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  1. Thanks Thug!!! have you seen those 2 things to know if that's true?
  2. Agreed chinadawg and drj...try blocking them...then you don't have to see the crap all day everyday...makes for a much better viewing experience...
  3. I haven't seen him in a few days...wonder where he is? Anyone?
  4. Morning Buti! : ). Thank you! "likely" that the draft presented to the House of Representatives in the coming sessions to read and vote on them. Good stuff...
  5. He is for sure dead! Oh wait no he is not...yes he is! On no...well he is for sure kinda dead!
  6. What should we be focusing on? Just seems the budget it taking priority with them right now so that's where we are focusing. I never listen to calls just hang out here and read all of Yotas hard work. (Thanks Yota!!!) I always enjoy your post Tlars to elaborate? : )
  7. Sounds great! You happen to have that number? I heard I might have to travel to Vegas to meet heard that?
  8. Good article! Now just do it and quit talking about it! Thanks Yota for all you do!
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