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  1. I am not complaining. I am excited about the report. I will be disappointed if people are not tried because of political or monetary influence. Grumpy??? Ha Ha. My wife will tell me when I am grumpy. Crickets from her side.
  2. Trump never admitted to sexual assault either. He said "could" not " did". Bidens recording and admitting quid pro quo is out there. A crime Trump was accused of and found nothing on. You post above with the NYorker is like you with the facts. Eyes covered and speaking about stuff you won't admit is true. You condemn Trump for things and want him held accountable yet let Biden skate on proven facts and lawlessness.
  3. Well, there is a point to it, he just won't comment on your answer. He wants to know your reason for defending Biden. A man who has many times portraid the very things you call Trump out on.
  4. I have cried enough watching and posting these. I wish I could ask my father and mother if they are proud of me. I think they would be. I am not a perfect man, just one that , with Gods amazing grace, gave me talents that let me work hard, help my wife raise 2 wonderful children and retire relatively healthy. I never served in the military. Not sure if I would have survived. It takes special people to do it. Thanks for the read.
  5. I thought this appropriate for this time and day.
  6. Fixed it for you. And thank you for your service and all Vets present and past.
  7. It is not a conspiracy when it is true.
  8. Are these numbers the cooked up ones they use to scare people or are these accurate numbers of actuall people who have died of the disease? When "factual science" differs from three or four sources how "factual" is it?
  9. At the bottom it should say Said no delegate EVER.
  10. Federal Judge: No "pandemic clause" in US Constitution
  11. Yes, fortunately we have a choice to believe or not believe the distorted number of deaths attributed to Covid. A person dies of a heart attack in the hospital and Covid virus in them and they get Covid-19 on the DC. Dr's are now admitting they were forced/coerced into putting that down as CoD. How accurate is that?
  12. Added a few more if anyone is interested. My new son in law loves planting. He has done all the digging. Got the new patio cover from Shade Works.
  13. nstoolman1


    One of the 2 lawn mowers I paid $100 each. Both up and running for less than $200. New concrete pad was put down in early Oct of 19. No more sloppy mud.
  14. nstoolman1


    New shop finally painted and complete. Homemade gate to keep the dogs in.
  15. nstoolman1


    From the album: nstoolman1

    Costco gazebo with stone around legs, lights with sensor and ceiling fan.
  16. From the album: nstoolman1

    Weeping cherry surrounded in the white rose garden.
  17. From the album: nstoolman1

    Son in law designed it and we threw it together. Wasn't cheap either. Wife likes it.
  18. From the album: nstoolman1

    Big trees are new as of 10-20-2019
  19. From the album: nstoolman1

  20. From the album: nstoolman1

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