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  1. See now that falls under the ignorance part of my claim of ignorance or lie But it could fall under lie since you don't have any idea of who is a logical thinking person You have given yourself that reputation
  2. Yes this is an example of one of the all inclusive miricles by abadi From the article above He gave the example of al-Baghdadi, which fell to the militants this weekthreatening the nearby air base where more than 300 U.S. Marines are based. Sunni fighters there fought with little support for months before finally relenting, he said. “They get nothing, but the Shiite militias get support from Iran and the government,” he said. “This all makes the level of trust very weak.” Maliki is the only one that woukd benefit , what a joke , or lie Isis loves the iraqi govt fighting and doesn't want an all inclusive govt They want them split and to say otherwise is either ignorance or lies
  3. I think the article explains it just fine Start with the article title and then read the article We Abadi is working just fine with the Iranians If iraq and Iran don't get along uh can forget the port its right on the border of iraq and iran could blow it out if the water from within its own border Without the port you can forget about iraq building a market economy So yep it's important iraq and Iran get along Thank god they came when they did to defend iraq as well as Russia "People" do things May can't blame everything on government I know the article isn't from iraq we know how reliable their media is But this statement from the article is revealing something Discussions continued into the night as to whether Sunni parties should pull out of the government altogether
  4. Driving thru 50 check points ? This is disturbing But who would know their way around the check points , either or ? If the terrorists do know their way around the major check points and can travel throught baghdad there a huge issue , but it does make ya think I'm really liking where I live
  5. I hope they don't because it could lead to civil war and that is something the usa would necessarily need to stay out of I think they would just stick with the kurds and keep both sides out of northern iraq
  6. Kurds did the same thing build up their military The shittes just kept pluging away at the oil exports and depended on the iraqi military to build itself It doesn't sound like that to me at all It sounds like isis and saddam loyalists They want the Sunnis on their side If that sunni moderate even hinted any sort of deal with baghdad it would be my opinion that isis would take him out Fake road block then dump them in a shittes neighborhood Maliki would of buried them in the desert , he's not as stupid as people " TRY" to make him look To me it's obvious So who are the hardliner sunnis in parliment ? If maliki was going to kill one of them , why a moderate? Why not some hardliner sunni who was a threat I could be wrong , I guess we will have to wait and see , but do they got the names of the isis terrorists so they can ask them some questions ? Seems like the perfect people to commit such a crime Just blame maliki like obama blames bush
  7. Can't wait to find out who did this and dumped them in a shitte neighborhood so the rest of the sunnis blame the shittes and pull out and join isis A moderate ? Then they start blaming the rule of law , and a fist fight breaks out The plan seems to be working just as isis planned I'm telling ya this is a mess and " soon " you will all know what maliki was going thru Saddam loyalists were waiting ever since they signed the strategic framework agreement for the troops to be pulled out Everyone was so happy especially the sunnis and shittes , the kurds not so much The Sunnis were investing in arms with their share of the budget , when they should of been building a private sector But it seems ya can't force the provinces to do anything
  8. The kurds would be better off just dumping the entire thing in the central govts lap and just taking their share of the budget and building a private sector that dwarfs the oil market in iraq Just look at the usa Number one energy producer in the world and its just a small fraction of our economy They kurds been battling the central govt for almost 12 years on this and have gotten nowhere except right back where they started 12 years ago No one else is fighting the central govt over this , just the kurds Before it was maliki that was holding it up Now it's baghdad Which is it , cause we know it's not abadi Is there any other provinces that produce oil in iraq that get treated any differently? Just the kurds want special treatment I should be attacked for saying the truth about this , so have at it Thanks for bringing us the news on this and the parliments meetings yota Sad but true I guess
  9. This global warming is killin me up here in ohio
  10. No one knows for sure
  11. It's to bad they don't tell us in advance who's going to get the contracts to build the port They say there's several interested party's but they are not releasing the names If we knew we could buy stock in them and watch it rise after the news is public I'm sure ole maliki made a fortune like that in eight years of hundreds of billions of contracts I wonder who will be the highest bribe payers on the port
  12. We need to go ahead and put this myth about the rv being a secret to an end , It's not a secret we all know and talk about every day right here on the Internet for the whole world to watch It's not a secret its the news and shoukd be treated like that It's a shame we hide some of that news in the rumor section as if it's not the truth When it really is only lacking the link so it could be called news It's time to come out of the closet and start broadcasting this on Fox News and cnn news Why should we be the only ones Our fellow Americans are layed off and poor and deserve our knowledge that they can become millionares "soon" They just need to buy some iraqi dinars I'm thinking about being a currency dealer before we make the announcement That way I can be sure there's enough dinars for everyone
  13. I wish someone woukd put together a link with all the revalue articles " from the news section" so we can be reminded about the rv instead of being reminded only by the gurus who lie when they type Surely barzani knows about the rv if we know So why doesn't he just buy 10 or twenty trillion dinar since it's going to rv any day now Then barzani would have 20 trillion dinar if it rvs to a dollar Then he wouldn't need to whine about everything He could take care of kurdistan himself Twenty trillion he could put it in U.S. bonds and have a 200 billion dollar budget for eternity Screw that 10 billion budget he's got now You know they know more than we do There not a bunch of farm animals waiting to give you milk So if they are secretly going to rv Why would they even want to touch a dollar When in comparison that dollar isn't worth nothing compared to holding iraqi dinars Why ? They are crooks They are not humanitarians So why are they holding dollars ? I guess only the cbi knows They control Iraqs destiny Some un elected person running the bank
  14. Cut em in half That's what They usually can't seperate them because one would have to die so just save the one who didn't kill someone , cut em in two
  15. Maybe it's a good idea to quit paying attention to those who distract you from keeping your eye on the ball And quit reading about the iraqi parliment and isis and crappy iraqi news paper and study up on how currencys actually worked we would know a little more about this rv thing But noooooo We got 500 storys about laws being passed and infighting in iraqi congress to look at instead Why doesn't the usa "just rv" out of its debt ? There is a starter question Let's rv!!! Just push the button , there is a button ya know, a big red one Once ya get the knowledge , you won't forget it Then we can all just laugh it off. I've never seen so much bs in my life as I see on this subject
  16. I just don't understand why maliki has 50 billion dollars in cash when he's secretly planning a rv And if he takes that 50 billion dollars and buys up all the dinar then rvs it for a dollar he's gonna have 50 trillion dollars instead of 50 billion Then he will try to destroy the United states economy by flooding the world with 50 trillion dollars after he takes his dinar to the bank and cashs them in But the usa will just rv right back and then ole maliki won't know what to do
  17. If they rv to 3 dollars maliki could have 150 trillion dollars himself He could flood the world and destroy the dollar and bankrupt the usa Oh Nah never mind We would just rv right back
  18. Lol I think maliki is up to something with the rv I think he's gonna take his 50 billion dollars in cash and buy all the dinar then rv it so he can have 50 trillion dollars instead of 50 billion dollars , that sneak He's gonna be the worlds first multi trillionare The barzanis are gonna buy 48 trillion dinar too with their 48 billion dollars Maybe they are all gonna become trillionaires It's gonna be tuff cause there's only about 4 trillion dollars cash in the world so I hope they take digital Our m2 is only 12 trillion dollars I believe most of that 12 trillion m2 is tied up already I never could figure out why he held all those dollars while those sneeks were secretly planning a rv of the dinar
  19. And finally, with 6,028 votes, the winner by a landslide and our official Explainer Question of the Year for 2009: How would the law punish Siamese twins if one of the twins committed murder without the other being involved? The answer: No one knows. Especially if the death penalty comes into play Say one of them puts some poisen in someone else's coffee that it didn't like and the other one didn't know and is innocent
  20. And finally, with 6,028 votes, the winner by a landslide and our official Explainer Question of the Year for 2009: How would the law punish Siamese twins if one of the twins committed murder without the other being involved? The answer: No one knows. Especially if one was facing the death penalty
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