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  1. Don't understand much of this, but will be hanging around in hopes that osmosis will facilitate! Exciting news, this! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you Adam, your family, and the DV team and like-minded DV'rs.
  2. Nothing this past week????? What am I missing?
  3. This just keeps getting better! Thanks for your diligence and encouragement, Adam. Looking forward to OSI chat😊 Sitkadoc
  4. The 2 presidents in question, yes, both signersof the Declaration of Independence where, (in order of their presidencies) John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.
  5. Hi all- Signed in and patiently waiting. Sitkadoc
  6. Thanks for all the info. A couple more days? My ears are always open. ​
  7. The roller coaster rolls on! I like rollercoasters! Thanks Adam, for helping us keep our collective 'eye on the ball'.
  8. This is one fascinating ride we are on. The added plus is that we are getting a pretty good snapshot of the Middle East psyche--so different from ours. How can we truely understand the inner workings they are faced with to accomplish not only the RV, but I suspect much more! It is sure nice to have balanced guide like you, Adam.
  9. Thanks for the updates Afam, I'm especially happy about the apparent success of the Dominica effort--needs which far outstrip our own. The dinar? Well, that's along-term investment, isn't it.
  10. I appreciate your having confronted that issue, Adam, as well as appreciating your candor.
  11. Good day Adam & Mods and again many thanks for all you do. Mine is a comment searching for comment. In reading a variety of sources of information it occurs to me that under Abadi's direction, there is a significant effort to make progress in a number of areas needing reconstruction. Thus, it makes sense that there would be delay in any contemplated RV, as they would seem to want their country in as strong a position as possible to support such radical chamge. Comment? Agree/Disagree?
  12. Thanks Adam & mods. Also thanks to all of you who contribute to this--it keeps my eyes forward and the field level. I guess patience is a virtue. Maybe I'm becoming less virtuous
  13. Without hope we have nothing. The progress sounds promising. Thanks to you and your team Adam.
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