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  1. OOOOOOOOOO I Comprehend Vacation, postpone, soon, coming days, next week, Just been so long you have to have some fun with this or go crazy with it, Thanks for all you do, don't know how you do it but My Hats off to you.
  2. 10 things for Iraq to pass, in between Postponements, holidays and no one showing up to vote this will take 10 to 15 yrs
  3. This is a must, Chapter 8, HCL, and then we can get paid. But I also see it more like the first of the yr. HOPE I'm wrong and it comes sooner
  4. Maliki and Soon are 2 things Iraq needs to get rid of, and Soon to be postponed, I need a vacation
  5. Looks like they want some of the Worthless Dinar , There has to be a reason , so we wait .
  6. Trump and Iran, a dog and cat will get along better, then you throw in a Mad Dog, well it wont end well , 4 Iran
  7. Boy I did not see this coming , Got to be a first ! NOT ! What a joke these people are
  8. YOU gots to hang these Bitc$$, and put a message to the others what is ahead for them, You have my Vote to start with Maliki..
  9. I guess everything is rounded to the whole $ no way to break a 20. and the 250 note is worthless as all are , this is turning out to be a joke, just hope its not on us !
  10. Not sure I see HCL any time soon. maybe this is what is needed to say we take it all or you take 15% and be done
  11. Man up as Barney Fife would say a real man only needs one Bullet
  12. Maliki is one to go first, he is Iran and Russian Puppet owned by both
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