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  1. I am also self-employed, so I shall quietly put the CLOSED sign on the door, turn out the lights, lock said door and laugh all the way home.
  2. I am a USMC veteran, ( Jarhead type 2841), and we NEVER quit. God bless us!
  3. Just next door in MS so travel is no problem. If the price is right, I will take all 10.
  4. This is not algebra, although you can solve it with algebra. It is a simple, 7th grade division problem. Everyone is trying to make it so difficult and are getting confused. It is the number 6 divided by the number 2(2+1). Now set it up as a division problem and solve. 6 6 6 ----------- = ------------= ----= 1 2(2+1) 4+2 6 2(2+1) is one number and must be cleared before you divide into six. I believe that is where the confusion has arisen.
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