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  1. I have 1 million dinar for sale if anyone is interested. $800
  2. ronscarpa, your post is based on zero facts and wishful thinking.
  3. This may be one of the most miss-informed post that I have ever read. You look and you see a scam in 911 and a scam in ISIS but you don't see a scam in a dinar RV, I really don't understand why greed will make people believe almost anything.
  4. It is next to impossible to read and follow dontlop's post. What is with all the spacing and incomplete thoughts?
  5. The Dinar in not even a little undervalued let alone GROSSLEY UNDERVALUED.
  6. Yep, just put in friend and the charges won't happen, you also lose any ability to start a claim if you do not receive your item or if your item is not what was promised. NEVER SEND MONEY AS A GIFT OR AS A FREIND with PayPal.
  7. You can use paypal, you will just end up paying 7% of the money paid to you back to paypal. The 7% can be avoided if the buyer sends the money as a gift but then the buyer has zero protection. Also paying for insurance on a shipment of Dinar is foolish, UPS, USPS and FedEx will not pay on a claim for lost or stolen Dinar.
  8. After the paypal fee's you would get much less then the $1200 you are looking for and only a fool would send money as a gift.
  9. "IQD IS STOCK IN IRAQS BRIGHT FUTURE" Only if you consider civil unrest, constant bombings and the possibility of a new civil war a bright future.
  10. Dontlop you are saying that Iraq's economy is worth 210 trillion dollars? Iraq has 70 trillion dinar, at 3 dollars a dinar that is 210 trillion dollars, that would make them the largest economy in the history of the world, not bad for a third world country.
  11. When the dinar RD's you will have to go to Iraq to get the 1000 to 1 rate, your friendly local dinar dealer will probably charge you 2000, 3000 or even 4000 to 1 to exchange you old useless notes for the new notes that have a chance of going up in value. The chance of breaking even is very slim, the chance of making money is close to non-existent.
  12. I have been to Belize a few times and while you are wiling to give it a shot you are much more like to get shot. Belize is NOT a nice place, the city, the country, nowhere is nice.
  13. Why? If someone is charging way to much for an item, your saying it is not correct to tell them.
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