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  1. And they breed and vote.
  2. Check your source The Lafayette Square protesters were anything but peaceful by Robert Girardi | June 16, 2020 04:06 PM The "peaceful protester" lifted up his shirt to show me where he'd been hit by rubber bullets the night before — three or four round, red welts about the size of quarters. This was late afternoon on June 1, about an hour before Trump made his much-criticized walk from the White House across Lafayette Square to St. John's Episcopal Church. The "peaceful protester" in question had been atop the maintenance structure in Lafayette Square the night before and was among those who set it on fire, he said. In fact, being shot by the rubber bullets of riot-clad park policemen and other law enforcement agents excited him enough to make him want to burn everything down, including the White House itself. "Why did they shoot you off the roof?" I asked. "We were giving it to them good," he laughed. "Bricks, rocks, bottles — they decided to get us back." It all sounded like good fun: the rioting, the vandalizing of revered public monuments, the smashing of windows, the burning, the looting — exactly what you'd do on a dull Sunday night during lockdown after you've seen everything there is to see on Netflix.
  3. Wait. Trump did not have his phone, so he could not tweet anything for 3 hours, and people are complaining? Wow. I am sure in a true emergency he would have been contacted. The Marine with the Football, I am sure was close by and was able to be reached. Make up your mind. Phone/ no phone.
  4. Another hit piece with unconfirmed sources going to turn into another bogus investigation. He said he was not notified. No one believes him. If he did know about it and had taken action he would have been branded reckless for putting our troops further in harms way. No matter what he does he can't win.
  5. I did not take my medical advice from talk radio. Nor did I take it from the so called "experts" that gave us " Don't wear masks, wear masks" . I took it from Drs that have done studies on killing viruses and what vitamins suppress or kill viruses in the body. Vitamin C in high doses (15,000 mg a day) suppress a whole lot of bad things in our body. It makes our blood cells stronger and less pervious to invasion. Quinine also is good. Vitamin D is another. Say what you will, poo poo the rest I believe a vitamin rich environment prevents desease. I am not saying the "cure" anything just good prevention. I also don't trust any organization that has a dog in this fight. Anyone who has an opinion that might benefit from this should be checked for their source of income.
  6. You could or you could start taking high doses of vitamin C, D and 8 ounces of Tonic water with Quinine. A cure? No, but a number of test have shown those items to help prevent or stop Covid from getting a foothold in your body. I am 63. You sound very afraid. Fear will kill also. Take a deep breath, calm your inner self and let God guide you. If you do contract it, fight it with exercise. You need to keep those lungs going strong. Covid attacks the lungs. If you can't exercise, get a respiratory machine they give in the hospital and blow in that thing all the time. DO NOT GO ON A VENTILATOR. The life expectancy once you are on one is not good.
  7. These masks that people use are a mask in name only. Unless you get a hazmat type mask you really aren't blocking the virus. I saw a dry wall installer demonstrate, with a mask that the CDC recommended, while sanding. He had more dust in his nose and around the mouth than I would care to have. The dust particles are larger in microns than the virus. Listen to the MSM and CDC if you want to for information but they waffle as much about information as much as an Independent waffles about their politics. Load up on "C", "D" and Tonic water. Take Flu precautions and be well. Yes, wear some form of respiratory filter when around the vulnerable. aged and sick.
  8. I agree with the immune compromised, wear a mask. Everyone else, not so much.
  9. LGD, that provision is being waived because the mask thing is a mandate. Attorney Generals have stated they will not prosecute this provision. I don't wear one unless I have too. I also live in a state that favors the 2nd. They can't legally prosecute a person who is forced to break a law.
  10. Buck shot??? That is being nice. A good dose of 00 shot would send a very clear picture.
  11. Lets be clear. It is not the First Amendment that need to be restricted. Is the Mega Media Corporations that need to be broken up. One person or several persons should not have that much control over the information systems. That allows the control of that information and how it is spread. News people should be held accountable for misinformation if it causes monetary or physical harm with an untrue story. No excuses for lies or misinformation. If cops are going to be held personally responsible for their actions then journalist should be also.
  12. I learned that the kids in front, through no fault of their own, were suppose to feel guilty. If it is none of their faults for being in the spots they are in, why put an emphasis on it? If life is a race we all have an option to race or coast. By the very nature of races it means there will be winners and losers. Jmho, I would be in the front group also. I still had to work very hard and with the help and Grace of God I was able to retire with very good benefits. I don't feel guilty, I feel blessed.
  13. Thanks Pitcher. Right back at you. I am surprised the Liberals have not tried to change the name or remove the day altogether.
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