
  7. WOW!!! Sounds really good Umbertino.... u always encourage. My thoughts are this: The Mayans were the ORIGINAL DINAR GURUS and they knew that it would RV on the 21st ALL ALONG. After the 21st... we gonna be so rich we NOT GONNA NEED ANOTHER CALENDAR, NOT GONNA LOOK AT ANOTHER CALENDAR. (No work, no bills, no problems, etc..... ) Jes me readin' tween the lines. Thanks, Art
  8. I could be wrong golddigger, but I thought Iraq had 23 million peeps... not 34 million? That would change your figures a little. thanks, Art
  9. We are "going to do this' we are "going to do that" we are "going to have a meeting" we are "going to discuss" we are "going to solve this" ......... GOI stands for Government of Ineptitude... Government of Inactivity.... Government of Intention.... WHAT GOI NEEDS TO STAND FOR IS............ Government of Increasing (Dinar)!!!!!! Git-er-dun Thanks, Art
  10. I see old blue eyes is back!! Sure miss his singing......... but I'm REALLY wantin' to hear that fat lady start singin' cause when she does, that song 'ill be over in no time! GO RV
  11. All I can think of now is" " When you're in you're in, and when you're out you're out, but when you're only halfway there you're neither in nor out" kinda my mentality right now, thanks, Art
  12. Still hard to believe that with all the groups puttin' pressure... UN, UNSC, IMF, WB, US of A,Parliament, CBI et al...... ONE man and "his agenda" beats everyone else out? How can one ace beat out a full house???
  13. I also received the "403" message,. My first thought was that Adam "pulled the plug" after a reading a few posts TERRYK..... "Whole China fleet deployed to USA because O not allowing RV till after 1st of year" or mebbe it was Blaino's "Go to Dinaricon 5" post..... or mebbe the post 'IT WILL HAPPEN BY SUNDAY" Maybe Adam got depressed (for the first time ever) and said "To heck with all these bozos!!!I'm pullin' that plug... It's 5 o'clock somewhere!!! ...... whatever happened..... I am glad to be back on board to be able to read all the "good stuff" we have here on DV..... thanks, Art
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