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  1. Who wants to bet a cracker that they extend the stand by agreement, they let this dance go on for another year?
  2. I would but for some reason ever since the change on this forum , I am unable to Paste.. can a Mod explain a way to possibly do so?
  3. Would think now would be a good time to get a printer yourself if possible and start making them.One could make a killing on the return I am sure.
  4. +1 from me.Excellent point!
  5. How right you are, but many still want to walk around with the blinders on.Pretty much we are already worse than Greece but many won't believe it till the Tube tells them so.For those who still walk around like there is no storm on the horizon,those will be the ones knocking on the have's doors when the S.H.T.F.
  6. Plus 1 Jax.Kannapolis is not far from Charlotte and other high end areas... So, we wait for Boozer..
  7. Surely he can provide a link to some of these homes..After all,they would be listed online at that rate ... Question is, will he? heh..
  8. Way to go.. Got me A neg for simply posting an article .. woo hoo.. guess someone got their underwear in a bunch. Oh and shabbs.. I think Hame said it best.. anger management is covered by that Gubment mandated insurance you rave so much about..
  9. I already moved to another state which does NOT have the state tax in advance of this.I refuse to give my old state any out of this as they already take enough from the county level all the way to the capital.
  11. This is why many are looking to see the R.V./R.I. -Or should be anyways.Many have hopes of fancy cars, and new homes etc.If any is thinking ahead of this game , focus should be on a relocation far , far away from any city with plenty of logistics to weather the coming storm.
  12. This is why I doubled down on what I acquired and then some.I figure out a figure in which I can help others and still help my family as well and went from there.. figured it was easier to calculate at a fifty percent tax even and be on par with no worries.
  13. I do believe it came out that many of those bankers were retiring or taking jobs at other banks. Oi Vey! It's enough to make one's head hurt trying to discern fact from fiction anymore..
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