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  1. A coward is described as someone who is afraid for themselves, not the lives or threats of others. A coward would thoughtlessly send others into harms way. He would not only be considered a coward but one with no self-confidence. By descriptions from the Reps, doesn't sound like our President. So please seriously tell me, exactly what incidents over the pass 4 years have proven spineless without prejudices?
  2. Patty, you just answered.
  3. When did our leaders turn spineless and gutless to fight for America? Our leaders have sent many troops in to battles and risky assignments. Foreign incidents have always taken place and the U.S. has always carefully retaliated in given time. One thing is perhaps certain, it's careless to send troops into fire without a fair assessment of what they're facing. You could easily risk the lives of even more Americans but could prove incompetent and result in larger losses and more funerals. We have to wait for the complete results of the incident in Libya. I, for one, would like a complete review. So please seriously tell me, exactly what incidents over the pass 4 years have proven spineless?
  4. These comments are getting more and more ridiculous. CALLING ALL MODERATORS!
  5. Man you're nuts, I work with a group of Blacks worth over a half billion. I wouldn't insult them by saying they should have inspired to be a doctor or something. These guys have enriched me by far. These guys use their minds - and very well! I don't know where you live or what relationships you have with Blacks, but that's pretty shallow.
  6. Negs, how silly, just showing Obama admits it's Bush policies.
  7. No I agree, for Blacks to become a doctor or someone like a doctor is fantastic. I'm trying to wrap my head around that as the answer to a success person - for a certain race.
  8. WASHINGTON, DC, Mar. 2 03/02/2012 By Nick Snow OGJ Washington Editor US President Barack Obama said for the first time that policies in George W. Bush’s administration, as well as during his own, led to more domestic crude oil production. But he also repeated his call for Congress to end what he considers tax subsidies for the oil industry in a Mar. 1 speech in New Hampshire. “One of the reasons our dependence on foreign oil is down is because of policies put in place by our administration, but also our predecessor’s administration,” he told an audience at Nashua Community College. “And whoever succeeds me is going to have to keep it up,” he continued. “This is not going to be solved by one party; it's not going to be solved by one administration; it's not going to be solved by slogans; it's not going to be solved by phony rhetoric. It's going to be solved by a sustained, all-of-the-above energy strategy.”
  9. Hmmm ......really. You want to see them go to college and become a doctor? That's success to you huh?
  10. Making no excuses just an observation, first 2 years were lots of attempts to stop the bleeding of the economy and healthcare act. Last 2 years were a deadlock.
  11. Obviously I don't know when you're being sarcastic or serious.... guess that enough of this digression huh! My apologies +1.
  12. So you think the 110th Congress created the recession 12 months on the job? You think some sort of policy was voted on in 2007 and created a financial meltdown? You believe something was created in 2007 and brought on the housing crash? If you believe all of these things took place you been had. I'm not going to deny the recession took place under Bush and carried over to June 2009, into Obama administration. Things were so bad the reps will not even mention his name. CRAZY they only talk about recovering from the past 4 years; how about 6 to 10 years! Bush didn't exist?
  13. Information provided by National Bureau of Economic Research. That's solid information! Dec 2007 – June 2009 1 year, 6 months
  14. Go to dinner and all hell breaks loose. We had a decent conversation going on without calling anyone a liar. Un-call for dontlop. Read the news from that time, Reps were about to take over in January so some how they agreed on renewing the tax cuts. Read the news don't take my word for it, dammm. Or give me a link with your version. Snots, all threads bounce around... this wasn't my initiation. Don't get me wrong, I didn't write those explanations for the recession. Came along with recession information!!!
  15. December 2007 is correct DM, recessions develop over time. The subprime mortgage crisis led to the collapse of the United States housing bubble. Falling housing-related assets contributed to a global financial crisis, even as oil and food prices soared. The crisis led to the failure or collapse of many of the United States' largest financial institutions: Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers and AIG, as well as a crisis in the automobile industry. The government responded with an unprecedented $700 billion bank bailout and $787 billion fiscal stimulus package. The National Bureau of Economic Research declared the end of this recession over a year after the end date.
  16. Evidently we got off track a few posts back. Try re-reading to see what I was saying. Just read up on that period... google is good. (they = Reps) They're the ones that insisted on the cuts. read the article to see why. Ciao
  17. LOL You don't remember the Dems were upset with Obama for making this deal. You can catch up with this link. A Link When did the recession begin? What is the official period? cool.
  18. Dude, Romney words... overturn RvW is the start.
  19. I really think it's a game of chicken with the reps but no one can afford to play the next 4 years.
  20. I believe that's a problem for sure... how could he do it the next 4 years? But they're not children, they're hired by us to solve situations. Can't allow them to get off the hook that easy! Yessir! http://whoisthereab..obama.comblog/
  21. Don, yes, Obama was held hostage and renewed the Bush/Obama Tax Cuts. That's not to be argued... I'm only saying, in reality, they never expired. If you think the tax cuts are so great in producing jobs, why weren't more jobs created from 2001-2012? Are you slow... read your pretty chart.... Oh wait a second, don't you realize it takes a little time for policies to effect the economy. Read your chart, who had control up to the recession? Reps had it - the elephant in the center of the room, I mean the center of the chart. My God, you have to understand how policies effect the economy, it's an evolution.
  22. I think you're missing the point, the Tax Cuts never expired. Seems as if you expect immediate relief after the stimulus etc... The Tax Cuts have been in place since 2001 and another act in 2003.
  23. NO NO NO, the jobs came after a lot of things including stimulus. The Bush tax cuts have been in place since 2001. If you want to add the 2 President's job creations together over 12 years you have around 12 million; Bush about 7M over 8 years, then subtract approximate 8 million lost during the recession, then add Obama 5M over 40 months. Bush tax cuts yield over 12 years = practically 0!
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