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  1. That's just it fluctuating with the dollar. That's what my currency app currently shows and showed most of the day yesterday. If uou will watch it it will move all day everyday along with the dollar's fluctuations. Go RV!
  2. I agree Zig...they have been dollarizing for quite a while now...time for the next step in the plan!
  3. Great news!!! Now implement all these things!
  4. I'm just hoping 'next term' means this parliament session that's ending on the 15th!
  5. Something just feels different this time around! Deadlines fast approaching...agreements being made...things that make you go hmmm! Go RV!
  6. Thanks K98! I thought Mutleg was dead??? 4/14/13 "According to an Iraqi security source, that unknown gunmen assassinated on Sunday, head of the list, "Iraqi Arabic" led by Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq,"
  7. Yota...first off THANKS for all you do! Do you mean the budget printed in the gazette is 1000:1 ?
  8. I'd hate to see how much the bad employees got away with : /
  9. Bummer I didn't catch the dollars! Had dinars in my head and thought maybe they let something slip!
  10. Army kills six as Iraq demos call for PM to quit FALLUJAH, Iraq - Agence France-Presse January/25/2013 Anti-government protesters gather in the western Iraqi city of Ramadi on January 25, 2013. Six demonstrators were killed and 35 wounded when soldiers opened fire west of Baghdad as tens of thousands rallied in Sunni-majority areas calling for Iraq's Shiite leader to quit on Friday. The deaths were the first at the hands of the security forces since massive protests began in mainly Sunni Arab areas of Iraq more than a month ago, railing against alleged targeting of their minority communi
  11. Any thoughts on if this is legit or just Maliki and his party grasping and trying to stall more??
  12.!! I think it was a great question and I haven't seen any articles about it. Was weird that they wouldn't just wait till Sunday to open. What was the rush??
  13. Tedro...I wondered the same thing!!!! One can only hope!!! Go RV!
  14. He will support the withdraw of confidence is how I take it! Hope he does it swiftly and we can move forward!! It's time! Thanks for the post Yota! : )
  15. Great news! Hope they can get it done! Thanks SWFG!
  16. Maliki is the PM and considered one of the three presidencies. They are Talibani, Najafi and Maliki.
  17. Thanks Yota!! I hear a NC a brewing! Happy Friday!! : )
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