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  1. Another thing that'll probably slow it down is that the IQD is fairly valued at 1166, and therefore a massive RV is a fairy tale.
  2. BigFrankD

    To DinarThug

    And from your posts I see clearly why it was easy to sucker you into thinking the dinar would make you rich. When it doesn't (and it wont, unless you're one of the dealers selling it to the rubes), remember that people tried to tell you the truth, but you wouldn't listen.
  3. BigFrankD

    To DinarThug

    1. If youve been told you'll break even with a lop, you've been lied to. Most dinar holders will lose at least 50%. 2. What if the people that sell their dinar use it to buy google stock and google stock goes up 100,000%? You'd hav hurt the people you convinced to stay in dinar, I guess. The chance of a massive RV (and by massive I mean 1 cent plus) is not 50/50. It's not 1 in a hundred. It's not one in a million. It's zero.
  4. There's no IMF report stating 3+ rate. I know which report you're talking about and you're completely misunderstanding it.
  5. Actually, yes they do. In fact, at 10% fractional banking, they'd have to have 1.1 billion. It appears you've been misled about how fractional banking works. Google it and become enlightened.
  6. How much do you get paid for your pumping? Is it per hour or per post? Do all the dealers pay you, or is it just Tampa Dinar?
  7. We believe an RD is the most likely outcome because we understand economics and how currencies work. If Adam believes a 10 cent RV is the most likely outcome, then he doesn't. It really is that simple.
  8. What are you talking about?
  9. Just because they got their inflation mostly under control NOW does not mean the dinar is not hyperinflated. The fact that it takes 1500 dinar to buy a candy bar proves its hyperinflated.
  10. Why we invaded isn't really the issue, because I can 100% tell you that we DIDN'T invade in order to increase the value of their currency by 10,000+% and make every boob with 1200 bucks laying around into a millionaire. Their currency isn't undervalued, because they have printed TRILLIONS of it. Want proof? 1. There are 25,000 dinar bills EVERYWHERE. 2. At any given moment there are around 250 MILLION for sale on eBay. 3. Dinar dealers have sold BILLIONS AND BILLIONS. It's simply NEVER going to happen. It's completely impossible, and there's ZERO reason it would happen. Either Iraq is going to RD, in which case youll probably lose around half your "investment", or they'll just fumble around in the 900-1500 dinar per dollar range forever. Eventually every single one of you will either get out because of the RD, get out because you wise up and realize its BS, or get out because you die waiting. And when that happens, in order to soothe your own battered ego, you'll tell yourself "those lopsters didn't really know what they were talking about, they just picked the other side of the fence and got lucky", but that is NOT THE CASE. The fact is we looked at all the information and came up with the truth, while you gullible fools either didn't do your due diligence, or you were too dim to comprehend it. 1. This is complete BS. You don't use lead to protect from the type of radiation thats in the Van Allen belt. 2. Why would you believe Fox TV over James Van Allen? What makes you think they're right, and Van Allen is one of the thousands covering up a massive conspiracy?
  11. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if the RD was delayed for many more years. Why RD when there are so many "investors" out there willing to give you an interest free loan in USD and then immediate remove the IQD you gave them from circulation? But eventually the supply of suckers will dry up. And maybe were already approaching that point.
  12. Since when is Fox TV an expert on science? Fox TV can't really say anything, can they? Someone ON fox TV or FOR Fox TV can say something though. Who was it? What are their credentials? Why do they think you can't? Surely they can't mean it's completely impossible, they must have qualified this statement somehow. I mean certainly if you were encased in 10 meters of lead you could pass through it, right? So what did they actually say? You could prove all us stupid lopsters wrong with your brilliant insights. But you won't. I'm sure you haven't even thought about it enough to be capable of articulating a reasonable scenario. My guess is your thought process goes something like: 1. Everyone is lying about the dinar 2. Buy dinar 3. Profit!
  13. So you live in the ghetto in CA? Sounds like you haven't done too well for yourself, and are hoping that the dinar is going to pull you out of your sad life. Unfortunately for you it is never going to happen. There is zero reason there would ever be a large RV of the dinar. None. Zilch. Nada. It will not happen. Get off your behind and find another way to improve your unfortunate circumstances. Sorry, but it's the truth. Consider this some tough love.
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