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  1. Since nothing is mentioned in the Constitution about checking taxes as a requirement for being a president, and there is no proof or reason to warrant this investigation, other that the removal of this legally elected president, I see it as another witch hunt to get Trump. Let the IRS do its job of investigating. They only have been looking for ten years. You see it as a way to get Trump.
  2. I only wear it when required to do business. We both wear one when going to visit grandma in the nursing facility. I am trusting my use of my God, vitamins and high doses of D and C. The CDC has been so wish you washy concerning masks.
  3. Congress would change its tune if the SC ruled that if Trump gets investigated so does Congress.
  4. They are already here in the form of Democratic run states. The only thing keeping them from totally running amok is the Senate and POTUS.
  5. I guess the BLM crowd knows what it feels like to have something they value marred and destroyed.
  6. Pop the window upstairs, remove the screen, shout a warning, call 911 and tell them to send the coroner. Stack the mags and say a prayer for accuracy
  7. More confusion from the WHO. No not the band.
  8. What makes you say we are not independent thinkers? Because we don't follow your narrative? Are you saying the numbers are not cooked? Because if you do, you are drinking the koolaid of false numbers. We have friends in Calif that have relayed this very thing. There are Drs reporting this very thing.
  9. Good questions. Stuff does not add up and it is to coincidental. Masks on, masks off, masks on. Masks on 3 months into the situation is like wearing a condom at the baby shower. Makes no sense.
  10. Thanks Moose. I figured that out years ago. Welcome back from wherever you went.
  11. Since we are talking about dreams. I had one that I actually slept through the night and did not get up to go pee. Then I woke up and realized I needed to go.
  12. I wonder if the 5 a.m warning was for the benefit of the self-appointed warlord there so he could get out before he got arrested? I also wonder if the mayor is going to run around and proclaim she is a law and order mayor? Hells Angels will be disappointed.
  13. And they breed and vote.
  14. Check your source The Lafayette Square protesters were anything but peaceful by Robert Girardi | June 16, 2020 04:06 PM The "peaceful protester" lifted up his shirt to show me where he'd been hit by rubber bullets the night before — three or four round, red welts about the size of quarters. This was late afternoon on June 1, about an hour before Trump made his much-criticized walk from the White House across Lafayette Square to St. John's Episcopal Church. The "peaceful protester" in question had been atop the maintenance structure in Lafayette Square the night before and was among those who set it on fire, he said. In fact, being shot by the rubber bullets of riot-clad park policemen and other law enforcement agents excited him enough to make him want to burn everything down, including the White House itself. "Why did they shoot you off the roof?" I asked. "We were giving it to them good," he laughed. "Bricks, rocks, bottles — they decided to get us back." It all sounded like good fun: the rioting, the vandalizing of revered public monuments, the smashing of windows, the burning, the looting — exactly what you'd do on a dull Sunday night during lockdown after you've seen everything there is to see on Netflix.
  15. Wait. Trump did not have his phone, so he could not tweet anything for 3 hours, and people are complaining? Wow. I am sure in a true emergency he would have been contacted. The Marine with the Football, I am sure was close by and was able to be reached. Make up your mind. Phone/ no phone.
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