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  1. The craziest man in America has finally threw his hat in the ring. This will show just how crazy he is.
  2. The law means a Jew can refuse services to a Christian if the wants to.
  3. With all the oil spills in Canada and the USA some people want to build the Keystone pipeline with all the oil going to China. it doesn't make a lot of sense.
  4. O what a short memory some people have. They forget that Regan did the same thing but nobody called him king or any other nasty names. Nobody said he should be impeached. What a bunch of hypocrites.
  5. The village idiot speaks again. She needs to go back to home and learn to keep her mouth shut.
  6. Nothing more than a witch hunt trying to make Clinton look bad.
  7. Bundy is nothing more than a thief. He stolen money from each an every tax payer in America. That is what this is about. Everybody should be mad at Bundy he is nothing but a welfare queen. The way normal people settle land issues in the courts where Bundy has lost. Other ranchers in the west thing Bundy is nothing more than a crook and should be locked up.
  8. Everybody who thinks Bundy is a nice guy needs to research his ideas on slavery. He doesn't even believe the United States exists. He is nothing more than a total nut case. By the way you need to check who make grazing fee part of the law.
  9. I guest some believe that you are not supposed to pay your bills. I believe everybody should pay your bills. Some believe everything Fox News tells is the truth. They are the ones with their head stuck up their own butts.
  10. This isn't about turtles being more important than cattle this about a deadbeat who won't pay his bills.
  11. There is no government overreach here. Bundy is nothing more than a deadbeat who won't pay his bills. Anybody who believes any different needs to do some research. All other ranchers who graze cattle on public land pays grazing fees.
  12. Bundy is nothing more than a deadbeat who won't pay. Anybody who supports Bundy should support all who collect welfare.
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