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  1. Chokes me up each time I hear it. Thanks.
  2. An old fasion neck tie party sounds appropriate.
  3. They have the 2nd A under control. They need to work on the 1st.
  4. So true. I have experienced every one of those, several times, in our 30 yrs of being together.
  5. Thank you. I love to read those kinds of stories.
  6. So if my wife shows up and tells them I am a "service animal"( I provide travel comfort and support for her) does that mean I can travel for free? I am toilet trained and know how to sit in a seat and don't get in the way.
  7. And sometimes you can't tell the difference in smell either.
  8. You mean that is not OK? I am sure there are parents out there that wish they had that option. The smiley is for the people that don't understand I am kidding. Police Authority Abuse is a terrible thing. It only makes the general populace suspicious and harder for the "good" guys to do their job.
  9. I was told when people think it is time to bury their guns then it is time to use them.
  10. If I lived back east I would at least have a generator for back up. If your not flooded and the house is still intact a gen set will do the job. This can't be the first storm and heat wave that has occured. Just my worth.
  11. pattyangel, I put a plus to let you know a prayer was sent. Anyone wishing to let her know you sent one, plus her, might brighten her day.
  12. My wife says men are complicated. I tell her women just make us seem complicated. I don't drink so I can do without page 1.
  13. She was my first real relationship. We met each other over the CB radio. Non of this online dateing. We came up with a code to give each other our phone numbers. We talked on the phone for about 3 months before our first date. Getting to know someone without the distractions of appearances helps when you meet for the first time. It was as if we had known each other a long time. The awkward moments of what to talk about were'nt there. It has worked for us.
  14. Those stats don't even reflect the 'Americans" who purposely work the system and have made it their cash cow. I am not talking about people that have lost their job through normal channels. Don't go there. I am talking about people who have not paid into the system and draw it out. SS is the same. People who have not worked a day in their life and then get the system to pay for some trumped up "illness" that nobody can prove. (Yes I have personally witnessed this) The guy was a self proclaimed pedophile and claimed he could not go into the work force for fear of his life. SS paid him almost $2000 a month to live at his parents house. He had all the booze and drugs he could buy. This started when he was 21. The politicians that allow this should be to the curb and their cushy benefits taken away. Angry. Yes I am angry.
  15. Does God exist? Non-believers can't prove He does not exist and Believers can not prove He does exist. Non-believers will use logic and math and science to try to and Belivers will use faith and a book they belive is the inspired word of God. Whatever a person believes to be right is what they are going to hang onto and fight for. It gets nasty and mean but there won't be an answer until the end of time. I am a beliver. I don't try to convince anyone that I am right. This thread and others in here just prove my point. People get passionate about their "beliefs" and they get riled up.
  16. I lost my mom almost 16 years ago. I tell people that have issues to make up or risk loosing them without telling them you love em. It is too late then.
  17. Has she ever admitted she was wrong or even better, that you were right since you got married? We have been married a little over 30 years and I can count on one hand the times she has said I was right. I even tried to get her to write it down once. I gave up trying to figure women out. The rules change when it suits them. I live in a sea of estrogen. A wife, 2 daughters and 2 female dogs. I come frome a family with a mother and 4 sisters and 2 brothers. Trying to think like a woman(to understand them) hurts my brain. I got a good one though. She spoils me and I have been spoiling her since before we met.
  18. An audit is an audit. When you put restrictions on the audit you are trying to hide something.
  19. Passengers are often detained and checked as part of a stop. Just because they are a passenger does not mean they don't have warrants out for them. I wasn't there but if they did a proper stop and checked everybody nicely I don't see the problem. I underline proper but as I said I was not there and don't know the real cause for the stop. Edited by me: TG posted just before me. I guess we know the reason for the stop
  20. Thank you. Very well put. If more people could see and understand this.
  21. I am curious. What would the reaction be if the results had come back "Deception Indicated"? Often people that want a particular verdict, (guilty) are not happy and claim the "lie detector is inaccurate" if it helps the defendant. It can't go both ways. If it is going to be used it should be honored. The defendant and the prosecutor both take a chance when they are used. The prosecutor can't ask for one to be used and then claim it is not accurate when it clears the defendant. If both parties are not going to except the results it should not be used. This man will be guilty in the eyes of alot of people no matter what the verdict.
  22. What a site!!!! There are hours of reading and watching.
  23. I keep wondering that myself. I sometimes feel it is a lesson in futility and we are not learning.
  24. Just a comment: I put in my zip to find a mosque within 100 miles and 175 came up. I had no idea there were that many.
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