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  1. im done .. i know 23 million laid off people are not voting for the liar .. and the faith based vote will be against obutma .. as well as all the business people .. and .. we cant forgget the 70% of america that is against his facist mandatory health care bill ..doesnt leave him much .. just a few racists to vote for him because of his skin color

    Yes you would start a rant like this with ignorant language.... Plus, Rev Write was not the pastor!

    You guys cry that democrats and some other Americans - blame Bush - Well why shouldn't they! Who set us in:


    LOOSING JOBS UP TO 800,000 PER MONTH, 2008-2009






    WHO WAS THE FEARLESS LEADER THAT WATCHED AND GOVERNED ALL OF THIS? LOL - and you're calling racism in you comments this morning. It's not per se racism, just stupidity! GET A GRIP PEOPLE. YOU'VE BEEN FOOLED.


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  2. So do you not trust the Electrical Contractors that are saying they don't know how they got dragged into this but had NO problems?

    That all this is "Untrue"... "Rumors". See Above rolleyes.gif

    Thanks as usual Maggie!

    Why do rumors get started; started by the jealous people with an animosity. On DV it's called sheeple. (had to sling it back :) )

    I also found other articles from CNBC refuting the rumors. You may have already listed it. Non-Union Help Not Rejected After Storm: Utility Co. Published: Monday, 5 Nov 2012 | 5:10 PM ET

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  3. I don't know about everyone else, but I am incredibly sick and tired of hearing President Bush blamed for everything, of hearing Obama and his minions constantly taking cheap shots at our former president. Don't you guys get tired of having to reach back so far to find someone to blame for all that has gone wrong in the Obama administration? By now, if Obama's record won't stand on its own, it just won't stand. At least President Bush was an American patriot, and we just can't say the same thing for sure about Obama. As has been shown numerous times, the indications are that he could very well be a foreigner who has been indoctrinated in and whose first loyalty is to Islam, rather than to America.

    Showing that high IQ again.... you must be out of your mind or incredibly slow! wowza... The conversation, and my comment following Maggie, was about 9/11. How your mind has wandered.

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  4. n

    What exactly is the Pres. Name? He has changed it so many times... Your clueless. Now prove us wrong with all your facts and be sure you leave out all emotion......

    Done! A thousand times.

    It's easier to fool a man than to convince him he has been fooled.

    back on the subject of Benghazi..... I have a question, Do we usually have our Ambassadors involved in covert CIA operations ??

    I would truly love an answer to this.

    I don't think it's clear of what he was doing or why he was traveling. One report said he was to attend an event the next day to award a Libyan for saving lives.

  5. Sadly simple you are a sheep, you follow with your eyes closed. I voted twice for Clinton so as you can see until Obummer came in I was a Lefty as you are. But to follow someone because they seem so cool or open minded is dangerous. You can follow whom ever you want. I will never Vote for Obummer, he has taken our country down a very slippery slope. He is not for our freedom and he rejects Israel.

    Again, you have no idea what you're talking about. I don't even want to talk about where you get your facts! Bring cited facts, not emotional beliefs. Site one fact from a credible news source or government association.

    What freedom, what rejection? Israel President doesn't share that thought. Respect the President's name and then we can talk.

  6. I would like to add. Regardless if it was CIA, FBI or The freaking power rangers. THE PRESIDENT REFUSED TO SAVE THEM!!!!!!!!.

    So please stop trying to make it as if President Obama is not to blame, because he is completely 100% to blame. He and only he can make that call and he would not save them. He went to bed earlier because he had to go to Las Vegas the next morning. Who could turn their back while watching people dieing in real time!!!!

    Folks on the left can spin it anyway they want, but the fact is he sat and watching these people plead for help over a 6 to 7 hour period and did not do a dam thing. What kind of monster does that.

    Spin all you want but AMERICAN'S are not stupid, blind or sheep.

    On a very serious note; you can't have any idea of the chain of command or operations within the CIA or any area of the federal government. Emotional comments doesn't make you knowledgeable.

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  7. You may be right. However, others can draw their own conclusions without your aid in pointing out a small spelling error. To me, that was a very tacky move on your part because you obviously did it to draw attention to the spelling error in order to deflect the reader from Biker's argument. And that makes you look small and diminishes your own argument.

    I, Simple, pointed out spelling errors? NOPE! Reading and interpretation... See what I mean!

    BTW: I said consistently! Heat of the moment and blogging is not the same.

    Not that it needs to be such a big deal... but if you go back and read... it was not Simple that pointed out the spelling error. rolleyes.gif Sheesh

    As for the post from Rayzor... I believe the truth is now unfolding... why all the distraction from the information posted?

    Again Thank You Rayzor... this certainly has put a different light on what happened over there.

    Thanks Maggie, she always seems to have a problem with interpretation.

    I, Simple, pointed out spelling errors? NOPE! Reading and interpretation... See what I mean!

    BTW: I said consistently! Heat of the moment and blogging is not the same.

    Thanks Maggie, she always seems to have a problem with interpretation.

    Anyway, that high IQ you claim to have is spinning off topic Francie.

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  8. hahahaha " Their lack of education" hahahaha Now that's funny. I have seen people with master degree`s that cant change a tire on there own car. I know people with very high IQ`s that don't have a ounce of common sense. Come down off your high horse fella. Some of the post you have made border`s on ridiculous . But please don't stop I can use the grins. emot-LMAO.gif

    See what I mean? :lmao::D

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  9. I am a retired English professor of many years, and I can tell you that "fallow" is simply a misspelling of "follow" in this instance. But I'm sure you knew that and just wanted to draw attention to Biker's misspelling. I have found that many shallow people do this if they have no other better argument themselves. it is a small-minded effort to make the other person's argument seem less important. I have found throughout my career that many people who cannot spell or who simply make common spelling errors are often some of the best thinkers among us. I can always find the spelling errors since that was part of my work, but I learned long ago to only grade papers, not my friends, least of all for accidental misspellings. You need to do the same.

    I see a lot misspelling and some VERY consistent within their commentary. I do not critic them on their writing but their lack of education is evident. Therefore, their comments are somewhat discounted, that's our society Francie. While grading papers you're grading the interpretation of words and of their work, not friendship.

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  10. I'm not really interested in debating all of this with any of you, BUT I will add this little bit of info:

    Don't you find it slightly ridiculous that all of you now (in hindsight) are so critical of Bush for not "acting" on

    the intelligence reports he received about an "imminent" attack in 2001 while criticizing him for "acting" on

    reports from the SAME intelligence sources about "WMD" in Iraq. Really!! :wacko:

    Sometimes, your damned if you do and damned if you don't. :blink:


    Now you understanding?

  11. Bush Received More Warnings About 9/11 Than We RealizedGus Lubin | Sep. 11, 2012, 7:26 AM | 21,042 | 104

    george-w-bush.jpgWikimedia Commons

    The Bush White House ignored even more warnings about September 11 than we thought, according to journalist Kurt Eichenwald, who has a column in the NYT and a new book out today.

    We already knew about the presidential brief from Aug. 6, 2001 that was titled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.” The White House has shown that this declassified document was primarily a history of Al Qaeda, not a warning of imminent attack.

    But there were other briefings, some seen by Eichenwald, that did warn of an imminent attack.

    On May 1 the CIA said that a terrorist group in the U.S. was planning an attack.

    On June 22 it warned that this attack was "imminent."

    On June 29 the brief warned of near-term attacks with "dramatic consequences" including major casualties.

    On July 1, the briefing said that the terrorist attack had been delayed but "will occur soon."

    On July 24, the president was told again that the attack had been delayed but would occur within months.

    These and other similar warnings were ignored by the White House. The Neocons in charge insisted that the threat was instead a coordinated diversion meant to distract attention from Saddam Hussein, according to Eichenwald. This opinion frustrated the intelligence community, who saw the theory as totally illogical.

    Eichenwald's column is already getting a lot of attention today. No doubt so will his book, 500 Days: Secrets And Lies In The Terror Wars.

    Read more: http://www.businessi...9#ixzz2BEwyM7lS

    Bush/Republicans must have been Godless to avoid those clear warnings. It was a disgrace to the American people not to protect the country and American lives as a President should. Of course, whether true or not, I say this with cynicism only mirroring the idiotic things republicans believe and say. I forgive Bush and the republicans for their stupidity. We're pass that now!

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  12. You're full of it ;) , and have been proven wrong repeatedly.

    No sense in rehashing all the ways.....You're simply wrong.

    This latest assault on the voters by Libs is pitiful....Its the same

    old story, it doesnt matter, why not vote for a democrat.

    Hopey-Changey :rolleyes: Forward!!.....Just lame.

    Damn, I didn't realize that bit of truth would hurt so bad. You're stuttering mate! Who in the heck do you think was President 2001-2008? That shouldn't hurt you bro!

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  13. So...Yeah, right...Who sets policy for the EPA, Ed Dept, FBI, CIA, IRS,

    Defence Dept, Dept of State, etc...

    The list of ways to affect the American People, our Country, and Business

    goes on & on. Not to Mention Supreme Court Justices....

    Thats the power of the President ;)

    A pro President Congress is also necessary, as evidenced by the last 4 years.

    2 with Demo's (Obamacare) & 2 blocking most of the moves Obama & the Libs

    are trying to make, to hasten our degradation....

    A Republican Whitehouse Policy, along with a Conservative held House & Senate

    will change things in this Country for the better, pretty quickly.

    Do you know how many years Bush and Reps had control? And you have heard of the Great Recession. Go back..... way back, about 10 years up to 2009. Remind yourself of deregulations and policies (lowering taxes and Bush Tax Cuts will create jobs). Those cuts yielded approximately 0 jobs.

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  14. I kind of agree with you.

    What surprises me is that everyone thinks a president has that much power to make or break a nation. They seem to have a low understanding of how the whole system works. Who ran the senate and house of reps the years privious to the last 4 years?

    Who has been doing what in Washinton DC? This is about our political system my fellow friends and not ONE president. I personally doubt that either president will make nearly the difference many would believe. We should NEVER have been allowed to get to this point in the first place and those responsible are not having to answer to it! SERIOUSLY, this is America being sold out for the last two decades and the ball finally fell. Those who think that OBAMA in or out of office will make any difference in my view are blind. If you say the republicans will make a better economy for us all that may be true... I doubt that myself but it is a much stronger argument than saying ROMNEY will.

    I hope all of you watch the seats in congress and the senate. Look at those in office and watch what choices are made. Also see if there is cooperation between the presidentail office and the two legislative branches. If you do this you will have a MUCH stronger view of the truth. We all are much less informed than we choose to think we are. You simply are blaming the puppet and are obviously cluess of the puppet master.

    That is IMHO.


    Imgesing - great observation!

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  15. The Economy Has Been Growing, Since Mid-2009


    Private Payroll Employment Has Grown For 32 Months - Economist projected 125k jobs for October, 184k were created, net 171k; 250k is the target for full recovery.


    Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual

    2002 -129 -146 -24 -84 -9 47 -100 -11 -55 121 8 -163

    2003 95 -159 -213 -49 -9 0 25 -45 109 197 14 119

    2004 162 44 337 249 310 81 46 122 161 348 63 134

    2005 137 240 141 360 170 243 374 193 66 80 334 160

    2006 283 316 283 181 14 76 209 183 157 -9 204 171

    2007 236 93 190 72 139 75 -40 -18 73 79 112 89

    2008 41 -84 -95 -208 -190 -198 -210 -274 -432 -489 -803 -661

    2009 -818 -724 -799 -692 -361 -482 -339 -231 -199 -202 -42 -171

    2010 -40 -35 189 239 516 -167 -58 -51 -27 220 121 120

    2011 110 220 246 251 54 84 96 85 202 112 157 223

    2012 275 259 143 68 87 45 181 192 148(P) 171(P)

    P : preliminary

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  16. Just curious simple... do you have any independent business experience? I'm just asking because every business person knows that sometimes the environment for a healthy business can be down right hard to find when the Govt. adds certain taxes or penalties just for being in business. IMO the small business person is about the most endangered species in this country at the moment.... but then what do I know... I have only been a small businessman for going on 30 years now... I have seen tough times and some better times... but I have never seen tougher times than these last 3-4 years... just sayin!!! wink.gif

    29 years for me... I will never forget the early years and complaining to my accountant about the taxes. He finally told me that I should focus on business more than the taxes. Taxes will take care of themselves. It finally resonated with me when he told us our average margin per sale. I then realized what I do best and focused.

    Last 4 to 7 years, actually since 9/11 - worse times for business for me... My attached article, from October 2008, described the pass 3 years to a picture. This turnaround would take time.

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  17. If I was in the plumbing business this video could have been produced by my wife.

    My business suffered the same destruction with the exact same timeline.

    Thank for nothing Mr President.

    Blaming a President for the weakness of your business? Stronger management would have sustained the downturn of a bad period in an economy.

    October 10, 2008

    Commentary: It could get worse before it gets better

    By Raymond C. Scheppach, Commentary

    Last December many states began to see declines in revenues as a result of the slowing economy. The August and September employment reports, which showed losses of 85,000 and 157,000 jobs, respectively, along with an increase in the unemployment rate to 6.1 percent, marked a dramatic acceleration in the downward revenue trend. Until that time, it was primarily decreasing sales and corporate taxes dragging down state coffers. With unemployment increasing, states now must contend with declines in income taxes as well. And given recent trends, the state fiscal situation will likely get even worse.

    The economy could well lose 200,000 jobs per month over the next several months, with unemployment peaking at between 7.5 percent and 8 percent. This means that states will continue to have major fiscal problems for at least two more years.

    Read more:

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