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  1. Interesting!!! Can’t wait to hear an interpolation from some of the sharper minds/news hounds!!!
  2. Yes!! Do u mean some of us, as in people in general (who don’t hold dinar), or only some of us dinar holders? As I read it, only some of us dinar holders.
  3. Why only some of us will reap some amazing benefits???
  4. 🙏🙏🙏ing, you are right!!!!!
  5. 🎵Lets go Iraq, lets go! Lets go Iraq, lets go! Lets go Iraq, lets go! Lets go Iraq, lets go!!!!!!!!🎵
  6. Agreed!!! Who cares where those funds came from? All I know (assuming/hoping) is I’m sure that, that is enough for a healthy RV/RI!!!! Couldn’t have come at a better time, with every thing else that is going on!!!!
  7. C’mon Frank! We wanna see some pictures of this! Not that we cud read em, but........
  8. Not your broken english! The articles that come from Iraq!
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