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  5. From the album: nstoolman1

  6. 26 foot wide 5 ft deep fire pit. Not mine but my neighbors. Between the 2 of us a lot of blood and sweat.
  7. I should be good then. 8 to 10,000 of C. 15,000 Of D. 10 ounces of Tonic water. Helps with leg cramps also. Not being afraid of getting close to anybody either. Getting outside and working in the back yard. Communing with all the viruses and pollen out there.
  8. From Pitchers post "Trials have already begun using blood plasma from recovered patients - which presumptively contains antibodies - to treat people still suffering the infection."
  9. Well I clicked on it and only a box marked tool and share. The tool box option is download. Thanks to who ever removed the picture.
  10. Thanks Markinsa. I did not see the gear anywhere so I used the "report" option. I thought the "R" option was for bad things and was cautious against using it. I will blame you if questioned.
  11. All of this depends on how much property you have. The whole reason people got away from the "farm" is because people moved close to town(jobs) and super markets were born. I am all for home grown. You have to have the property or the know how to grow in a hot house.
  12. Quick question. How do we delete pictures from our albums? I don't see an obvious delete button. Thanks
  13. Why it ever got to this point is beyond me???
  14. Masks are like vaccinations. If every one else is wearing one, why do I need to? I take all the precautions I need to avoid the regular Flu. I also drink tonic water to prevent restless leg syndrome, tons of Vitamin C and keep my immune system up by doing yard work and hobbies outside. If you live in a highly populated area and want to feel comfortable go ahead and wear it. I live in a state that has not had a major outbreak. Unless a whole lot of infected people are going to rush into Idaho, I am not going to wear a mask, except where required to enter, Costco.
  15. Let's rail against FEAR then instill FEAR with every post against FEAR.
  16. Let the Russians have the vaccine formula. Let the Russians be the test bed for depopulation.
  17. Salt and Ketchup makes a mess in the right hands.
  18. This guy is all of a sudden going to find his license is pulled or his clinic closed. Or worse.
  19. I am not going to hold my breath gentlemen. Too much corruption and insider leverage to make it stick. People are going to be dropping dead of RONA and won't be talking to anybody. If it happens, then great.
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