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  1. OMG PokerPlayer….. That is just too cold. I am about to go to work, so I will be out in the cold tonight. It is suppose to hit a low of 20 degrees (feeling like 16). But a -11, whew. Stay inside with some hot cocoa. I am actually taking hot cocoa with me to work. Forget the food, I need my cocoa !!! Happy Veterans Day to everyone.
  2. Right now, 6:30am, in West Texas, it is 56 degrees (today's high temp.) It is suppose to get to 20 degrees within the next 24 hours. What is the temperature where you are?
  3. I am a beginner when it comes to currency markets. With that being said, I have a question. I, of course, will not say how much dinar I am holding. IF I have 10, 25K notes, and the dinar would revalue at 10 cents, I might exchange one of my notes. How long do you think I would take to float to, say $1.00? I guess I am asking this: How long would you wait to cash in the other 9 notes? Is there any precedent that I could read up on? Someone must have an inkling Not asking for commitments, just your thoughts.
  4. It did help me. Thank you very much.
  5. I have been reading some posts, and I don't understand something. I guess I am hoping that someone will educate me When a person says something like, "I can't wait to see the lower denominations and/or coins come out…." what are they talking about. How is it good, for our investment, to see the lower denominations and/or coins in circulation? What does this signify? Does this mean we will begin to see a float, RV, R, or whatever will happen? I just do not understand.
  6. Way to go !!! So very proud of our US forces. Nothing but praise for you. May God continue to watch over you.
  7. The man in the the article looks like he is wearing a santa hat. I had to look twice (It isjust the flag)
  8. I read the article to say that they were planning to remove the zeroes from the currency, not from the exchange rate. Did I miss something? Let me go back and read it again.
  9. "Christmas bonus" in a Muslim country. Wonder if they celebrate the 4th of July
  10. Plus 1 to you TexsMike. I see that you survived the storms. Just some rain, and cloud cover, up here in Austin. I meant "TexasMike". I can't believe that I type faster than my computer
  11. Adam...... The site was running smooth (for a while). Now I'm back to "turtle slow" page loading. Just FYI
  12. Snail pace for me as well. I believe there are many more, but they don't have the time to respond. It takes about 4 minutes to load anything.
  13. I believe that they are aware that Maliki has stolen billions. The reason he still has power (albeit... very little) is that this keeps his goons close, as well. When the hammer is ready to fall, they will not have far to go for arrests. What is that saying: "Keep you friends close, and your enemies closer." Maliki and his goons will all meet their end in one fail swoop. Just my opinion.
  14. I believe that the international community is trying to tell Kurdistan that they are Iraqi. They are not viewed as a separate country, therefore, they do not need their own invitation. They have to start working with Bagdad. If Paris invited the United States to a meeting, and made a separate invitation to, let's say, Oregon, what message does that make? Just my opinion.
  15. There is an article on MSN (from Bloomberg) about Oil workers going on strike. The price of oil is going up. I live in west Texas right now. When I went to work, gas cost $1.87 a gallon. Eight hours later, gas is at $2.08 a gallon. If we are waiting for the price per barrel to go up, it is happening.
  16. SideshowChad, Welcome to VIP. The best investment you can make (besides the dinar
  17. Adam, Do you think that Abadi and "team" will have to locate all the billions of misappropriated funds before they entertain the idea of stating the real value of the IQD? This could take years...... starting in London, all the way to billing, reportedly, 200,000 USD for F-350's (a piece), and pocketing the excess by the minister of transportation.
  18. It "should"rise quickly with the decline of the USD. Here's to hoping
  19. This broken English reads more like Tonto from the Lone Ranger..... showing my age, I guess. I spent 4 years overseas..... they do not talk like this. I call BOGUS on all of it.
  20. I would love to be debt free.... Pay off all my bills. Give to my Church.... My oldest son (wife and 2 kids) are really struggling to make ends meet. Wife is a realtor, and son is working and going full time to night school in San Antonio. He is REALLY stressed. He doesn't smile anymore. Life is too short to not enjoy every moment, but he is caught up in the "must pay my bills, and not enjoy everyday to it's fullest" mode. I would love to make his Christmas by paying off some of his student loans, medical bills, etc.... Second son has wife and no children (yet). He is an insulin depe
  21. I took the "Evelyn Woods Speed Reading" class. If they are only going to START to read the budget (for the 2nd time).... I can certainly speed read it for them, grab the gavel, and yell PASS in about 10 minutes TOPS. If that doesn't work...... well Sarg's gals can call in our contractors to SHOOT THE Maliki.
  22. Easy, What am I looking at? What are the amounts on these bills? I don't have my bifocals, as they are getting new lenses. Personal problem, I know, but please tell me what the writing on the bills indicate.
  23. I truly believe that Maliki has been playing both sides. He acts as if he wants the country to prosper, but stalls all that he can, to make Iraq prosperous. Therefore, in my way of thinking, he is suppressing all that Iraq can "be." New blood in his current position may be what Iraq needs right now. If there is no change in leaders, Iraq will continue to get the same junk that has been promised to their people. What is the saying?..... Something like: If you keep doing the same acts which yield a negative result, you need to change the acts/actors. Then, you may yield a different resul
  24. Carrello.... Good to hear from you. I was afraid that our flip=flop ninja team had fallen apart without our fearless leader Good to see you posting, again.
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