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  1. I am taking two out of the three. Homey doesn't eat mushrooms or mushroom products.
  2. Could someone explain the confused emoji to me? I thought what I said was pretty clear. My wife even agreed with me. OH no, the apocalypse is coming.
  3. It came out in 06 Star, but I see your point.
  4. My wife, who is a woman, wants a qualified person. So far she down't see one on the Democrat side who fits her particular standards in a P or VP. She is happy with the one she has now.
  5. Yes. Good little series. Too short in my opinion.
  6. Every person who has taken it upon themselves to decree that the population should be smaller should do Mankind the service of offing themselves for the betterment of Mankind.
  7. My wife and daughter both came down with the exact symptoms of COVID 19 at the beginning of Feb. They got sick from a 1 year old next door. I am beginning to think they both had COVID 19 but were able to fight it off. I was able to not get it because of the regime that I take. Urgent care did not test my wife because they all assumed it was the flue or Bronchitis. They did give her an inhaler treatment.
  8. Well they have a bigger problem if citizens in Indiana are going to Illinois and purchasing guns across state lines. That is a no no.
  9. Trump should pre read his speeches and fact check them himself. Then if he sees the TelePrompTer is wrong pullout his fact checked speech and read it.
  10. So go outside the city and purchase them. It works for 4th of July sales in California.
  11. Lets stick every single one of them in a room with an infected victim and the survivors can then donate all their money to the other victims.
  12. I don't know about anyone else but my wife is not allowed to buy anything new until her Toolman has a chance to fix it. If it is not fixable it get disassembled and assimilated to the parts pile for future use in some project. We just got rid of a electric couch and the motor/gear assembly found it way to a electric lawn mower/ snow blower table. No more hands and knees repairs for me.
  13. That's what you tell the doctor when he asks you if you have been overseas. I'm not saying you ever were on one. But that's what you tell them. ;-
  14. Caddieman, first, sorry for your cold, second, I thought I read you had been on a cruise ship. wink, wink
  15. I would not let them off the ship either, numbers be damned, until all tested negative. How many are U.S citizens? How many are showing positive? Would you want them released on to our shores willy nilly? This ship has had a history of the virus.
  16. GOP Chair Explains, In Terrific Thread, What Dems Were Doing While Admin Has Been Working to Address Wuhan Virus Posted at 1:00 pm on March 12, 2020 by Nick Arama FILE – In this May 24, 2018, file photo, Chair of the Republican National Committee Ronna McDaniel appears on the “Fox One of the most shameful things surrounding the Wuhan virus is how the Democrats, since word of the virus hitting our shores, have, instead of pulling together, have used it to try to attack the president and stoke panic while President Donald Trump was working to address the question and calm people. Democrats including Joe Biden have lied about Trump saying it was a hoax. Lied about saying the CDC was cut. Lied about Trump muzzling scientists. Biden even put out an ad including the lies, trying to stoke more angst. Meanwhile folks like Dr. Drew Pinsky and Dr. Anthony Fauci (for the administration) have been trying to put it into perspective so as not to create panic and do more harm to people. But that hasn’t stopped those on the left. So GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel put out a helpful thread to show the difference and call out the Democrats for politicizing things and not being helpful. 8,896 people are talking about this 2,077 people are talking about this 1,789 people are talking about this 1,906 people are talking about this 1,738 people are talking about this 1,667 people are talking about this 1,751 people are talking about this 2,545 people are talking about this Exactly. Many Democrats have been focused on how to attack Trump over the virus, how to politicize it, not how to actually help with the situation. That’s been pretty vile.
  17. Honest question. Why is Italy being hit so hard if this thing started in China?
  18. If some human mothers had that drive to protect their children......
  19. I think the "Keep Calm" is far better than "Panic, fear for your lives" Idaho has not had one case of active CV reported yet all the Costcos had a run on TP and water. Panic does not help those that need those supplies. When this hit there were people hauling out 10 cases at a time of TP. Costco put a limit of 2 the other day and people started bitching about it. My daughter works for them and was able to snag one for us. Like I said in another post, unless people start turning into goo or zombies I am not going to get wound up. Besides, I have a bunch of tread mills set up out side the house for the slow and fast zombies.
  20. In before the "Trump stuff isn't American made" crowd.
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