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  1. Most all of them were stealing money that's why they arent open by the integrity commision I wonder how much the integrity commision got in pay offs Makes ya wonder how many were involved They had a lot of money to go around prosecution of former "politicians, government officials" for the loss of Iraqi public money, embezzling, huge amounts spent on fake projects and corruption ". Read more:
  2. Iran iraq ties Makes ya wonder Maliki was close to iran too Abadi must like them too I wonder how those in sanctions are going on iran to get them to stop building nuclear bombs enriching uranium to weapons grade Maybe the new income will feul progress for iran
  3. Who isn't saying a rv is imminant ? They might get the timing wrong or the story line wrong but they are repeating a lot of the same thing everyone else is repeating They just don't do it the way everyone else does Go rv Push that big red button !! Yep that goes for what everyone says
  4. Yep how come the police don't use car bombs in those muslim countrys Say if there's a big gang fight a couple cop cars show up and blow themselves up They wouldn't be concidered cowards if the cops went around enforcing the the law by blowing themselves up right Those people respect those suicide bombers Heck saddam was sending checks to the family of suicide bombers 25, 000 each Hey if your kid blows himself up , you get 25,000. Geez they would be lining up their kids Yep some of those isis check points in mosul need a taste of their own medicine 25 thousand That's three years pay over there It could be concidered normal law enforcement procedure A lot cheaper than the billions it's costing now They would be hero martyrs Yes we have seen quite a few paper tigers in recent years just propaganda But the un will impose these sanctions They move slow real slow Look how long it took to get anything done in iraq They been reforming the banks since 2003 They been working on joining the WTO since 2003 They been working on a oil law since 2003 What else never gets done ? Yep security will never be done until they start public hanging and burial with pigs Any terrorist caught should be buried with a ground up hog They would hate me as a leader But even saddam had quite a few followers Enough that outside forces had to go liberate them Free money for everybody What a political campaign I could run You give me a thousand dollars and I'll turn it into a million If get every vote I'd be a hero
  5. They should just pretend like they are doing a currency exchange and when the terrorists come to rob them it could just be a car bomb instead You know , some of the iraqi good guys could just blow themselves up like the terrorists do They say it's honorable to blow your self up, how come the good guys aren't doin it ?
  6. I'm going to invest my life savings in real estate in mosol right before the ground attack next month I'm buying strip malls and restaurants and movie theaters I hear they are going for next to nothing since the terrorists live in them for now I should be able to clean up once their gone
  7. I think it's around 116 tons total The usa good reserves are over 8000 tons I think China has the most The cbi web site says right under foriegn reserves it says they have 5100billion dinar worth of gold and sdr combined So around 4.6 billion dollars worth Of gold and sdr The cbi is the only one licensed to buy gold in iraq so they buy it for the kurds and the kurds have about 28 tons in the private market in jewlery and such Kurdish gold
  8. Yes it has been in the process of being reformed since 2006 And they say it's working great They got up to basil requirements a couple years back , maliki is responsible for that I guess since he's responsible for the bad stuff he's responsible for the good Maliki has been calling to move to a market economy since 2010 when U.S. troops were still there maintaining peace in the country But infighting screwed that pooch
  9. It's about a third of the way in to the video The timer isn't working for me or I'd give ya the minute mark They breifly asked about that And said countrys with corrupt polititions usually don't like that idea because they are tax evaders and don't like being exposed And they said iraq fits that bill I did not hear them say they " were " going to change the currency they just brought it up and asked if they thought it would work or help Then they moved on So unless they brought it up again I heard nothing except a brief chat amongest United states people touch on the subject
  10. Places where people are free to do as they please even though they got no business being here You don't need to have Id You could be a dam terrorist Obama's Sanctuary Cities Strain Govt Resources Saddam gave the terrorusts safe haven in northern Iraq as they fled the invasion of afganistan after 911 It wasn't an embassy They created terrorist training camps in northern iraq as he turned a blind eye that they were there Kinda like the democrats do in their cities with the illegal aliens People can be from anywhere and have no problems in those designated areas in the United states that are created and protected by the democrats in America casting their votes to vote these domestic enemy's of the state into office so they can perpetrate these crimes These criminals in the democrat party need to be in jail awaiting their trials for treason They take an oath uphold the constitution of the United states They violated that oath They violated a public trust and should be held accountable These people mentioned above feed off these types of regulations like these sanctuary cities These people who are pushing for shiria law are not voting for republicans They vote most likely illegally with no ID required in these sanctuary city's for the same people who make it possible for them to be here illegally , the democrats It's how they win elections that's why they fight the laws that would require ID to vote Without the illegals All these so called close elections would be lost by the democrats They say oh these are poor people who can't afford ID Well they need ID to get food stamps and welefare and now obama care They claim they pay taxes too , well how can they pay taxes if they have no iD? The democrats are a huge problem for the future success of the United states If they don't believe in the rule of law Then let's eliminate it and have a free for all Then we will see who gets what for free If they don't stop that demon crat party we will never live with out the threat of these people coming in and out of our country some of whom wish to destroy our way of life Now shiria law , come on no more loop holes for these illegals If we got to live within the laws , so do our enemy's Sure those laws are meant to help people but they unintentionally help our enemy's
  11. But the liberals do fight for free zones within some of our cities where criminals get safe haven I almost forgot about our domestic enemy from within
  12. I don't follow them or their laws and if any of them ever put their hands on me and tried to arrest me for any reason I would concider this a self defense case and use what ever means necessary to protect myself from them as I woukd any criminal They are not the law in this country so it's a pretend game like wearing a police uniform when your not a cop Or wearing a military uniform when your not in the military I almost feel like camping out near this place just to violate the shiria laws And wait for them to try something But like I said I " almost " feel like doing that Some day I may actually feel like doing it and do it Not much they can do with their kangaroo courts They best watch their step This is the United states and their is no autonomous areas within our borders Nor is there going to be We live under rule of law Our law
  13. Yep 500 billion dollars would equal 5 trillion dinar worth a dime each in an even exchange
  14. I wasn't born with any skills But I knew I could be a helper when I was young Carpet layer helper Carpenter helper Brick layer helper Roofer helper I have done and learned so many things in my life because I was willing to start out at the bottom and just do what I was told Eventually I was able to lay carpet by my self , didn't take long , a couple weeks to learn Eventually I was hanging sheet rock that took about a day to learn Then. I got into tape and float then painting Carpentry and the rest plumbing what ever It's up to people to apply themselves not cry it's the govts fault After I hung sheet rock long enough that I knew what I was doing I applied for jobs as an experienced sheet rock guy What is so hard about that I did the same thing in machine shops , as I prigressed I renegotiated my skills at different employers , and working for so many different employers I learned lots of different things from each of them Then I became one of the best there is because most people worked at one place their whole life and they had limited experiences As an adult I have skills in many things and can take care of myself quite well with out blaming someone else A lesson obama and the Iraqis need to learn
  15. They been changing legislation to support a market economy But for the most part " infighting in parliment" it took ten years to get the kurds to agree on the oil and quit trucking it out It's now metered They have had sectarian violence up until and including today since the invasion in 2003 The most important thing was to get the oil production up and running and stop pipeline bombing They had to train a military to stop it They had to train a police forces They had to set up a educational program They had to set up a banking sector that complied with basil They had to deal with the U.S. govt up till the beginning of 2013 and still do They are pressured buy the clerics to do things they are pressured by the sunnis and the kurds and when they don't get what they want they create more problems It will grow slowly , it was a battle getting this far , and will be a battle going further road blocs will be an issue for the next 200 years in iraq just like they are everywhere Political hackery will be part of the landscape just like it is everywhere else If people think iraq is some kind of beacon on the hill for everyone to look up to as an example of statesmen ship they got a whole lot of learning to do Sit back put on your seat belt Iraq needs another 200 years just to become as pitiful as our govt is What do ya think the history books are going to say a hundred years from now about the kurds episode when they tried to ship out iraqi oil unsuccessfully and finally came to the table ? Write up that scenario for us to read What about the sunnis waving like its some kind of parade as isis invades iraq How's that going to be read in the history books Malik did it I suppose They got something to work with because they got the oil up and running Now move on dot org and nancy pelosi has stepped up the campaign blame game , a chapter out of obamas book Just blame it on someone else
  16. Thanks thug Not talking about you just elaborating on the article (It should be in the rumor section of the sky press ) Not much substance on maliki except he was pm when what they are talking about went down Something about Romania sending arms to iraq that was paid for by a neighboring country " which isn't named" Then the arms got into " mafias hands " and ended up in dashs hands and Romania is claiming they had nothing to do with it So someone "who ever they are" is saying that they don't want maliki to travel Coukdnt be more vague as to who is making the charge I'm sure it's not the guy from Romania Jacob prada Why don't they are be more specific when assuming maliki did something wrong or was involved All leaders have things go wrong while they are leaders They cant watch everyone in the country at all times because they woukd need to import people to watch people then import more to watch them Things happen Let's see some evidence that Maliki did something before he's called for anominously to be hung or jailed or stopped He's not running the prime minister any more We want evidence Not Nancy pelosi screaming about George bush
  17. Can't wait to see this unfold Their shares should be equal in every province What's to talk about The oil is owned by every iraqi citizen , not more by some than others depending on geographical location Equal The benifit of oil being in your province in jobs created and taxes collected , that should be handled by the provinces local governates I smell a big stink coming They also are supposed to get 5 dollars a barrel but for now they only are getting 1 dollar a barrel to the provinces that produce , and that should be for environment cleanliness and road repair things like that Not to line polititions pockets This should be an easy one according to the constitution We will see Well the share is supposedly based on population so I guess that needs redetermined Now that there is hardly anyone in anbar province they shoukdnt get as much , right? Thanks to the terrorists driving everyone out
  18. Maliki coukdnt build at the level of abadi nor will abadi be able to reform at the level of his successor Each year they progress and lay the foundation for the next year Maliki didn't have anything to work with but it seems abadi does But abadi will run into road blocks to and things will take time Especially with that bunch of dopes Just so ya know I'm not talking to you or at you ,trinity , I'm just elaborating on that opening statement of that last post if yours I been trying to make that point for years but it goes right over most people's heads They just got to look around at where they are in iraq It's been that way for thousands of years Steal as much as you can and get the heck out of there
  19. Yes!!! I can't believe you said that !!! Your exactly right. in maliki's defense (can't believe i just said that....and i just threw up a little bit in my mouth...ack ) he was doing nothing different than what is common practice in that region. he was taking ncare of his tribe/family/sect. Exactly what they all do , your right , they hang their picture on every street corner , build statues of themselves , exactly what barzani does in kurdistan , a lot of kurds hate him with a passion Oh he wants control bad , barzani does , just like saddam Maybe over the years we will see things evolve into something different Maliki was a wind pipe too claiming to do everything under the sun for everyone everywhere He was in the same situation his first 6 months in office Except maliki was in a far worse situation when he took office and could hardly make a move without the usa jumping on his back The shittes who had been ruled over by the sunnis for the last three decades finally got control , from the democracy and voting process they just took out allawi who they believe was put in by the coalition He was the mastermind for the wmds in iraq to get the usa to invade If you didn't think the Shia didn't want some kind of revenge for 30 years of torcher ,murder , then you weren't paying attention to iraq and your just here to try to collect money from them , I get that , so just step back and don't pretend your an expert What's maliki supposed to lay down for the sunni Baathists ? He's supposed to just give the kurds trillions of dollars of oil and millions of square miles of iraq as their own? What ? He won't ? Well then these guys are going to raise he'll on him and his elected parliment It was not maliki causing all those problems in iraq You can now point the camera to the north and and anbar province You can point it at al sadr Maliki did it is one of the biggest guru bs I hear on dv They all did it !! And the shittes won!! That's who did it Now abadi has only been in control for 6 months I'm sure he's just getting his bananas in a row and when he does you can start screaming about him too !! He's a shitte He's got people to answer to And they aren't kurds or sunnis Give him some time to get set up geez oh man He could be the best one yet A local hero . .
  20. Now this is just houses it doesn't include other structures , farms , industries , manufacturing , Ect ect Combined Value of US Homes to Top $25 Trillion in 2013 . Between 2007 and 2011, the total value of the U.S. housing stock fell by $6.3 trillion. Over the past two years, U.S. homes have gained back $2.8 trillion, or about 44 percent of the total value lost during the recession It's still around 3 trillion less than it was in 2007 See they know these thing in America and use it to our advantage Hopfully iraqi get some appraisers out there and start adding things up They got air ports rail roads oil infrastructure , roads bridges hotels hospitals houses farms
  21. Some people care They been here for a long time wondering And sharing your thoughts is important Just ask everyone else that share theirs I'm pretty sure that's why were able to type into the forums You been here twice in the last hour telling me to go somewhere and no one cares and it doesn't matter So if you don't care Don't read it
  22. Well it's a good thing it's fiat currency All the other assets everyone ignores in iraq All the antiquities The real estate The rivers that run thru their and potential farm land All the air ports and roads and highways and bridges and schools buildings hospitals Ect ect ect all have a value that needs represented That country is in my opinion worth at least a hundred trillion dollars Everything down to the last pair of shoes has a value to it and should be accounted for Every telephone pole , every foot of cable and wire strung out across iraq every light pole and every square foot of side walk and poured concrete has a value When we poor a concrete patio in our yard our property tax goes up , there's a reason why it goes up , it's added value Some day those Iraqis will figure it out And start accounting for all of their assets And quit blowing it up , and protect their assets Iraq doesn't have any of that on the books Add a room onto your house Our govt wants to know They add that value to our national assets and they raise your property taxes It's all in record keeping All iraq is showing is its foriegn reserves as its assets They need to get busy with census
  23. If oil was 100 dollars a barrel and iraq had 170 billion barrels of oil And they did have 40 trillion dinar outside the banks 170 billion times 100 dollars is 17 trillion dollars worth of oil If they did rv to a dollar like some gurus said they are Rving 40 trillion dinars to a dollar would cost more than two times the money they could get for all 170 billion barrels at 100 dollars a barrel Two times would be 34 trillion dollars They really need to start developing the private sector for the gurus sake
  24. Don't worry when iraq rvs their gonna be rich The world bank doesn't got a clue what's going on in iraq
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