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  1. Let the states that want to pay for the vaccines do so. No where in the Constitution does it say the Feds should pay for it. Take the same precautions as the regular flu and you probably won't catch it.
  2. I support the EC and I agree that one person should get one vote. After that vote is tabulated the EC is then activated.
  3. Well if nobody answered a straight question then it would mean no one was pre fed the questions.
  4. I think a vision is not the same as a prophecy. A vision might foresee a future event or information not known to the person seeing the vision. A prophet is a person regarded as an inspired teacher or proclaimer of the will of God. Since the Will of God has been given to us through the Bible and by Jesus, is there anything left for God to tell us through a prophet? Just my humble opinion.
  5. I am. That cover is not a DJT dynasty. It means the Trump kids could carry on for years if they follow his platform.
  6. The same people that neg you because you are you. Don't agree with it but it is what it is.
  7. Yes it does. We still all have the choice to not click on anything we don't want to read. We also have a choice to open a thread and complain or compliment if we choose. I personally don't open a lot of stuff I don't agree with. I also open up stuff and offer my opinion. These times are volatile politically and people do and say dumb things.
  8. Umbertino, your thread is under the 2A, political section. It is not in your Politics and Environs thread. Maybe there in lies the confusion.
  9. Same Brennan that lied under oath that he did not know about the Steel Dosier 4 months before. He was the one that went to Harry Reid about it in August of 16, Reid then wrote a letter to the FBI about it. They then started the investigation. They should all be in jail for lying under oath.
  10. Well, you did lump all Trump supporters with the Trumpkin name, sooo you did do some name calling your self.
  11. He is exposing the upper level of the DOJ In their corruption as well as the FBI an CIA so yes exposing is a good thing.
  12. Toast that is burnt to the point of being charcoal is good for your dogs digestive track if he is in distress.
  13. Those are wall braces you see. They are used in tilt up construction to keep the wall straight until anchored. Can't account for strong winds popping up while you are working. There is also fork lift type vehicle there. Probably used to lift it up before securing it into place.
  14. SSDI is where most of the fraud takes place. People that "fake " injuries or disabilities.
  15. I would rather enjoy my take at 62 (which I am) than take the chance I live to see 70. My paperwork shows more like 50% if I drew at 70 it would be $2100. I started taking it at 62 so my wife will get the difference between hers and mine when I go. My dad had a saying. " Take the money and run" TMAR. If they cleaned the rolls of the dead beats and liars they would free up millions from fraud.
  16. I don't think it is an entitlement if you pay into it. I am drawing it now and I feel I have earned every bit of it.
  17. Army may not be investigating him but that does not mean he is not being investigated. Many things happen behind closed doors that we don't know about.
  18. I will add this little bit to your "care". You cannot say you care for children and condone the murder of innocent babies in the womb and out of it with abortion.
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