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  1. Ease up Yota. I don't understand your statement and I'm not looking for an argument.
  2. Couple of these guys trying to stir an argument. Let's argue over something with more substance.
  3. Haven't just begun.... fraud thru deceptive rumors and emails have been flowing for awhile.
  4. If it was anything different I would say "why didn't he do that the first 4 years". He's not wavering from his thoughts and plans. Same man, same thoughts, same vision excluding what was already accomplished, healthcare. Economy improving and job predictions are favorable per economist predictions. Remember Romney even said if he does nothing the economy would improve. Romney also said economy is improving. He also adds it could be faster - and we are suppose to believe that. Romney is an Obama supporter running for President.
  5. No purpose in that comment either. Spelling is "you're." Yota, what's weak and poor is your post, "No updates on CBI Currency Auctions for 2 days in row". Are you new to this dinar thing, uninformed or trying to pump the base? Happens frequently, sometimes more than 2 days. Read more:[forums]=1#ixzz2AGvfTLUW
  6. Dude please, what is your question if I overlooked? I don't even know why you're asking me questions but please list them here. I truly want to answer and see your responses! If this is what you're talking about, my answer is yes. People were suppose to believe it. Was it actually possible in those 4 years, I don't know. Be minded that once they got in office the recession was in full force and other things required attention. Several economic situations continued to pile on.
  7. For the sake of argument, the administration is currently creating jobs and should continue at a greater pace after the election.
  8. Good points.... It reaffirms that neither one of these guys can ACTUALLY do it. They just pile on the fluff. I think he presented to counter Willard's proposal - already knowing it may be impossible but the majority of the public doesn't get to the nuts of it. It can't be done that quickly by either.
  9. Lonely at the top, no need to agitate. Give the President time and he may get to your wishes or vote in another President and keep wishing. Same difference for the things you complain about. You got my answers.. Peace!
  10. These posts and articles implicates panic. Attempt to recover from bomb shells landed by the POTUS.
  11. Yota and the writer must be Romney supporters since theres no purpose of the article. POTUS aware horses are still used.
  12. Show me a post where I ask for specifics; I think you're getting this whole thing twisted. I don't intend to win over any votes, so no need to be redundant. I can't help you any further if you're having problems interpreting my responses.
  13. I never said belly-up DM... remember the word 'sold'... never used the lame word blame, said affected through those years... Actually bought small existing business in 2007, scaled it up and sold in 2009... Timing DM. Consulting and investing since then... 90% free time. You'll know my motivation if you read my previous posts. Education, this is for the children… education and more avenues to colleges are critical. What I want from the government: nice roads; general welfare for the country and protection of the weak; regulations to protect me from unscrupulous behaviors; a fair chance for my neighbor and me to pursue dreams that will support our families and neighborhoods. My votes will appoint fellow constituents who wish to work on my behalf to meet those expectations while I pursue my core plan. I’ll adapt to revolutions, I’ll overcome adversities! I expect the government to tax me for these duties. I also expect these administrators to be justly regulated with more of my tax dollars. I don’t expect insurances on all promises; I don’t expect all promises to be attainable; I don’t expect tactical deceits. Example of military spending by country.
  14. My tenure was 1991-2005, homerun years 1995-2001. Sales declined in technology after 9/11 and layoffs became heavy which brought more self-employed folks in to the market and created more competition. Banks dropped interest rates to induce the country to spend money which affected 2 of our consumer sales business. People went to the larger companies that could operate at 1 to 2% markups. We needed much more to sustain employees etc... Finally sold in 2005 after negotiation talks for almost a year. Over the past year we have established other investments on 2 other continents. Business is easier there but I still want to help U.S. citizens again when we're able but not fond of managing employees again. We have plans for the U.S. while managing taxes... we've learned! Retirement accounts rebounded just over the last 2 years. I know some can't believe it but the market has recovered quite a bit.
  15. What bonehead comments! There's nothing hidden, yes, past tense is correct just as the language reflects..... What a weak aspiration for psychology. Really really annoyed but I'm cooling down. Yes, conniving may be a strong adjective Cris. Maybe too strong but I've spent too many hours with that management type. My experiences only, they’re NOT good with people. They’re extraordinary with making business decisions that benefit them. The difference, my employees appreciated me. I said I admire him, and I leave it there. DinarMillionaire have become quite a butthead. Nicest thing I could say. My operations were effected by 9/11 on through 2005. Sold out and reduced to playing golf for the next few years. All about timing! I'm not hurting my friends.... never in my life received government assistant including unemployment. Not bragging just a fact. BTW: I was affected by what the Bush years did to the economy. No reason to neg... you guys asked.
  16. You know my position with the obstructions of GOP representatives. You know my position of the economy and we disagree down the line. Give him time to fullfil. I feel comfortable with O. See my previous comments for clarity. No need to be redundant.
  17. The beginning of blame game or simply the truth. Doesnt it echo the past 4 years?
  18. No president has ever been capable of fulfilling all 'promises' as you put it. If that's blaming I'm guilty. He was able to bring the changes (I don't call them promises) that I expected. Let me be clear, I have no preference to Gitmo closing or not! The GOP was not interested in these things either, they announced their bi-partisan position through Mitch McConnell. Fact is you have no idea what Romney would do - on any subject - on any day. Like many of you have said, you're voting against the POTUS not for Romney. Speaking of blind positions!
  19. Really comparing to flip flopping day to day? Economy improving - the GOP have confirmed as far back as January. The GOP gave him the ecth a sketch and flip flop title.
  20. Either you're saying you don't believe what he says when he says it, or you select to believe what he says when you're ready to believe what he said. Aaahhh, too confusing for a simple person. Have a good day!
  21. You statement doesn't make sense. He would have to remove regulations, raise his hand or do something besides look presidential to lessen government interference. But he says nothing --- even you guys must wonder why.
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