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  1. Here's what I said Or will the kurds live up to the deal that they made Maliki wasn't twisting their arm They made the deal with abadi Read more: No he wasn't involved in the deal with the kurds , abadi made the deal , there fore maliki wasn't twisting their arm just like my post reads Blame it on abadi that you can't make the agreed production See arim added that «the region is facing some technical problems in its inability to export what has been agreed upon of oil per day Read more: So they write an article saying maliki is trying to derail them But Maliki isnt running anything any more It's time to quit playing obama politics and deal with the new pm , he made the deal with the kurds , maliki is out The article is like most articles plain bs That's why theres an article
  2. The ocean temperatures have a lot to do with weather It's nice to know there's a couple huge Icecubes hanging around to break off and float around to cool the oceans when it gets to warm and it's nice to see the heaters in the ring of fire working to keep it warm enough for is to live It doesn't seem like an accident or big bang to me Looks like someone figured it out and made it perfectly Global warming in my opinion was a scam to try to rob the people financially Do ya think they will try to turn the entire electrical grid into a giant weather machine ? They talk about replacing it , I wonder what will be added if anything to the new grid , besides more nuclear power plants
  3. This guy resigned in 2009 because the whole govt was corrupt I think he's going about it wrong but he has his way I'd save maliki for another day I'd fry a couple people in front of him that woukd expose maliki He's going after the big cheese first Good luck
  4. More accusations I can't wait to see "if" it ever makes it into a court room Or what parts of it make it into a court room Filing a law suit and actually prosecuting someone are two different things Maybe they will show all of us the evidence they show the courts if they have any They got to show enough evidence in order for it to be accepted for indictment Look for the word indictment Keep your eyes pealed for that key word
  5. It's just time consuming They should finish that jordan pipeline finish the port The problem is The Kurds want to control the oil in the north , so if they do the govt expects so much production out of them If they can't produce it , I'm afraid the federal govt may need to step in and take control over the situation They kurds are admitting they aren't producing the agreed amount of barrels per day , the govt doesn't get as much per barrel to support the economy in iraq Eventually both sides should be able to achieve their goals If the Kurds aren't getting their money then no one else must be either , it's a budget problem The shittes don't have a barrels per day quota because the federal govt runs things there The Kurds would be better off letting the Feds run the show and the Kurds concentrate on their private sector If the Kurds aren't controlling the oil and the Feds are , that doesn't mean the kurds are out of the budget It just means the Feds control the oil and the Kurds still get its share of the budget It is my opinion that the kurds think that oil belongs to them, well , it does , a certain part of it does , the rest is owned to the rest of the Iraqis equally They should opt for the same deal that the shittes get and move on It's a bunch of crap for nothing and it's been in my opinion the worst drag on the iraqi economy for years Who knows how many barrels a day they would be producing right now in the north of the Feds took over 5 years ago And how big the private sector would be if the Kurds had been concentrating on the private sector for the last 5 years Instead of looking for ways to control something that doesn't belong to them Give it up already and get a job
  6. Your right tex and the oil prices need to go back up If not they need to expand the private sector in order to pay for the things they choose to do
  7. Sunday, February 15, 2015 19:42 Parliament rapporteur: tomorrow session will witness a surprise BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. affirmed the decision of Parliament Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu, said on Sunday that the parliament session will witness a surprise, noting that all the political blocs will attend the meeting. Ihsanoglu said in an interview / Baghdadi News / "The parliament session tomorrow will be a natural, and experiencing a large number of sudden presence of Representatives," noting that "the talk about the non-attendance of the political blocs just talk to media." He added that "all the political blocs will attend the meeting," adding that "the agenda of the meeting will include a discussion of the security and defense committee report on its business, and general invitation to discuss hosting Sada, Minister of Defense and Minister of Interior, as well as the first reading of the draft ratification of the Republic of Iraq to amend the Unified Agreement for the Investment Rules Arab capital in Arab countries for the year 1980 and the Law on the National Water Council and the Ministry of Transport Amendment Act and the Code of border crossings body and anti-terrorism law and the law of force of Iraqi law on private security companies and the law of private security companies. " It is noteworthy that the National Forces Alliance and the national list were hung from attending the session of parliament on the background of the assassination of Sheikh Qassim al-Janabi and kidnapping Swidan MP Zaid al-Janabi. Ended 21 / j http://www.albaghdad...omD-LJAvSة.html Read more: And from the night before Sunnis may exit Iraq parliament after sheik’s slaying - The Washington Post Read more:’s-slaying/#ixzz3RwqsqnfZ That is exactly what the surprise article was saying You will be surprised despite the media reports
  8. Great A record budget passed , the budget is based on 55 dollars a barrel or what ever Now they don't just distribute the money they took in from the oil sales equally and say they don't have it Lol its called a budget if the kurds met their end of the bargain , which they didn't , but if they did , they should get their pay And if they can't meet their end of the bargain maybe they should step out of the way My this is really screwed up big time
  9. Good idea hit em when their down because of low oil prices Shut down the oil and make it worse , good idea kurds , then what ya gonna float ships around again and blame it on maliki? Geez there gonna have to blame it on abadi this time Oh boy I think iraq should take control of the kurdish regions of iraq , no more autonomous regions This isn't working out
  10. The article yesterday explained what the surprise was They were saying people were going to be surprised that everyone showed up for the meeting because the sunnis were being reported as possibly pulling out after the kidnapping and murder So they said clearly in the " surprise " article what they meant by the surprise Go read it again Despite what the media was saying they will be surprised when everyone shows up That's the surprise It wasn't anything more So did everyone show up today ? If so you should be surprised Heck I think it's already tomorrow in iraq
  11. Non oil provinces own the exact same amount of oil as any oil producing province If there's only three party's involved why then is there only two party's negotiating The sunnis , kurds , and shittes all three need to be at any and all negotiating tables If iraq is devided into two different party's the kurds won't ever get enough votes to get anything Legislation has to be passed by every legislator not just a couple chosen by themselves It's is going to open up a can of worms if the kurds get one nickel more than anyone else in iraq An equal share for everyone is the policy and nothing more The only advantage the oil producing provinces get is the secondary income , "jobs" that's it , nothing else The oil , every drop , is owned by " ALL " Iraqis evenly It is a shell game , it's set in stone It can't change If the Kurds get a bigger percentage , then everyone else does too , therefore it remains the same percentage You can't give the Kurds a bigger percentage without taking that percentage off someone else There's only so many percentage points in a 100% percentage system What do the kurds expect , for them to have a 105% budget ? 100% is absolute , it cannot be changed It's devided equally
  12. The fed does the govts dirty work incognito Just like highering a mercenary Look at iraq the cbi can't loan the govt money So what do they do Pretend they aren't , right Well everyone knows they are , but it's worded differently , so they think they can , outsmart their own law that they made up themselves, and let themselves get away with it And tell everyone what they are doing is legal cause they created a loop hole to out smart their own laws that they create They sell bonds to themselves just like the usa is doing creating inflation to pay themselves out of debt They own the cbi first of all , so the govt calls a meeting tells all its legislators what they are doing is legal They call up their buddy's at some comercial banks and say Ok we're going to unload way more treasury bonds than you can handle So you can use your deposit money to buy bonds from is , but don't worry the cbi is going to turn around and buy them right back off you Cause that creates a secondary market where the cbi isn't buying bonds from us they are buying them off of you a comercial bank So see it's not breaking the law they just go around the laws Those laws are for paperwork. Just so we look legit. Selling themselves their own debt in a round about way.
  13. January 10, 2014 10:24 AM Fed Sent $77.7 Billion in Profits to Treasury Last Year
  14. It's a secret global reset being done in secret , so ya can't deny it , can't prove it won't , so now it's someone's claim to fame , you'll just have to wait the rest of your life to see for yourself cause it's comin They can't announce it ahead of time They got a big red button to do it with It's counting down and all the rest of the bs It will happen on New Years eve so better buy some currency , any currency will do , it's a global rv!!! They got secret connections for that , only they know cause they got buddy's working at the treasury and the usa is holding currency all kinds of it The especially got dollars they are holding waiting for the big global reset So hang in there they got to pass a couple laws first Stay grounded for this too Don't get excited your gonna be rich but remain calm and make big plans to be a multi billionare Is guessing the same as speculating ? Either way stay grounded on earth with gravity
  15. I thought this was supposed to make health care cheaper yet they keep taliking about rising costs as there excuse to milk money out of every American
  16. What I see is there isn't two party's It's one party The iraqi party but someone seems to want to distance themselves from the rest of iraq No one else has any special deals with baghdad hopfully it remains that way or it will open up a can of worms that's gonna stink to high heaven
  17. When obamas family was threatened he reacted differently I've seen a change over the last couple weeks It must of made him think of protecting his family from them all the way over there in iraq and no more of this , they weren't a direct threat to america crap and George bush invaded to steal the oil crap People change all the time A decisive moment is all it takes Isis made that moment possible Why would they do that ? They think that when the world is in kaos their God will return They are that desperate , if you walked in that desert heat you know it isn't a pleasant place to be I think they believe they are in helll It's like throwing stones at tanks , they know they can't win Yet they beg for it Sad to spend your entire life not knowing anything else And if you try to look away and try something else they might cut your head off In front of everyone We try to talk to them but they don't want to hear it
  18. BAGHDAD // Iraq cannot finance its projected 2014 budget deficit unless the northern Kurdistan region pays its oil export revenue into the national treasury — or loses its share of state spending, a senior legislator said on Sunday. Haider Al Abadi, head of parliament’s treasury committee, said the budget, swollen by extra expenditure, would “collapse” if the state kept paying the autonomous region its 17 per cent share even as the Kurds withhold oil export proceeds. To Baghdad’s fury, the Kurds handed over no oil export revenue last year because of an unresolved dispute over the payment of oil companies operating in the northern region. For much of 2013 the Kurds were trucking what industry sources estimated was up to 60,000 bpd of crude and condensates to Turkey, while the independent pipeline was being completed. Mr Al Abadi said state spending had risen sharply in the draft budget due to increases in pensions and the minimum public sector wage, child benefits and student allowances. Echoing remarks made in the past week by the prime minister Nouri Al Maliki and Oil Minister Abdul Kareem Luaibi, Mr Al Abadi said the central government would have to cut the Kurds’ budget share Mr Al Abadi, who is also a senior member of Mr Al Maliki’s Shiiite Dawa party, said time was running out for the budget to be passed before parliament is dissolved ahead of an election on April 30. He said it would be hard to muster a quorum of 163 of the assembly’s 325 members during an electoral campaign. Kurdish and Sunni Muslim opposition lawmakers would stay away, as would MPs busy campaigning or those without a motive to turn up because they were not running for re-election, he said. Mr Al Abadi accused the Kurds of seeking to prolong oil talks until after the poll to entrench a fait accompli whereby they pocket their own revenue from oil “officially” piped to Turkey and still receive their 17 per cent share of the federal budget You guys are missing some things
  19. However, these positions do not hide the existence of divisions, particularly between the Kurdish forces themselves. Some members of parliament belonging to the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) warned that Iraqi Kurdistan will make its "own decisions" if the central government does not change its stance, in reference to a threat to withdraw from the political process or secede. Meanwhile, it seemed that officials associated with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) were cautious regarding these hard-line positions, and one PUK official went as far as stating that the KRG is responsible for the crisis because of its "failed oil policies." Furthermore, some PUK leaders met with Maliki independently to discuss the budget issue. Read more: This delay in ratifying the budget is mainly because of the continuing dispute between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) regarding Iraqi Kurdistan's share of the budget. According to a member of the Maliki-led State of Law Coalition, the Kurds are demanding a 17% share of the budget, without deducting the revenues they obtain from the approximately 400,000 barrels of oil the region exports daily according to Iraqi government’s calculations. Read more: The kurds stole billions in iraqi oil revenue trucking oil out of iraq I was glad to abadi is siding with Maliki on this as well as the majority of parliment
  20. Just click on the history tab on the link United States Notes Main article: United States Notes The amount of Demand Notes issued was far insufficient to meet the war expenses of the government, but even so was not supportable. The solution came from Colonel "****" Taylor, an Illinois businessman serving as a volunteer officer. Taylor met with Lincoln in January 1862, and suggested issuing unbacked paper money. Taylor said "Just get Congress to pass a bill authorizing the printing of full legal tender treasury notes... and pay your soldiers with them and go ahead and win your war with them also. If you make them full legal tender... they will have the full sanction of the government and be just as good as any money; as Congress is given the express right by the Constitution."[3] Issuing unbacked paper money was not an idea Lincoln really liked, but soon there was mounting pressure in Congress to do something. The government could either print its own money or go into deep perpetual debt to foreign creditors. So the President was quick to endorse Taylor's proposal.[4] On February 25, 1862, Congress passed the first Legal Tender Act, which authorized the issuance of $150 million in United States Notes.[5] The reverse of the notes were printed with green ink, and were thus called "greenbacks" by the public, being considered equivalent to the Demand Notes already known as such. These Notes were issued by the United States to pay for labor and goods.[3][6] As the government issued hundreds of millions in greenbacks, the value of the greenback against gold declined. But though the decline was substantial, it was nothing like the collapse of the Continental dollar. In 1862, the greenback declined against gold until by December gold was at a 29% premium. By spring of 1863 the greenback declined further, to 152 against 100 dollars in gold. However, after the Union victory at Gettysburg the greenback recovered to 131 dollars to 100 in gold. In 1864 it declined again as Grant was making little progress against Lee who held strong in Richmond throughout most of the war. The Greenback's low point came in July of that year: 258 greenbacks equal to 100 gold. When the war ended in April 1865 the greenback made another remarkable recovery to 150.[7]
  21. The cbi would have to give up every penny of its reserves to the iraqi citizens if they just all went to the bank and demanded dollars Then the cbi would be sitting on dinar with nothing backing it What would they do then ? Pay the govt employees with worthless currency ? I say it isn't worthless , it's all or at least it should be a legal tender law that all debts are to be settled with iraqi dinar for goods and services Has anyone seen that in the form of a law in iraq ? This is a good read on the subject of money not needing backed It's how the usa got started
  22. Rebuilding Iraq only costs what ever they need to import to rebuild and the cost of paper , ink , and printing They can circulate their local currency forever within Iraqs borders and never have any use for the reserves The reserves just sit in a pile and serve nothing The services and labor paid for in dinar to their citizens costs nothing If the private sector grew to the point that the govt could survive on taxes alone they wouldn't ever need to back up their local currency because the govt woukdnt need to keep buying dinar at auction to use for services and labor or the things that are manufactured within iraq from its own natural resources The dinar could circulate in iraq based on an understanding of a legal tender law similar to the greenback in the usa So only if dinar is used outside of the country of iraq would they need backed Currency is just a way to back the trader whether they are trading skills or products they sell It's a way to break down value into small units of value If some guy raised cows , he can't carry them around to trade with when he goes to the Mall. Besides that if he had a cow worth 500 dinar and he wanted a pack of gum he wouldn't be able to trade , so they break the value down into manageable units. The reserves in my opinion do nothing for a local currency , If iraq accepts imf article 8 other things come into play for them internationally for iraq , not the cbi , but for iraq The iraqi govt goes broke when the cbi is broke , the govt of iraq owns the cbi , people like to say they are two seperate entities , they are but only to a certain point , Saddam took over the cbi , no one in the world ever complained , after all who makes the laws in iraq , the govt does Bremmer and the coalition changed the cbi , if the cbi could of changed its laws before under saddam they would of but they didn't because govt controls everything in its country , not just some of them The only thing the Supreme Court changed about the law in 2011 was which branch of govt supervises the cbi from council of representatives to the council of ministers The Constitution of Iraq states that the central bank is a financially and administratively independent institution, responsible before the Council of Representatives of Iraq. According to the Constitution, the Federal government of Iraq has the "exclusive authority" of "establishing and administering a central bank". On January 25, 2011, the Supreme Court of Iraq ruled that the Central Bank of Iraq should be under supervision of the Council of Ministers of Iraq.
  23. They want to create a friendly business environment for entrepreneurs So they don't get squashed out by the establishment
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