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  1. Thats funny, I don't care who you are.
  2. This is the same woman that said "people that eat at Chick Fil-A deserve to get cancer."
  3. Only for some of them. There are still a few of us that are trying to change it.
  4. Close to a 2 hour wait in line at the store in Temecula, Ca. Drive thru was a very long line. Store employees went out to give the protesters something to drink(Close to 100 today) and they proceeded to attempt to dump the drinks in the trash. Employees got them back before that could happen.
  5. "We have a national crisis on our hands. Chicago has a crisis on its hands," Yes we do. Criminals are allowed to run free, armed , while law abiding citizens are neutered. "We have to do everything we can do to prevent tragedy from happening." Yes we do. Arm every willing, law abiding citizen that is willing, and produce a country of people able to stop it as it happens. Make sense?
  6. OK, Ok. Enough with the bickering. Take it to another thread. It is my poll. I am interested in the people that support Romney if those same people would vote for RP if he was nominated. A person with a no vote would be helpful with a reason why. I have my reasons for the poll. If the bickering continues I will request a mod delete it. Thanks to those that have voted.
  7. I hope I did this right. If you are a Romney supporter this poll is geared more for you. Simple question. Requires a yes or no. No debates nor name calling nor long disortations. If a no, please give a short intelligent reason.
  8. "Better to be judged by 12 than carried out by six" Don't have the author but I am sure we have all heard it.
  9. May God bless you in your recovery and those that are helping you.
  10. Who will pay for this increase? The employer will pass it to the consumer. Some of you have solutions that sound like socialism. Take from someone to give to someone. I also worked as a young man for $1.65 an hour. Paid for my car,gas and insurance. I later found a better job. Stop whining, cut expenses, stop living beyond your means.
  11. To steal a line from a funny movie "Never give up, Never surrender"
  12. "When did you realize you were raped?" Every time (wiping away tears) I fill up with gasoline.
  13. You my friend have been trained well. It is the same in our house. The next bed we get is going to have to be a King size. They are a gift from God. We had to send one back to Him because of her health. We have 2 now. Go figure. Both rescue dogs.
  14. What about all of the Casinos, hotels and Oil land?
  15. In the beginning God creates everything. He creates the first humans. His creations, while living in a perfect, place get stupid and listen to a smooth talking fallen angel. They do what the Lord forbade them. They want to be like God and have the Knowledge of good and evil. God knows in advance that his children will fail and sets into motion a plan to save his children. Spin forward a few thousand years and a child is born to a humble shepherd and a virgin. This child grows to be a man that walks and speaks to many and does His fathers work to save his children. A man that willingly gave his life so that ALL might have eternal life with the Father. How many of you would willingly climb on to a cross and have your hands and feet spiked to the wood and then allow a spear to be shoved in your side. All for the sake of strangers. You state "God is not merciful at all". On the contrary. If all those things don't show a kind and merciful God then I don't know what to tell you. You don't send your own Son to be sacrificed on a cross if you don't want to save your creations from eternal damnation. I am not a scholarly individual nor am I a experienced debater. I may not have this perfect but I know my God loves me and has been very merciful to me. I can not count all the blessings I have received. Read "The Lord is my Shepherd" It is in Psalms. I think it is #23. Satan wants you to doubt Gods mercy so you will stay seperated from Gods mercy and love.
  16. All I can do is give you a + and tell you I am sorry for your loss and as time goes by it gets just a little easier. I had to put down our old family dog a year ago and she is still missed. With the circumstances we found her under we all swore she was an angel sent by God. We had gotten a second dog about 3 months before and she was affected by our loss. Hang in there. Balling helps, I know. It seems there are plenty of people who care for you here so don't feel like you are alone . HTH Neal
  17. lightfighter, + 1 to you for homeschooling your children. My wife and I decided to do the very same thing. We have never regreted it. The girls have grown to be very responsible adults. They are both employed as teachers assistants and have many freinds. Don't be put off by people telling you "your children will grow to be social misfits". If you join a group of fellow HSers they usualy have events the kids can go to and socialize. Our group had trips to the zoo, museums, park days and holidays. Mom can take them shopping and turn it into a math class. I taught the girls woodshop. The oldest even made a headboard out of wood. Get the right curriculum and pray. Things will work out for you. God willing.
  18. DONE!!! + 3. Wife and 2 daughters also.
  19. Sorry it does not work. Yes it was for his house in Colorado. The link worked right after I posted it but as you said it does not now. I tried to find it again but I have lost it. I have seen the homes built with hay bales also. They showed it on National Geographic. Very interesting.
  20. Nice TG. You posted just before me. http://www.naturalho...nis-Weaver.aspx Dennis Weavers home.
  21. A blind border is an open border. I feel for Texas.
  22. If mama ain't happy, nobody's happy. I try to live by that rule. Somebody left the seat up at her parents house when we stayed the night. I was awakened by a blood curdling scream. She went to sit down and pulled a back muscle when she tried to stop herself from going in. Tryig not laugh after the initial adrenaline rush was very difficult. After 10 hours later in the emergency room we went home. Never did find out who left the seat up. Thats my story and I am sticking to it.
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