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  1. Open Letter back to Umbertino, Jeff Zavadil, any Liberal, Progressive, or Socialist: April 22 EarthDay 2013 by Me, Tina Lang I am a Conservative, not a Republican or Democrat. I stay awake wondering how Liberals can be so hypocritical of Conservatives yet fail to see their own discrimination! How can they glorify diversity and yet claim that my way is wrong? How can they celebrate Islam, who kills homosexuals, when Christians love people, just not the ways of some people? I am glad the poorest in America are still better off than the middle class in most countries. I pray that
  2. Good post Jonjon. For those that do not know, Mr Keyes has run for President before, as well as being the one who lost the election for Illinois Senate to Barack Obama in 2004. Things could have been so different....but, Chicago is known for corrupt elections. The Fair Tax has gotten attention from the Senate before, but the ones who know the system shut down the voices of reason. How could they continue to spend so much of our money if it were up to US to decide how much to send?
  3. Thank you Heavyduty and Littlesam...just what I needed. Thank you God for having me log in today to see this.
  4. My appologies if this has been answered and I missed it... I have always wondered.." Who authorizes the 'chemtrails' and why do I not see them wearing masks when they go outside? Texas is supposed to be one of the targets...Both Bushes live here, and they haven't moved. So, who IS authorizing this and who exactly is it targeting?
  5. He is married with a new baby now. Have been watching him for several years. Always good to keep myself in check. Thanks for sharing.
  6. pragerbabe


    Thank you Jonjon for bringing this topic up. There was a news report recently that there are currently more black babies aborted in New York than are born each year. In response to RVPleaseToday. We "Christians" know God blessed us with a wonderful country. He is frowning on us currently for not keeping it as He gave it to us. We have more at stake in losing this country than you do, as this is a unique country. We have every right to try and keep it as close to as the founding fathers set up, Bibles in public schools, marriage before sex, Churches helping the needy. It is the liberal agen
  7. Thank you Bumper, my only thought, how can a country who elected this man be so far off the path a mere 30 years later? I was too young to vote for him, too youthful to vote for Bush Sr instead of a third party and hated every minute of the 90's. I was disappointed in GW, but I respected his leadership. I don't understand the man in office now. I have pity on the ones who listen to these old clips and do not know what they are missing. God Bless America and forgive us of our sins.
  8. I have come and gone several times from this forum due to the hateful things that are thrown back and forth from all sides. I am by far not perfect but I have a standard, don't say and treat someone any less than how you would want to be treated. That being said, I will be truthful and say I might not comment back much, just wanted this to be discussed because I know there are some here I might still reach. And there are many positive discussions as well. Kudos to everyone who stays involved in learning and discussions from the opposing side. Bring this sight up. P
  9. Just FYI, I was in a bind and sold some back to DT. Lost a little, but didn't have to post and wait. The entire transaction was done in a week. I am very satisfied. Good Luck.
  10. Umbertino,I don't know where you attended school to learn American History, so I am thinking you are getting by on someone elses view. I attempt to gain information from several different places, never one source as you seem to site. One of my finds along the way was C.L.Bryant and a movie "Runaway Slave". It would do you some good to see it and learn what a black man has to say here in the Southern United States. Men have done things through out history that takes advantage of others, leaders come along and create laws to fix the problem, many times those laws end up being more of a problem.
  11. Sorry Divemaster, I got ahead of myself, or behind myself, it's been a rough day. Thank You for bringing this to us, I had read a couple of good ones by Sgt and "had him on my mind" Guess it is taken more seriously here than I thought. I appreciate everyone individually who brings something to the table, even the dinar stuff, I just don't find it as relivant right now since I have read the same thing for three plus years. And thank you Adam for the forum, yes even though I don't have investing questions.
  12. Good job, Snotrocket. GM is bringing out the "Spark", built in Korea, wonder how their Labor Union likes to share with another country. We know they don't like to share with Right To Work States.
  13. Rico, Thank you, I'm for bringing back America to a point that all the above are "good" things. Half of the country trusted a man they did not know with the Presidency last time and sadly most of them are voting for him even after they know him.
  14. Thank you Sgt Fury and **** Morris. I think Obamas' quote was "I will work with the Republicans if they agree to raise taxes"
  15. Stonewall, just in case you haven't read any of my posts, I'm Romney and Ted Cruz. I just spent the last weekend reading posts on Ron Paul Daily and Gary Johnson's web pages. We won't get through to them, they are hell bent on putting down the Republican party and don't mind giving it up to Obama to do it. I don't understand how anyone who is not brainwashed by the Obama 'halo' can put their politics before the nation at this time.
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