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  1. When people steal your oil that you stole from someone else, who you gonna call? Who do you report that to?😄
  2. So they left the same 2500 folks over there and then said we pulled out of Iraq. That's some kind of spin right there. Our politicians think we are a bunch of idiots. Let's show them who the idiots are in November!
  3. A poker player saying, "There will be no gamble from me"? Oh my, what is the world coming to Mrs PokerPlayer? 🤣 By the way, I won't be holding out either! Cash in and go home!
  4. Whaaatttt? The world doesn't revolve around us Americans? 😂 Oh Ron, tell me it isn't so!!!!
  5. Thank you for that explanation Luigi1. So when they say it has been tabled, does that mean it's been read? In my part of the country, if we table something, we have pushed it off to the side.
  6. That's a good play on words, even if I don't know what it means!
  7. Why is it that when we look for intelligence in the world, we always point those dishes AWAY from the earth? 🥴
  8. Mine would be Astroturf&Windmills&Grandkids. That's my golfing experience.
  9. They only have to be right once...
  10. It says right there in the article. It tells you EXACTLY what year it will be. Didn't you see it? It says, "20022". We still have a ways to go! 😂
  11. Economists have predicted 12 of the last 4 recessions, so let's take them with a grain of salt!
  12. Hey Luigi, I'll fly the other two to Reno if it will help!
  13. It looks like they are passing some laws without the quorum. Is it only the voting for the president that requires a quorum? If they can pass other laws, then can they keep going as they are, keep their President and PM and not have to deal with the folks who won't show up because they are boycotting?
  14. Hey 64jaguar, Are they tripping over dollars to save pennies? 😄
  15. Wow, I thought it was only Biden who was blaming Russia! Prices in Iraq have been creeping up since they changed the value of their dinar from 1180 to 1460, and now they are blaming it all on a 2-week war with Russia? Our gas at the pumps has been rising for over a year, but now it is all Russia's fault because of a 2-week war? These politicians think we are really stupid, don't they?
  16. Thank you for your explanation, and no offense was taken. We are all on the same team hoping for the dinar to change in value so we can make some money. I know it's frustrating, but, as Jim Rohn used to say, "let's turn our frustration into fascination". It's hard to learn when we are frustrated, but the state of fascination makes learning easy. It doesn't work every time, but for me, just the fact that I am trying to not be frustrated has helped me glean ideas where once I was simply frustrated. I also will apologize to you if my statements came across to you as if you thought I was offended. This site is way too fun for us to be taking offense to people here.
  17. I have to respectfully disagree. The education I have gotten since I left school has been absolutely priceless. I have a "master's degree" in a lot of subjects since I left school. If the dinar would have popped when I first got into it, I would have blown the whole thing. What I have learned about money and finances over the last 15 or years or so has made such a difference in my life and the life of people who are close to me that I have been able to teach it to. I now understand a little about generational wealth and I have been able to set my family up financially for generations to come. Proverbs says a good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children. I have learned how to do that because of knowledge. A lot of that knowledge came either from this site or from connections I made from this site. I say more study will get you EVERYWHERE!
  18. Erbil doesn't trust Baghdad to pay them for their oil and Baghdad doesn't trust Erbil to give them their oil and the Iraqi people don't trust either government to do the right thing. There has been so much corruption on both sides for so many years that all the trust is gone. All we get is the "news" they want us to get, so I am not sure which side to believe. I never realized when I bought some dinar over a decade ago that I would get such an education. The rabbit holes this investment has taken me on has opened my eyes to lots of things (good and bad) that I never knew existed. It's been a great education! Thank you Yota for bringing that a lot of that education. By the way, when do we get our Master's Degree? 😃
  19. Just like "Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't very fuzzy, was he?", green energy isn't very green, is it?
  20. I read an article somewhere on DV where the Iraqi government signed a contract with China to build over 1000 schools. They are trying to change the mentality.
  21. Yota, do you think the Iraqi people really care about WHAT caused the inflation? I think they are hurting financially because of the change to the value of their money and then throw inflation on top of that and they are suffering. They don't care what the causes are; they simply want things to get better. It looks to me like the government is simply trying to justify what they have done. I am glad that the change in their currency has helped the government, but it looks to me like the change has occurred on the backs of the people. I just wanted to see if I am looking at this from the wrong angle and need to change my thinking.
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