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  1. God told us to call things as they were and use our faith. People see him as this non feeling emotionless thing. Jesus told us he was going into his father and our father. Don't you think out father wants us to have things? I pray each night for the dinar to straight RV and not LOP. You all should do the same. God works thru people I know he can change things to our benefit. Omg I hate the iPhone spellcheck.
  2. Just an opinion article. This guys thoughts don't mean anything to me. I know the risk but I also know the reward.
  3. Eburt that's just an opinion piece. Don't forget not too long ago financial experts were baffled why people would buy into Iraq. Now many are coming on board. Look at our stock market and our economy. Do you really put a lot of faith in our financial experts? I don't.
  4. Right now that's not even 1000.09 us a month. Do you know how much our lawyers make per month? Try about at least 20 grand. When they revalue the lawyers will be better off. Those dinar more than likely are being traded for US dollars. You are thinking in the now. When it revalues to say .50 cents. They'll cut the dinar they get paid to go along with their profession. Things will change all around.
  5. Despain good post. I think most of the LOP theory comes from the comments made about Turkey, but they could have also been talking about the new money Turkey received since Iraq is hard against counterfeiting. I agree, seems like too much work making the dinar undesirable. Something else people fail to mention is that Turkey, Lebanon were just poor. It wasn't due to war recovery. They were at their financial ceiling. Iraq is far from theirs. I would even step out on a limb to say that only a select few have more than a million dinar which would include the people who live large anyways. I also think people are trained on the "too good to be true" but to me it's being at the right place at the right time. Thank you Jesus that this dinar is going to revalue and make us wealthy. Amen
  6. Obama is the worst leader in American history. Send some damn troops to guard your embassies you idiot.
  7. I'm going to laugh if one of these gurus actually call something right. Would they then be named "super guru"?
  8. They haven't been replacing mutilated currency, they have to pay several dinar extra to get larger notes, they are flooded with us dollar, smart cards being issued, talks about gold coins, getting better banking systems, reaching out to investors.......= they are looking to gain a SOUND economic ground. I'm sorry but a LOP doesnt make any sense. Especially since they've been at this for several years. They are pulling money in that Saddam over printed. Once it's destroyed the value will grow stronger. I just don't buy into these LOP articles. Maybe we are missing some wording into what remove 0s mean. I do know this, Iraq can raise their value without a LOP. I'm comfortable they are reducing the money supply, so I'm comfortable that they WILL RV as soon as all can work together.
  9. The only promising thing was the smart cards. That could help in reducing the money supply
  10. Everything he said is correct. He forgot to mention why banks want your money and why it allows us to cut the spread fees. If we keep your 1 million dollars in a 1% interest account and turn around and loan out that money for 6% we make a spread I'd 5%. To borrow money from the fed to give you that same loan it will typically cost a .50% greater. We aren't really waiving per say, but restructuring to make a larger profit which is why you'll have to become a customer.
  11. Ugh trust me there aren't going to brant special surprises with just one bank. I feel we are still waiting for them to go international. Then the RV would be close.
  12. Ugh trust me there aren't going to brant special surprises with just one bank. I feel we are still waiting for them to go international. Then the RV would be close.
  13. Sandstorm you don't know what they mean either. Your constant negativity gets old. It's like having a good game on that's tied and you have this dude next to you saying "they are going to lose I just know they are."
  14. Well to me it seems they've been reducing notes. That's why the currency is in such bad condition, there aren't any new notes surfacing. We can only pray and hope! With more countries showing their interest to invest, to me Iraq is getting stronger. It went from 2000+ to 1166 in around 8 years or so. Theyve drastically increased their banking and infrastructure. Oil output is going up. Investments are going up. Seems like the plan is going well. We are just waiting on that last piece of the puzzle, their actual money supply. Pray they've taken a lot in and have destroyed it.
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