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  1. One last thing, defeatism doesn't scare me but I don't embrace it. There are multiple battles to fight throughout life. There is a saying "choose your battles wisely". Please don't ridicule others for the battles they choose. Could be health, could be the challenges of college for their kids. Again, a lot of the things you recite I believe are true. Thanks Carlos!
  2. Cris, no one said it didn't exist, it's the percentage that is argued vs. alienating 20 million voters. The reports show voter fraud. Reps are not making their case; BUT the biggest number found by the Reps is how the election can be altered if mandatory photo ids were the law NOW. They're banking on 21 million or so, somehow, can't get a photo id soon enough for whatever reasons. Can we agree on that?
  3. Just arguing the impact of elections and why the sudden need for this type of change. Where are the numbers from the Reps to support their cases? Don't you honestly think there should be supporting documents? The only supporting information is the Democratic impact of election outcomes with voters that do not have a photo id. I wouldn't just called them voting fraud criminals. * Fraud by individual voters is both irrational and extremely rare. * Many vivid anecdotes of purported voter fraud have been proven false or do not demonstrate fraud. * Voter fraud is often conflated with other forms of election misconduct. * Raising the unsubstantiated specter of mass voter fraud suits a particular policy agenda. * Claims of voter fraud should be carefully tested before they become the basis for action.
  4. This mostly effects our young people going through college. These types of jobs have flexible hours and no benefits. I would like to see these jobs available again. Here's the catch: Companies offshore these lower, unskilled jobs for .40 per hour instead of minimum wage, therefore saving the company thousand/millions. They argue that it helps them to stay competitive by paying their skilled workers competitive rates and benefits. They also argue that it financially strengtens their company and protects a higher number of skilled jobs from layoffs. I don't think the government will force these rules but instead apply the proper tax codes.
  5. (There's the catch) If the only data is from Brennan Center then what are the true reasons for the Reps to push for photo id? Wouldn't there be more influential information from politicians supporting the push? There should be data flowing from the right wing like Michelle Malkin, She only speaks about e-voting, software and machines. This is a disenfranchise movement, albeit temporary but timing is everything. I think eventually all states can and should move to photo ids with adequate time to educate and provide for the less fortunate.
  6. Find the stats Cris... Any neutral stats..... Find stats on folks misrepresenting themselves. Don't be naive. Do the search please and post what you find.
  7. You may be a little harsh on Razur. He merely believe there's other things in between politics, bankers, new world order and before we meet in the cemetery. I know you don't expect to break the world powers you speak of so I'm curious what's your point. The appearance of a 2 party system is made for controversy even though there's only 1. Your observations and studies of the New World Order and our current fiat system is noted. Most people really can't waste a lifetime considering those faint perceptions. Life, children and love will pass us by. Sometimes the truth is not what's required. A world that Ron Paul believes in is no longer available unless we live it internal to our family and friends. We attempt to stay out of harms way (meaning the list of evil things you are aware of) and share the time we have as peacefully as possible. I'm not deaf to what you speak of - I can't help my family with those direct constant discussions, but I can help them live within the systems provided.
  8. Why do conservative voters want to fight the fight of voter registrations for the Republican politicians who are trying to change the laws? Why are they concerned with standard state voter registration and photo IDs? Republicans believe that requiring photo IDs could cause enough of a dropoff in legitimate Democratic voting to add 3 percent to the Republican vote. This underscores why it is so critical to get the facts straight on voter fraud. The voter fraud phantom drives policy that disenfranchises actual legitimate voters, without cost justification. There have been a handful of substantiated cases of individual ineligible voters attempting to defraud the election system. But by any measure, voter fraud is extraordinarily rare. In part, this is because fraud by individual voters is a singularly foolish and ineffective way to attempt to win an election. We're talking about a few hundred people (<1,000) that didn't realize they were ineligible to vote during a specific period. The majority of voter frauds have been from erroneous machines and absentee ballots. They need to be fixed!!! Things aren't always what they appear to be. These arguments are an distraction from the real issues. News media of choice severely affects the publics mind and generate blogs like this one. Who's really being dishonest here: the Dems that do not want to disenfranchise people OR the Reps who wants to disenfranchise and alienate a few million Americans with a more clear objective (21 million)?
  9. Thanks. Polls are only as good as the polling samplings. Do you have any idea where the 7 to 11% come from? I'm not sure of your numbers, but what jumps out to me is independents are normally around the 7% to 10% and Blacks weight in around 11%. Large percentage of undecided voters normally go to the challenger. On the other hand, incumbents are more likely to win. True polling is with actual voters on election day. It's the folks that dislike a candidate enough to block a win. About 73% of independents oppose Obamacare, so about 27% of independents may lean toward Obama already. He'll need another 25% during campaigning to get half.
  10. Is it still true if it swings the other direction?
  11. How do they get to be 1%ers - move jobs offshore and create multiple Blind Trusts to protect their rights. The 1% against 99% is hardly divisive.
  12. I think the lawmakers will have to change the applications to just "American". What choice does other races have? If they omit their race from the apps it could cause other issues. Someone could easily be labeled a trouble maker. Apps have changed over the last 40 years but this won't be abolished too soon. No selection on apps for German Americans,Swedish Americans, French Americans, etc...
  13. I don't view African Americans as a RACIAL group. They have came a long way in a short time. And I don't think he had a choice of being African American. Race is decided by genetics and law. Agree.
  14. I'm surprised you guys are recirculating this footage. Has anything changed with the president? As a causation, his meaning doesn't bother me. He is campaigning to sometimes all groups at once and sometime individual groups. Like going to a church or any institution of a primary race. As long as its not racially motivated I'm okay.
  15. Means absolutely nothing as far as the dinar rates are concerned. Website down will never mean anything related to the dinar.
  16. Been away from Dinar material for quite awhile... Economically, what one factor prevents Iraq from dropping the zeroes this year?
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