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  1. They Voted to Postpone till next Monday, Just to close to the weekend to do anything. Lack of Quorum What a Joke,
  2. so you will Postpone your trip, you will meet the Kurds, Just so you can Postpone that too, what is so Important that you must postpone the UN meeting ? Better be a good out come.
  3. Lets see you use the USD with purchasing power or IQD worthless
  4. I might be wrong but it is the UN that put them in section 7 law and they need to put them in section 8 . I hope this will take place next week
  5. that's from Zurcher Kantonal bank Switzerland, those are the new swis bank notes,, I too was hoping it was Iraq lower notes..
  6. you know every time Iraq starts to move ahead Maliki starts some shitzz,,, been quiet for awhile, something is about to happen, Please someone take this Freak out.
  7. Just send out a memo Stating you must attend the next meeting to Vote on a New Holiday , bet they all show up
  8. we all are for this too ... sooner than letter.. But I see this next . lots to do if the UN would put them in Chapter 8 that would be a Great Start
  9. you want a lot but you cant do it with a worthless currency or can you ?
  10. I bet it will be Postponed till Thursday as no one will show up. there all at home resting from the weekend
  11. Make it really Great and Grand tell the People your currency is worth something, RV already...
  12. Soon Maliki will be history, as with Obama, Clinton and the others
  13. President Trump is NOT in bed with Putin, you watch to much CNN. Talk about Un American, can you say Democrats, OBAMA ! the sad part is I'm a Democrat
  14. News Flash.. Maliki its just a" Matter", Clinton 101, he walks a free man, don't even try to check his e-mails, he wiped them with a Hillarious cloth, Comey will have your exoneration letter before your questioned .
  15. welcome to the real world , we to have crooks here in the American government, we call it Congress, witch is just a word for insider trading , pay of play, and the list goes on, all at Tax payer expense, in your country if caught they hang, in our country we give then a pension
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