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  1. It's amazing how you numbnuts defend lies to support your fantasy. I didn't know it was humanly possible to be this ignorant. Don't you guys have lives? Jobs? How does "checking the dictionary" for the meaning of rumor, give justice to someone spreading lies? Oh yeah, we'll call it " B. S. " so that makes it Ok. Championship Fool you are. A1 , top of the List, GRADE A FOOL. Please, do the world a favor, and don't pro-create. WAKE UP.
  2. Do you even realize how imprudent a statement that is? Sorry to rain on your Kool Aide Parade, but all I asked for was a link to prove their claim that you seem to cannot live without.
  3. #1 If they are waiting for "suitable and stable circumstances" , they are going to be waiting a long time. #2 No government is going to let anyone know what they are going to do ahead of time. Not something of this magnitude.
  4. Since the “New” Iraqi dinar’s inception (about 9 years ago)… …Let’s make a list of all the things that could have been done in the time spent ‘following’ dinar. Cumulatively amongst all the dinaraholics out there, it must be up to a Trillion hours after all these years that could have built the Great Wall of China by now. Any suggestions?
  5. Ahh yes, FDISK. The utility that was usually on a floppy 'Startup Disk'. Pop that in before you turn on the PC, bootup using the startup disk. Then at the DOS prompt, use FDISK to delete the C: drive. Whipe out the whole computer clean in less than 10 minutes. Operating System and all. Can't do that on the newer pcs of today. Not that I know of.
  7. I neither agree or disagree with the content. The factual data, and leader statements are what I'm interested in.
  8. Violence after 'prayers'. Interesting. I can't recall looking for a brawl right after church.
  9. My Pastor once said in his sermon: “We don’t ask you to check your brain out at the door when you come here. Research for yourselves, read your Bible. Check out what we say and investigate. Be diligent.” I would only expect the same anywhere else.
  10. Somebody forgot to replace the white board and get a new Black magic marker. That's apparently how they do their "trades". I'm sure the "market" will be up and running tomorrow.
  11. Personally I feel this has been the most well crafted scam ever. It’s the closest thing you’ll ever get to a perpetual motion machine. It feeds itself, no outside energy necessary. You take the energy from the potential quarry who’s own naiveté and greed keep the ‘dream’ going. That energy is then given back into the ‘system’ with ideas and scripts ensuring the dream will work. The ‘dealer’ just takes in the profits, and lets everyone else do the rest. I myself would love to see the “RV” happen. Who wouldn’t want to be rich? I’ve even studied the angles myself, and created dialogue to support why this has to make me rich. Of course I’m bias, since I will be the one walking away with the cash, thinking this ‘theory’ has to work. So the perpetual motion machine continues. Powered by the hope of the unknown, the “maybe if”, or “Because this is the way I see it.” Meanwhile, someone out there, is laughing all the way to the bank. Except me of course.
  12. Think about this regarding Kurdistan. Wasn’t the whole 2003 invasion of Iraq an illegal war? Bush lied, Chenney helped his friends at Halliburton, all to prevent Saddam from dislodging the US Petrodollar from its prominence. ‘IF’ the war was based solely for economic purposes, prevent Saddam from his oil scheme, then the Mission ‘has’ been accomplished. By no means am I saying I support this as a whole. But all conspiracy theorists conclusions collectively disseminated combined, if you will, suggest if the plan was to keep Iraq unstable, and remove it as a threat to Western trade, then the mission has been accomplished. Partitioning Iraq would only provide this further. Hence Biden’s comments. This whole masterminded war was/is bigger than Bush, Chenney, Obama, Biden, or Rumsfeld combined. If making a better life for the Iraq people was the true goal, then why not do the same for any given African nation, Haiti, North Korea, all of whom have citizens living in extreme conditions in need of assistance. .
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