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  1. ***///

    Thank you, MARKINSA....

    GRACE. :)

    LOL wow, and you never had a graceful thing to say about our President. This is some funny cheet.


    Thank you, MARKINSA....

    GRACE. :)

    You calling for grace, LOL wow, and you never had a graceful thing to say about our President or a liberal. This is some funny cheet.

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  2. You are right you dont need a prediction from Barone to refute Nate, because he could not refute math and science. How about the re-elected Obama and if Florida keeps its trend the number of 313 predicted by Nate Silver is there or very close.

    Math and science always beat political pundits BS any day, Carl Rove and Barone have made fools of themselves by pulling numbers out of their backsides.


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  3. So riddle me this Simple.... You think democrats are the saving force for America right? I just glanced at an electoral map on Fox News. The entire Northeast is Blue and the west coast is blue and the majority of the rest of the country is red. When I look at these blue states, something comes to mind..... Bankruptcy!!! If dems are the saving force, then why are all the states that have historically been dem going bankrupt but states in red who are controlled by republicans are not? How come states controlled by public and private sector unions are in economic shambles???

    Asking me why certain states vote Red or Blue, I don't know. If you think there's not bankruptcies in the mid-west I would say incorrect.

    One other thing, Dems now but a balance of each party over the years.

  4. But how can you say demonizing campaign? Even politico and the NY Times said Obama ran a campaign centered on scorching Romney. Obama has never stated what his plans are for the next 4 years. You keep blaming the huge deficits on Bush but the democrats controlled the house during Bushes last 2 years and Obamas first 2 and that's the time frame most of the money was spent!!!

    The campaign I speak of started approximately 4 years ago. Emails, talk radio, rumors etc...

    Bush, well we don't have to get into the specifics but yes, I blame Bush almost 100%, he was the President - for 8 years. Spending of 1.2T was approved before Obama took office. No one helped to wipe it away.

  5. ***///

    SIMPLE - if you cannot see what he's done to this Country,

    you're beyond educating.

    Not until the ramifications of his disrespectful tenure affect you and

    yours directly will you ever know. You're in for a rude awakening.

    You're a lost cause, son. You'll get what you deserve,

    at least some of us had the temerity to stand & fight for what's right.

    I see what the Republicans Congress have done!

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  6. ***///

    Hates the Flag, hates the Troops, hates God....

    SIMPLE --- wake up to the facts of the guy!

    Easier to fool a man than to convince him he's been fooled. Get off the train of Fixed News, Hannity, Limbaugh, O'reilly and the kind - then try positive news for a change. Their campaigns to damage the country and the POTUS are almost over.

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  7. I'm talking about Obama Simple.... What is he gonna do that is good? Spending more money will bankrupt us.... So what can he do that's good? Tell me why you believe in him and the democrats so much.

    I believed in a change in Washington 5 years ago and I still do. The controversy and demonizing campaigns was a part of the obstruction from Washington people blocking those changes. The first 2 years for Obama was a helluva learning experience of what Washington can do when pushed, cry and act like babies! Obama's presidency will be a transitional one if he wins tonight.

    He made mistakes, hell yeah! But he genuinely have the country and earth in heart. Those negative campaigns were overwhelming to the country and those rumors were believable. That's the internet!

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  8. I think you may be right.... Ok Simple, explain to me how this is good for America. I own a business that supports the oil and gas industry. EPA regulations are threatening to curb my industry in a huge way come January by limiting hydro-fracing country wide. I have had to lay off over 100 people on the past 4 years and now I don't even know if I will even be able to work myself in this industry. So, make me feel better about my plight! All I have seen is Obama and his admin destroy my industry more and more every year... I'm too old to go back to college and start over in another industry. This President has not been good to me and mine so tell me what he's gonna do now that he doesn't have the restraints of an election to temper his socialism?

    First of all, it's not my industry. Secondly, I get paid for consulting. joking a little :)

    Seriously, adapt and overcome. Any CEO have to stay up with regulations and changes in their industry. Like you said, curbing by setting standards for proper construction of wells and waste disposal. Sounds like jobs can be created there.

  9. Not only that, we keep control of the house, and even up the Senate if not take it too...

    The Dems had a filibuster proof 2 years and were so power drunk they were incapable of any action other than forcing one of the most ridiculous pieces of corrupt legislation ever seen in America, called obummer care down Americas throat.

    Something several dem patsies lost their position over, and most of the rest tried to disavow.

    it's time to send the silly little dreamers packing, they never could deal with reality anyway....

    Hold that thought.

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  10. Kansas City Star

    On Election Day, A Weakish Signal for the Labor Market Early exit poll: 60 percent say economy top issue Long Lines as Voters Flock to Polls Your gonna be even more miserable after tonight!!

    Yota, was that an answer to why you believe all democrats are poor? Let me simply, are all democrats poor?

    LOL, but i'd take 10 over anyday at this point. Weekend hacker here that plays bogey golf-peace

    I guess so, it's better than the average golfer, but 70s are more fun :)

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  11. Simple I applaud you on your convictions. Sorry we have different definitions of acievement of promises. I did'nt know that if one stands up and looks me in the eye and says under my leadership I will do this and that and fail that one can blame others. I could see it if it were one or mayber two things but this president has a list of broken promises including UNITY of the parties and country. And to make it worse then blames others................leadership? Not by any definition,no. Now for something more important,howd you play today?-peace

    6 over on front, 4 on back.... bad day. One older guy wanted to tell us his entire life history, even on the tee box! dammmmm.... had to be kind of course.

  12. You gotta remember it was Obama who said he would achieve all that was promised NOT the Reps. And it was Obama who said that if he could'nt achieve all that was promised he should be a one & done pres. No one forced him to make bold statements........................should we as voters not hold him at his word?-peace

    Well all the reps had to do was making him a liar. What's that, offense or defense? They were suppose to work with him, they didn't. He still managed to bring stability to the economy.

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  13. Simple, what about the huge increase in debt? Our per person debt has now reached $56,000.00. Thats 20,000 per person higher than Greece! what about Obamas promise to cut the deficit in half yet now its tripled? What about the huge increase in welfare recipients? To blame all of this on Bush is pretty disingenuous. The MAIN cause of the collapse was the housing market. Freddie and Fannie giving housing loans to anyone and everyone drove the market to unsustainable levels. The bubble burst and the economy went into the tank because of it. Who was it that kept Freddie and Fannie funded? Democrats! Where are the former heads of these companies? They are on staff in the current administration! Bush was part of the problem. He spent too much!!!!!! But, he was not the sole person responsible!

    I will be interested to see your answer to my questions.

    Have a blessed day simple!

    Who created the debt of 1.2T per year, voted on by Congress prior to 2009? The non-working Congress did not do anything to help reduce it. In fact, Reps played the game of filibuster.

    Let's get technical, how much did Obama add to the debt? Or how much did he reduce the debt? We know that the TARP bailout, in the last days of the Bush Administration, added about $800 billion dollars to the last deficit of 2008. President Obama started with a deficit of $1.2 trillion dollars. Unfortunately, it did not magically go to zero when Obama was sworn in. That was not his debt.

    Just how long did you guys think it would take to correct the Bush days?

    Well, the next 4 years will prove to be more manageable. The Reps can no longer play the game of making Obama a 1 term president.

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  14. Simple for the reasons you mentioned above should be the reasons any sane voter should NOT vote for Obama. The only ones 'FOOLED" were those that believed in the "Hope" & "Change" BS spewed. We the people gave the current Pres a chance and not much changed under his watch,and in some cases got considerably worse. Now it's time for real change as in the POTUS-peace.

    Reasons mentioned above, with the turnaround that have already taken place, is the reason.

    And what did you want to change?

    I don't really "not" like anyone on this board. However, trying to tolerate you is like trying to pick up,a turd from the clean end.

    Anyone with dinar in the name is reason to overlook.

    Tee time my generous friends!

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